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Terricastro 14 yr ago x
We do have well bred species of Serval,caracal and bobcat and Ocelot Kittens for sale in our facility. They are very healthy,vaccinated,highly socialized,bottle fed,home raised and will come along with all toys and papers.Reply us for more information .

Species (Leopardus pardalis) of cat found in forests, grasslands, and brush-covered regions from Texas to northern Argentina. The ocelot is 36–52 in. (90–130 cm) long, excluding the 12–16-in. (30–40-cm) tail. It stands about 18 in. (45 cm) and weighs 24–35 lbs (11–16 kg). The upper body varies from whitish to tawny yellow to gray. The head, neck, and body are marked by specific patterns of black stripes and spots: spots on the head, two stripes on each cheek, oblong spots arranged in chainlike bands on the body, and bars or blotches on the tail. The ocelot hunts at night for small mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. It is listed as an endangered species in the U.S.

Dusitn 13 yr ago x
How do I go about buying a pet Ocelot?
lulu 13 yr ago x
what are you asking for the price?
dill 13 yr ago x
i would like to purchase your ocelot kitten email me with the price
lisa herron 13 yr ago x
How do i obtain an ocelot kitten? What do i need to know and what would be some important things to know before i own one? Thanks.
Nute 13 yr ago x
Is there any red tape involved owning an Ocelot? Also doyou have one that I could possibly purchase and make a good home for?
amanda 13 yr ago x
i absolutely love ocelots!!! how much for a female kitten?
Michael 12 yr ago x
Please email me to tell me where you are and how much an Ocelot Kitten will be...

I am very interested
D 12 yr ago x
I am looking into buying a ocelot kitten. Can you send me the price and what I need to know about owning one.
Gary Derania 12 yr ago x
i would simply love to care for and own a pet ocelot! please give me your contact information and fee for an ocelot kitten. Thank You so much for offering such a beautiful feline.
nikki 12 yr ago x
Where are you based, what is the cost and availability of the Ocelot kittens/cubs
racheal 12 yr ago x
What is the price of your kit ocelots?
kelly 12 yr ago x
i would like to know how much an ocelot kitten is for sale please!
doug jackson 12 yr ago x
price, and any regulatory problems.
Gary Derania 12 yr ago x
i would love to be the proud parent of one of these beautiful ocelots. please discuss your breeder's fee. also, any tips for a new owner. thank you!!!
emily  12 yr ago x
how much are you asking for them .. and do you have any males
emily 12 yr ago x
i forgot to put this in the other comment i'm looking into a ocelot kitten.. and your cats are very beatiful
 12 yr ago x
Do you ship your kittens?How much?thank you for your time
Rhianna 12 yr ago x
I want to buy an ocelot as a pet...pls contact me...
christina 12 yr ago x
I would like to knowabout pricing and location and shipping. Please let me know.
chuck 12 yr ago x
I would like more information on the buying of an Ocelot, Thsnk you.
Nick 12 yr ago x
I am interested in buying an ocelot kitten, could you provide info on pricing, location and shipping.
Thank you.
Ky 12 yr ago x
I want a ocelot sooo bad but I don't know the price?? And what they eat?? How do you purchase one and do yu have anymore please please email me with the answers to these questions. Thank You:) -Ky'Brielle
 12 yr ago x
You are all idiots for wanting an ocelot
lilly 12 yr ago x
if its too much to ask why endanger the poor ocelots some more they already get squashed and have habbit loss but its just the thought of an animal losing again
red 12 yr ago x
Hey, I'm interested in getting an ocelot. Could I get pricing and care info please?
ken 12 yr ago x
i would like to know how much for a ocelot? and can i get some care info..i have a savanna about how much in diet is the difference would you happen to know
BB 12 yr ago x
how much are they? I am interested in buying one but i dont know the price?
J 12 yr ago x
Hi, how much are u asking for a kitten and do i need any permits to buy or bring to buffalo N.Y ? Thanks, J
Amanda 12 yr ago x
I'm curious about what kind of permits I'd have to get and how expensive an Ocelot kitten would be. I'm not picky about gender, I just think they're all pretty.
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