We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Gaza 15 yr ago x
We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal. They are tamed, socialized, home raised, Vet checked, bottle fed and got all necessary documents. These kittens very much like short walks and playing with kids and other pets like puppies. For more details concerning our kittens please don't hesitate to contact us.

debora 15 yr ago x
We do have well bred species of Serval,caracal and bobcat and Ocelot Kittens for sale in our facility. They are very healthy,vaccinated,highly socialized,bottle fed,home raised and will come along with all toys and papers.Reply us for more informations

Butler 15 yr ago x
These cute , tamed and highly socialized kittens (Serval , Cheetah and Caracal kittens )we go twill be ADBA Registered, and will come with a Kit that includes:
Buyer's copy of sales contract, Registration Papers, Toys and accessories,Health certificate, dewormings, etc. For further details if interested in having one don't hesitate to contact us
bodhi mire 15 yr ago x
i would like to inquire about the Ocelot kittens for sale. thank you.
Blake 15 yr ago x
Hey im interested in the caracal.
richard pacheco 15 yr ago x
I was just wondering how much the ocelots, bobcats, and servals go for? Your response would be greatly appreciated!
Joseph 15 yr ago x
How much does a caracal or a bobcat cost? I would like to get a caracal or a bobcat. looking forward to your reply.
cassandra 15 yr ago x

I am interested in an ocelot or caracal kitten. I also like the servals! I have fair amount of expirience in veterinary medicine and admire the beauty, intelligence, and characteristics of these cats. What are your asking prices? I have other questions....if you would email me! Thank you!
Marie 15 yr ago x
Can you please send me more info on the ocilot and servals? thanks a bunch!

Matt 15 yr ago x
I'm interested in the Serval kitten. Please LMK if you still have it. Please include information such as the sex, age and price.

Michaek 15 yr ago x
hey, I'm interested in the ocelot kittens. Im in Iraq but will be home in September, will u have a litter around then?
Maggie 15 yr ago x
i would like to know the cost of all of them please contact me ASAP
donna L Koenig 15 yr ago x
I found your site and was wanting to know if you would still have either the serval or the ocelot kittens or even one that is at least 4 months or younger. I much prefer the serval, I've researched for over a year with this breed and think this would be a better choice, I have researched the ocelot also, but much more time has been spent on the serval. I do realize servals and domestic cats are very different but I do have several years (30) experience with cats. My domestics have each lived for more than 16 years. I feel that is due to the love and attention that is given. Thank you for any information you may have available.
samantha 15 yr ago x
I have been looking everywhere for an ocelot kitten =3 I am so glad you have some. Please contact me. TY!
Jerry 15 yr ago x
I was wondering the price on one of your ocelot kittens. Look forward to hearing your response, thanks
Jim 15 yr ago x
Could you kindly tell me what an ocelot or serval kitten would cost? I am highly interested in purchasing one of the two. Thanks!
Lenard 15 yr ago x
What price are your servel kittens, male vs female? How young can I purchase a kitten? Where are they located, country and state.
sue 15 yr ago x
Was wondering what you are asking for the kittens, how old they are, and what the proper paper work is to go about acquiring one of these kittens from you.
We are mainly interested in the ocelot and have done research on the enviornment that it would need.
Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon on this matter.
please e-mail a response
Riaan 15 yr ago x
hi i just want to know your prices for the Bobcat and the caracal
thank you
John 15 yr ago x
I would like to inquire about your ocelot kittens, please contact me via email.
Gabrielle 15 yr ago x
I emailed, but I thought I'd leave a post. I'm very, very interested in a caracal or serval. I live in BC, and I'm excited to hear from you. Thanks for your time, Gabrielle.
Samantha 15 yr ago x
I would love to know how much you are selling the ocelots cats for? please get back to me.
randy harkin 15 yr ago x
cost of an ocelot kitten information on your other cats please
kris 15 yr ago x
I am looking for an ocelot in canada, toronto to be specific and u pls email me if you can help!
Audrey 15 yr ago x
Hey, I was wondering if you will be having this up in the future? I am planning on getting an ocelot kitten after some time to research them a bit more while taking college classes. My goal is to be able to work with these animals and other big cats. I highly admire their beauty and intelligence, and would like to keep in contact with a breeder until the time I feel I am ready. I have been around cats all my life, most reached ages of 16 and up. Any information regarding ocelots to help me in my information gathering would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
justin 15 yr ago x
I would love to have an ocelot or hybrid ocelot with serval cat.. Let me know
sydney evans 15 yr ago x
How much are the ocelots? I would really like to know so please answer. Thanks :)
Nellie 15 yr ago x
i have been looking for an ocelot kitten for so long, do you ship yours right from your facility and do you have any that are still young and under 4 months old
Jeannie 15 yr ago x
I'd be interested in more information on the caracal kittens you have for sale.
Casey 15 yr ago x
I am interested in an ocelot. If you could please get back to me on costs I would appreciate it.

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