We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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amani 8 yr ago x
i have been looking for a ocelot to love on i need to know prices and sex
(looking for small kit)
Brent 8 yr ago x
Hi am I interested in a female Caracal kitten. However I am not living in the States, I am from South Africa. would you be able to ship a Caracal kitten to me with the correct documentation or cant this be done? if not then just out of curiosity what would be the cost for one of the Caracal kittens?

much appreciated
trenton 8 yr ago x
im interested in buying a FEMALE ocelot please contact me soon.
Rebekah 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in purchasing an ocelot. Please contact me with additional info.
Thank so much!!
Whitney 8 yr ago x
I would like to know pricing information on your Serval, and Ocelot kittens. Please contact me by the e-mail above.

Thank you,
Jeremy 8 yr ago x
Please contact with info on available caracal kittens.
Mimi 8 yr ago x
Hi, please update me on whether you have ocelot kittens for sale. I am interested. Thanks.
JOE 8 yr ago x
Would like to purchase and Ocelot kitten.
candy 8 yr ago x
price list of kittens and where are you located. thank you..
annie 8 yr ago x
Hi I'm inerested in the ocelot kittens that you have,would like to know the price and age.
Steve 8 yr ago x
I was interested in purchasing a ocelot. Please email so i can get more info..Thank you
Dennel 8 yr ago x
HI, Can I get more info on your Ocelot and Serval kittens? Thanks so much!
 8 yr ago x
Do you have any caracal kittens and how much are they?
sam 8 yr ago x
do u have any Ocelot?
mike 8 yr ago x
im looking for a male ocelot for a pet.
RYAN 8 yr ago x
Hello, I'm interested in availability and prices for Ocelot and Serval kittens please email me back
gale 8 yr ago x
I am raising 2 servals females that are fast approaching mating age, i would like to find a social male that is suitable to their breed and character, can you tell me what you may have available as a very young adult or kitten as i do not want to introduce a male of full age, that may harm my females. thank you
Yvonne 8 yr ago x
I would like to get my fiancÚ an ocelot kitten. He has specifically asked for this breed. Are there any available?
itani 8 yr ago x
hi i wana ask if i want 2 carcal and 2 pure serval cat how it will cost me if i want them in lebanon hope to rply soon
Dion 8 yr ago x
Please reply with prices and other necessary information.
rob 8 yr ago x
what are the prices for all four types kittens. i just what to now for referance. dont think i can afford it yet but need toknow what to expect and would like to buy from you. most quotes are about 1200 to 2200
Dena 8 yr ago x
Please get back to me ASAP if you still have any kittens or cats or if you plan to have any sometime in the future. I would also like to know the rate.

Thanks so much
ruben 8 yr ago x
i have experence with wild animals like hawks,snakes,owls,bobcats,moitain lions,and ostrig (ect....
Jason 8 yr ago x
Can you give me the price of all your species of kittens?
mgantt 8 yr ago x
I would like to know the price & pick up process? I live in Texas are there any rules I need to know.
Morrie 8 yr ago x
Who presently has a Caracal kitten for sale. A male is preferred .
GreenGretchen 8 yr ago x
I am in love

These cats are so beautiful. I am a huge cat love and would love to have one! What is the asking price for them and are there any qualifications? Please e-mail me.
Garrett Hatler 8 yr ago x
I want to buy a caracal or jungle cat or if possible a kitten. How much would you seel them for?
Helen 8 yr ago x
I am very interested in a female ocelot kitten.
Tyr 8 yr ago x
Seeking a female Ocelot kitten.
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