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kevin 15 yr ago x
We got available and and ready to go very cute and lovcely kittens .Our kittens range from 4 weeks to one year old .We have serval kittens, savannah , Ocelot and peterbald kittens ready to go.The cats were all born and raised in our home and are very friendly .We will give our cats only to serious buyers .Ours cats will come with the following items ?-with one kitten de-worming
-with one kitten vaccination -spayed/neutered
-with a written sales agreement -with a written health guarantee
-with health records - 6-week insurance policy -with health records
-with a care manual
cassandra 15 yr ago x
Hi. I am looking for either a ocelot, caracal or serval as I appreciate the beauty, intelligence and characteristics of all these cats... I would love to have one of my own to love. What are your asking price? Please email me!
Melnaie 15 yr ago x
I am interested in purchasing one on those beautiful cats. Can you please email me back with prices and where they would be coming from.
James Carroll 15 yr ago x
i love these beautiful and i was wondering the price you are offering for an ocelot,serval, or a caracals? please and thank you!!
Siani 15 yr ago x
I am interested in buying an ocelot kitten. I wanted to know how much for one.
savannah 15 yr ago x
I am interested in your baby caracals. I have an older female now I have experience raising lemurs, camels, capuchins, mountain lions etc.... I have plenty of experience. I was also wondering where you are located?
sonja 15 yr ago x
this ad is fake. they want only your money
Greg 13 yr ago x
Do you have a male serval or caracal kitten, if so how much, can I pick it up.
megan 13 yr ago x
I am interested in a female serval kitten. Could you please email me back with price info, kitten age, and location?
Thank you
Melissa 13 yr ago x
We have been searching the internet ceaselessly to find a Margay! Help!
Any information would be welcome as I have not been able to locate a single kitten for sale.
stephen 13 yr ago x
we now have love kittens ready to go .You can contacted us on

edit admin: sorry, we only allow ads if you have a website with full contact details
Jeremy 13 yr ago x
Please contact me with info on available caracal kittens.
Jay 13 yr ago x
Looking for an ocelot kitten. How much?
Caracal female if possible.
kaley 13 yr ago x
I wan to purchase a kitten.
katie 13 yr ago x
what are your prices for a kitten
Crystal 13 yr ago x
hi im looking for a caracal do you have any available
Becky 13 yr ago x
Send your money dumb asses... I'm sure it's a fraud and you're a low life enough to want a wild animal as a pet, so go for it... Hope you lose lots of money : )
boodles1 13 yr ago x
looking for an ocelot kit.
boodles1 13 yr ago x
do you have any ocelot kittens. i live on 132 acres.
Megan 13 yr ago x
I am looking for a serval. How much and where are you located?
Cat Master 13 yr ago x
Are people still buying into this SCAM
boodles1 13 yr ago x
how do i contact you?
Christiaan 13 yr ago x
Dear Kevin,
I am interested in a serval kitten/s, and I have friends who like a pair of them as well for their nature reserve.
Could you please give us more info regarding costs and where you are situated?
Will be greatly appreciated.

Christiaan 13 yr ago x
Dear Sirs,
Would like to know the purpose of this forum, as it seems that one never get a reply neither are tere any contact details of any breeders?
Christiaan 13 yr ago x
Dear Kevin, Gaza, Debora & Butler.
Could you please give me more information regarding the serval kittens, where you located and prices?
Jo 12 yr ago x
caracal,serval,ocelot.bobcat Lynnx savannah
Jo 12 yr ago x
Please send me the prices of all the kittens you have savanah servalcaracal ocelots bobcats or any simular cats please
Sultan 12 yr ago x

I am interested in a kitten if you have any available. Please email me. Otherwise I think I might be too late.


Jay 12 yr ago x
I am interested in buying a serval cat. Do you have any left? if so how much do they cost?
amy 12 yr ago x
i am looking to buy a young as possible femal caracal kitten.i am good w/my laws state and local and im good.could i have photos,prices,age and your location?if you have new ones coming please let me know when they will be ready. thank you
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