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u take action 10 yr ago x
You want to buy an ocelot? Heres an option. Learn how to sail. Buy a sailboat. Hire a vet to travel with you. Sail to Peru. Travel inland into the amazon basin region of Peru. Make contact with as many villages and people as you can along the river. Buy ocelot from locals selling them (children will have them to sell and love your money). Yay. Now you have your ocelot. P.S. your vet friend that you brought along will administer the proper tranquilizing drugs needed for your new feline friends trip back home along the ocean. It would be inhuman to take an animal from jungle land across the ocean without proper anesthetics. Good luck its a hard option and takes a lot of commitment. but its how I own my little leopards.
u take action 10 yr ago x
Oh and I almost forgot you will have to pay off the Peruvian coast guard and other harbor authorities on your way out. I wouldn't try to smuggle your mini leopard out without doing so. Peruvian prisons are not fun. Bottom line you need to have the funds. if you dont you shouldn't be inquiring about owning this animal to being with.
- Buena suerte
JQ 10 yr ago x
Can you please email me some prices for male and female kittens? I would also like some info on how they interact with other domestic/ non domestic animals. I live in an area with lots of deer, rabbits, squirrels and have a dog of my own.
jk 10 yr ago x
I'd like to know the price for a male ocelot kitten.
ND 10 yr ago x
how much is your male ocelot kitten? where are you located?
Rk 10 yr ago x
What are your prices
TGC 10 yr ago x
Ocelot Wanted. Please contact. Thanks.
Brian 10 yr ago x
How much for a baby ocelot?
CJ 10 yr ago x
What are the food requirements for the Ocelot?
afzal 10 yr ago x
can i know the price please.. and if i am from other country, e.g. malaysia, indonesia?
Kirsten 10 yr ago x
I would love to know how to get an Ocelot Kitten or Serval Or any exotic cat for that matter. I've looked at the savannahs and a few others but dont know how to go about getting one... help?
kristen wright 10 yr ago x
Can i please have the cost, and other information on diet and such
shay 10 yr ago x
i would like some info on purchaseing a ocelot do they need special food or cat food do i need a license to own one how much do they cost how are they with allergies
Mia 10 yr ago x
Could you send me back the price and your contact?
Thank you so much.
Mandi 10 yr ago x
Could you please send me details on cost and care for an ocelot? And when would you have more kittens? :) Thanks!
Brunello-Italy- sardinia 10 yr ago x
How to buy an ocelot, in order of law?
Brunello 10 yr ago x
is it ore expansive?
Naser 10 yr ago x
Please send me your price into my e-mail, I would really apreciatte it.
Victoria 10 yr ago x
Hi, Im looking forward to by one of the exotic cubs you have listed for sale. Just if it is possible to get a quote for price from you and where is your location?
Moncef 10 yr ago x
Interested in buying an ocelot, I need to know the cost, if you can email me with info, thank you
deb 10 yr ago x
interested in buying an ocelot. just want some info on the animal and pricing.
Anna 10 yr ago x
Buy a kitten ocelot!
ocelotlover149 10 yr ago x
Interested in buying an ocelot. Needed info on the animal and pricing.
deb  10 yr ago x
I need info as far as prices and when and where I can pick up the kitten! I am ready to buy! Please get in contact with me!
Anna 10 yr ago x
Do not write a feature request! :(((( Not respond:(((!!! Kittens NO:((
Ben 10 yr ago x
What is the price of a kitten? And where are y'all located?
Masha 10 yr ago x
I live in New York and I'll take any ocelot you have. Now.
masha 10 yr ago x
And Shawn and Amanda, get off your high horse.
duradura 10 yr ago x
how do i get an ocelot kitten and what do i need to get to own one? oh and how much? money is no object.. i want an ocelot
Sweet 10 yr ago x
this is the exact cat I want!!!!!We are in Maudin and are off this week. please contact us asap and then we will call or give you our number....
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