We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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samantha 13 yr ago x
Me and my husband were wondering how much for an ocelot kitten and were you are located
J Bowles 13 yr ago x
Do you currently have any Ocelot kittens and how much are you asking for them?
Austin 13 yr ago x
Looking for a serval kitten, preferably a female. Send me an e-mail if you have any kittens for sale!
Matthew 13 yr ago x
About how much dose an Ocelot cost? And is the care difficult? I have 35 acres in the Central Texas Coutryside, so they would have plenty of space. But are they difficult?
Dave 13 yr ago x
Can you please email proofing and availability of servals and carcal

 13 yr ago x
very interested in purchasing a pair of ocelot cubs, please email me with details and availability. thanks
ty 13 yr ago x
cost please on all three and your location
LESLIE 13 yr ago x
Hi debora could you please send me info i would like to purchase a caracal female kitten
kelly 13 yr ago x
I would really like to purchase a serval kitten. I want to know where you are located and how much a kitten would cost. I have done alot of reserch on them and I am ready to take on the responsibility of a lovely serval kitten.
cindie 13 yr ago x
do you have any kitten available?
jenny 13 yr ago x
Hello! my name is jennifer i am very interested in your serval kittens! a repky with their price and more photos would really make my day! thankyou so much!(:
James 13 yr ago x
I would greatly appreciate more details about your kittens.
Kale 13 yr ago x
interested in an ocelot, please email me if you still have kittens and asking price. thanks
Dee 13 yr ago x
I was wondering: how much are your serval babies? and would they do well in a house with a dog?
Mike 13 yr ago x
Hi ! my names michael and im very interested in buying a ocelot, i was wondering if you could please send pictures and prices for the ones that are currently up for sale ? :) thank you !
Arina 13 yr ago x
Give me prices on Caracal, Serval and Ocelot Kittens to buy in South Africa
Emily 13 yr ago x
I am interested in buying an Ocelot kitten. Please email me some information and price.
Dee 13 yr ago x
Are you people for real. These cats are wild animals and will eat you and your dog. And may be that would be good. A few less fools on the planet.
Dylan 13 yr ago x
Hello, I was wondering about all of these breeds and further information on them would be much appreciated, please e-mail me with a price range, any background information possible, and location. I am especially interested in the serval and caracal.
Josh 13 yr ago x
I am looking for ocelot for sale
Lauren 13 yr ago x
I am interested in a Caracal and I was wondering how much your's went for..thank you
Michelle 13 yr ago x
Hi there,
Please could you contact me regarding the cerval kittens. Also could you tell me where you are situated.
Scott 13 yr ago x
Please contact me. I have had my husky for 5 years stolen and am looking to find a new amazing animal to take care of. Please contact me today Do you have any kittens?
Scott 13 yr ago x
Do you know if the Ocelots are good at killing snakes. I'm looking for a number of Ocelots for this purpose and to consult with an expert for more details about this.
James 13 yr ago x
Hey, I am interested in the ocelot kittens, how much do they cost?
Jennifer 13 yr ago x
How much does an ocelet kitten cost? Are they legal as pets in lousiana?
Brad 13 yr ago x
i am interested in a ocelot cub please email me your contact info
steve 13 yr ago x
i am interested in an ocelot kitten and $, looking forward to reply.
Jan 13 yr ago x
I would like to buy the caracale please contact me with more info about it and price please. Thank you!
Kalo 13 yr ago x
Hello, I would like to own an ocelot cat. Can you please email me a price range icluding what are some things that they eat. Thank you.
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