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john 13 yr ago x
Keeping an endangered ocelot as a pet is illegal
Bryan 13 yr ago x
Im actually really interested in adopting an ocelot kitten, so if you could respond to me with a price and location. Thank you.
Paul 13 yr ago x
Could please respond with prices of ocelot kittens and frequency of availibility.
Thank You
Jon  13 yr ago x
Can you please e-mail me the prices for an ocelot kitten. Thank you.
Nick 13 yr ago x
Please send me the price of the ocelot kitten and how would i obtain one of these kittens
chrissy 13 yr ago x
i would like to buy an ocelot please?
deb 13 yr ago x
would like to have a ocelot kitten please tell me how to get one and the price
teg 13 yr ago x
hellooo;] i also would be interested in the info on ocelots=price/permits and are they better choice then a savannha?
please email me back T.Y..
Jack 13 yr ago x
i am VERY interested in buying an Ocelot. please e-mail me on the necessities, behavior, and price range
Amanda&Shawn 13 yr ago x
I think it's pretty absurd that there would be people on here saying that they want to own one but are still asking all these questions: what do they eat, what's their behaviors, what to expect from them, etc. It's more than that, it's hours of research and time and money. Not to mention available space and housing for one. I feel like people are like, "oh look at how cute they are! I want one!" And it's so much more than that!!! I have done endless research and put a lot of thought and consideration into this, and my husband and I have talked about it, and we decided that we would love to own one. The last time I checked, I saw that one could cost up to $1,500- Please e-mail me your price and your location, we are serious inquires and won't be one of those people who wants one just to say "We own an Ocelot" because it sounds cool --we want one because they're beautiful, and uncommon -we're not exactly your average couple, but we have tons of love, and the time, money, and space to be able to care properly for one of these amazingly beautiful "big cats" --Thanks for your time, Amanda & Shawn. =)
Jess 13 yr ago x
I would like to know a price and your location, all the necessary needs for an ocelot and when you will have one available for me to come pick up I just fell In love with them and I would like one of my own
Justin 13 yr ago x
I am looking into buying an Ocelot kitten, I have checked into the state laws where i live, and it is legal. How much is one of your kittens? Have you had any problems with them being overly aggressive with other animals? Such as small dogs or other domestic cats?
Ocelot 13 yr ago x
I am interested to buy a female Ocelot kitten. Please let me know how can i order one and cost, including shipping to Saudi Arabia.
What exact type do you have and what is their adults size?
James 13 yr ago x
I am interested in buying an ocelot as a pet, how much do you charge for a kitten?
Nikki 13 yr ago x
Can you please email me about where you are located and how much you are asking for an ocelot kitten?
boodles1 13 yr ago x
want ocelot kit.
Joe 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in ourchasing a ocelot. What do they cost?
Kalo 13 yr ago x
Hello, I would really love to own a pet ocelot. Can you please email me with prices and any (special needs) that the ocelot cats need. Thank you.
Rachael 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in getting a male ocelot baby as a pet. Please e-mail me with the information about your kitties.
Cat Master 13 yr ago x
Are people still buying into this SCAM
Rachael 13 yr ago x
Hello! My name is Rachael and I live in Renton, Washington, USA. I am very interested in finding a new member of my family, an Ocelot kitten! I saw your ad and would like more information about your cattery. Do you have a website I can look at?

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

monte 13 yr ago x
Hi i live in a small town in AZ. I got my frist ocelot from a pet store in Tucson in 1970 she live to almost 20 my kids are gone and am looking for a new kid thinking about trying to get a male ocelot again i will find one just started looking thanks monte
boodles1 13 yr ago x
pls let me know how to contact you. am looking for an ocelot kitten.
Meagan 13 yr ago x
I am interested in information about purchasing an Ocelot kitten. Can you also send me pricing please.
Brandon 13 yr ago x
I am very inerested in buy an ocelot kitten. Would you email in regards of how much you sell them for and how I go about getting one. Thank you
the ocelots cheer team 13 yr ago x
please send the price of an ocelot kitten to our e-mail
ocelot interested 13 yr ago x
Where are you located? How much are u asking for an ocelot kitten? What we need to get one? Many thanks
JOE 13 yr ago x
I see a lot of inquiries, but no answers or information. Is this a serious site or a government sting operation of some sort.

Michelle 13 yr ago x
Can Ocelots breed with regular cats?
Jonathan 13 yr ago x
Where is the best place to find Ocelot Kittens on the East Coast? I need a friend for my Bengal and Russian Blue.
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