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Looking 8 yr ago x
Hi! We are seriously looking for an ocelot. Please email me with your location and price. Thanks!
JOE 8 yr ago x
I see lots of people wanting ocelot kittens,but i do not see any responses as to who is selling them or any other information.

Are they legal to own?
vickie 8 yr ago x
hey i have recently been thinking about purchasing an ocelot however i need more information such has: how to care for one, what does it need, what are the state licensures. Im not dead set on getting one yet but i need more information could you please send me some ...thanks
moishe 8 yr ago x
ill take one. send me your info.
jake 8 yr ago x
how much for a ocelot and where do i pick one up?
hello 8 yr ago x
i would like to purchase an ocelot.

Lyssa Scheidt 8 yr ago x
I was wondering what your pricing was on the ocelot kittens?
Searaha 8 yr ago x
Ocelots are not illegal to own as they are coming back in numbers due to captive breeding. these are beautiful felions. I have in the past owned a couple and hoping i can find someone who breed them as i would love to purchase, one of these beautiful breeds. contact me via email as far as pricing and info needed ..thanks
jon 8 yr ago x
I would be interested. could you send me contact info and prices. thanks
Danny 8 yr ago x
Seriously interested in purchasing an ocelot kitten. Please contact me thanks..
Kitty 8 yr ago x
I am interested in an ocelot. I have done quite a bit of research, but do to its endangered status it is quite hard to find one for purchase. Whate are your prices like, and where are you located?
markužalmela 8 yr ago x
Well, Ilived in Finland and I am interest in ocelot too. I wonder if there is a bit closer some to buy. I guess only one and best way to get on is travell a bit. Of course I must make clear some legitimate thinks. I do not now hows Finnish law relate about those ones.

kyle 8 yr ago x
im becoming increasingly interested with the idea of purchasing a domesticated ocelot. i would be more than happy if you could email me with details such as pricing, availability, and how to actually take care of an ocelot. thank you so much.
bob 8 yr ago x
how much are you selling ocelot kittens for, and how do I apply?/do I need a special license?
Jay 8 yr ago x
It's been my dream to own an ocelot. How can i obtain this goal, and how much are you selling them for?
Kimi 8 yr ago x
I've recently moved to a new house with a lot of land, and I'm looking into getting a breeding pair of ocelots. Is this one male or female? Please email me with information.
tyler shaw 8 yr ago x
are your ocelots still for sale
Stefi 8 yr ago x

what are you asking for the price?
And what do they eat, cat food???
jeff 8 yr ago x
how much are they, and what do i need to know about legalitly issues and feeding.
laurajane 8 yr ago x
how much are these fabulous creatures?????
I represent animal lovers 8 yr ago x
do ocelots use dens in the wild?Please post the answers to my questions as a comment on this typing pet protection against scams or allowing a virus to infect my thingamajig? how much space does an ocelot need?how much are you asking for abreeding pair?
I represent animal lovers 8 yr ago x
hey first person who knows please leave a comment containing the answers to as many of these question as that person can ocelots use dens in the wild?what is the average price for a breeding pair? how much space does an ocelot need?what kind of toys are best for ocelots?how much is a breeding pair of savannah cats? how much space does a savannah cat need? what kind of toys are best for a savannah cat? are savannah cats easier to tame than pure wild cats? thank you for your time. U
riss 8 yr ago x
I need an female ocelot and a male serval.
Che. 8 yr ago x
Serval prices?
brunello caddeo 8 yr ago x
vorrei comperare un ocellotto femmina. sono molto interessato. quanto costa e come posso fareper averne uno? Quali sono le pratiche e le autorizzazioni necessarie per importarlo in Italia? grazie Brunello. Cagliari
Dali 8 yr ago x
I would also like to purchase an Ocelot. May I have more info?
chriz 8 yr ago x
Do you have any ocelot kittens available?
Dante 8 yr ago x
I'm very interested in ocelot kitten, please e-mail me with information on obtaining one.
Masha 8 yr ago x
I'd like to purchase an ocelot. What do I do?
Ocelots don't wont you tho. 8 yr ago x
This listing is most likley a scam. If you rich white euros and americans want an ocelot, do what my friend in Mexico did and buy a sailboat, sail down to Peru, travel inland in the amazon basin areas, and buy these little leopards off one of the locals. She told me she bought it from some kids for under 200$ dollars at some village. Ocelots are no house cats but still make good companions.
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