Margay, Serval, Savannah and Bengal Tiger for sale

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Jones 15 yr ago x
Looking for a wild, exotic look, while still having the sweetest personality in a cat? We
have what you are looking for. Savannah hybrid cats - a purebred breed made breeding
the serval of Africa, and a domestic cat. Serval, Margay, Ocelots available all our kittens are loved and cuddled every day
as part of the family. We feel that it is truly important for them to live the family
experience, since they will be included as part of your family when you adopt them. -- ---

ben 14 yr ago x
So when you say for adoption do you mean free or what and if so howmuch is a margay cat
Rich Gossett 14 yr ago x
Looking to purchase a Margay. Do you have any or a source for one?
Thank you
Rich Gossett
dee 14 yr ago x
i am looking for either margay or oncilla to breed
Roo 13 yr ago x
Ok, so if i want to buy a margay tiger cat, where should i go to, meaning a best place to go to.. I have a low income but can manage money to keep the cat well taken care of, i also want to get one for cheap if possible. thank you.
eric 13 yr ago x
im looking to find a margay and would like more information on how to find one or if you have one
Diego  13 yr ago x
I would like to purchase one , where are u located?
Vicktoria 13 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting 2 Margay Tigers. I am having a difficult time finding a breeder. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
bryen 13 yr ago x
yes, my cat died about week ago he was my hunting buddy we live on ...well a house farm we have 4 cats 2 hourses and a great dane will a margay get along with the great dane and if so can u tell me were i can buy a margay we have a great home for em ty
Rich 13 yr ago x
You never responded to my first e-mail about purchasing a cat or two for pets. Please respond.
Rich Gossett
Hailey 13 yr ago x
Where am i able to buy one of these cats?
AL 13 yr ago x
A Margay Tiger Cat please ?
Teresa 13 yr ago x
I am looking to purchase a Margay for a pet.
shereen 13 yr ago x
I want a Margay Cat please
is it available? and if so for how much?
Dadabones 13 yr ago x
My aunt was married to an airline pilot who often flew international flights. Through friends, he was able to adopt a Margay kitten who's mother was killed by poachers for her fir. This cat was loved and handled all the time. As little kitty (tika) matured she grew more and more wild and we saw first hand why some cats do not make good pets. Lovely kitten / crazy adult cat, very strong and when they swat, they follow through and they can slice you like a loaf of bread in a split second. Also when they play with you they get excited and they pounce biting down on whatever they grab (your leg or your arm) and they wrap around with their front paws and then they shuck you with their hind claws like a corn husk and they rip skin right off of you. and they're just playing. You have to learn never to pull away, it makes it worse. You have to learn to hold still while the cat has you until kitty kitty decides to let you go. A margay gets bigger than a house cat. They're longer and a lot stronger. This is a wild animal. Very cute but a small leopard never the less! Go see an adult cat and spend some time getting to know one before you commit! Way NOT safe around children!
Gene  13 yr ago x
Where can i buy one, and i was wondering what the price and size range on the breed is
sparky 13 yr ago x
were can i get a margay they look so kick ass how much r they
red 13 yr ago x
how can I get one and where are you?
Cat Master 13 yr ago x
Arre people still buying this SCAM
Edmund Hinkson 13 yr ago x

Does anyone have Bengal Tiger cubs for sell willing to pay up to 100,000 dollars each I need two preferable not related but of close to the same age MALE AND FEMALE email me or call @ 615-578-7273 TIGER CUBS ONLY NONE OLDER THAN 4 months PLEASE
Edmund Hinkson 13 yr ago x
Also i have a 13ft. red tail boa FEMALE for sell comes with enclosure free to any good home only a relocation fee of $195 very active and maybe I would go ass to say that she is tamed I am able to leave her out and on my bed while I'm not working and she just lies there calmly the enclosure is fairly large so you will need at least a 9x8 room the cage is 7x6
gabby 13 yr ago x
i dunno bout this seller but i am currently emailing a different seller about savannah cats, she says they also have margays and ocelots available but more specifically 2 margays available right now. I dunno how real she is but she seems very professional and very timely and is from Atlanta GA her email is : ***.... shes worth a try.
RutheeJ425 12 yr ago x
you people are crazy. I cannot understand why you want a wild animal, who can hurt you or anyone else in such a manner. Why would a person bring a predator into their home? One day it could decide that it is hungry and u will wake up without a limb! People pay attention and take heed to this warning. U will suffer greatly if u bring a wild animal into ur home,..and u will deserve it too!
ally001 12 yr ago x
you stupid moronic people, do you know how dumb you sound??? "I want one!" My 4 yr old child has more sense! Go buy it cos it looks 'cool', realise your mistake when it wrecks your house and hurts your kids, then dump it on animal control where it will no doubt be killed. Grow up!!
Brittani 12 yr ago x
Is it a free adoption, if not how much. And do they come with shots?

Tell me more information. I want to have one as a pet here in OHIO
Victoria 12 yr ago x
Hi, Im looking forward to by one of the exotic cubs you have listed for sale. Just if it is possible to get a quote for price from you and where is your location?
Cat Cop 12 yr ago x
Are you people that naive. This is another Scam site.
celine 12 yr ago x
I love ocelots they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and fluffy and i wont to bye one sooo ya if tou have one e-mail me at *** and how much they are pleas. just remember if you have one or know somone who does e-mail me eny time.
GArlandgal 12 yr ago x
You guys are nuts, wannting a WILD animal, this is SO a scam
jake 12 yr ago x
im very interested in either purchasing a ocelot or a serval but i was curious on your pricing?
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