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Ash 7 yr ago x
Hi, I am wondering if you still have ocelot or bobcat kittens for sale, I'm very interested in buying one. I'd like to know how much they are and how old.
canivore 7 yr ago x
Looks divine! How many pounds of flesh can one adult female cat provide?
rachel 7 yr ago x
How much are these? Do you still have some?
Zac 7 yr ago x
I'm interested in owning one of these amazing ocelot pets, I've done the research and could provide a good home, please send me pricing and details.
Mike 7 yr ago x
I am very interested in purchasing an ocelot. I was just curious the asking price and how far I would have to drive to get my new pet. I live in Erie, PA but I am willing to go the distance.
GiveProps 7 yr ago x
Can I get a price range on the Ocelot's?
Amberlee 7 yr ago x
Hello I worked for a zoo for many years. Raised an Ocelot. I want so much to start a breeding zoo just for them. How much for one?
gloria 7 yr ago x
Do you really have ocelot kittens for sale? I've wanted one all my life....
Jcoselli 7 yr ago x
How do I buy one of the Leopardus pardalis or Ocelot I am vary interested
Jcoselli 7 yr ago x
How much for one and were can I get one
Pathogen 7 yr ago x
please send email with information on buying female ocelot kitten:
where is facility and asking price
Becca 7 yr ago x
I was just wondering if you had any available Ocelot kittens for sale, I am very interested. Please include any info and/or pictures.
Thank you
u972244 7 yr ago x
You didn't post any contact information nor pricing nor location.
Nicole 7 yr ago x
I'm interested in an ocelot. If you have or will have any available could you please fwd me as much information as possible?
Thank you
Erin 6 yr ago x
What is the price and how do I purchase one?
Nicole 6 yr ago x
Hi. Can you please tell me if you still have Ocelot kittens for sale? And if yes where are you located?

Thank you
Angelle 6 yr ago x
I would like to buy an Ocelot Kitten some time in the future. Would it be illegal to buy one? How much does one cost? and do I need a permit? Can you give me all the information I need?
Chel 6 yr ago x
I am interested in possibly purchasing an Oscelot from you. I would like to know the details on how they were bred and what the ages are. I would also like to know the price. Thank you.
ADen 6 yr ago x
how much would it cost to get an ocelot in california, including the exotic animal license. and the price for a female. kitten or house-broken either would be appreciated.
sickhumans 6 yr ago x
You guys are sick that want ocelot cats. It is illegal to sell these animals here in the united states. People are always thinking, "well,i just have to have one, i am so special' well you guys are not special and don't deserve to own these animals, people always want want want and don't even understand that if you buy them you are contributing to the demand and destruction of these animals habitats, ocelots belong in the wild and not in your home
Amber 6 yr ago x
How much are your Ocelots? I am interested in knowing more about t.hem
Amber 6 yr ago x
I actually just read a few cases that entailed a few people selling this endandered species and getting a hefty fine plus one got jail time. So, I was just wondering how someone was able to advtertise the sale of this cat online and get away it. You all have been warned now-it is illegal to purchase this cat in the US. Just wanted to let you all know...Oh-and this person posting this is more than likely a scammer!!!
john 6 yr ago x
do yoou have male ocelot kitten available now?
CatKiller 6 yr ago x
jeff 6 yr ago x
How much.and whenn avail.
Jane 6 yr ago x
I have a Bengal. They are half occelot and Black Tabby. Love her as she is as smart as a 2yr old child. Lillie takes care of me 24/7 but in return do you know that these cats dont clean their bottoms? They are water cats and depend on swimming to clean their bottoms. Lillie comes when she is asked "do you need your Boomerang cleaned?" Be ready to clean cat butt. It is worth it. Easy to do once your cat knows the plan. Lillie even asks for a cleaning. Best cats in town and worth it!!!!
nathalie 6 yr ago x
i am looking for a male ocelot,
please email if you have any, i am a breeder s i no how to take care of them
B 6 yr ago x
I am interested in purchasing an ocelot, can you email me about pricing, location, and vaccinations? I have done extensive research about habitat, diet, and behavior. Thanks!
montana 6 yr ago x
How much for ocelot cat...price
Lyn Chambers 6 yr ago x
I am interested in import an ocelot kitten in Tasmania Australia and was wondering if it is possible for you to give me a price of your kittens please.
Thankyou for your help.
Regards Lyn
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