cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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hans dominik 15 yr ago x
cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale
I have Chimpanzee monkeys age ranging from ,12 weeks 15weeks 3 days up to
5months 3weeks,1year to 5 years old.Adoption price for baby male $1500 this
amount include shipping,vet certificate and kennel.for baby female $2000 and pair
$2500 include shipping,vet certificate and cage.All my chimpanzee monkeys will
be issued a Health medicate certificate,diapers(two pair) by a veterinarian
before travel.All are trained with an excellent temperament and sound good with
children that all are tame.All of my chimpanzee monkeys are loved and played
with each and every day. They are given the best high quality monkeys food to
keep them healthy for many years. They are taken to the veterinarian for regular
check-ups .Which
mean all are free from genetics diseases.YOU CAN MAIL US BACK FOR MORE PICTURES AND ANY INFORMATION.
rog 15 yr ago x
alfred lewis 15 yr ago x
can you send me pictures of the babies.
Michael Riddle 15 yr ago x
Good morning:

Where are you located? Please send me information on purchasing a male/female pair of chimpanzees. Thank you ....Michael
MiKe 15 yr ago x
Where are you located at? Please send me pictures of you cute Chimps and some more information. Thanks soooo much!
kinsey mckenzie 15 yr ago x
Hiiii! Can u please send me pictures? And tell me where u r shipping them from? I live in Scotland x
Peter P. 15 yr ago x
Just wanted to point out that pet chimps are a really bad idea...

There's plenty more stories where that came from. Chimpanzee's don't walk as tall as humans, but they weigh about the same, and pound-for-pound they're twice as strong...
Josh 15 yr ago x
I would like mo irenformation. Where are you located and i want a 7 to 18 month old chimp let me know thanks
john 15 yr ago x
I would like more info on chimps. Can I own a chimp in Ga.
SamIam 15 yr ago x
Chimpanzees are not monkeys dipsheit - they are apes and make very poor pets.
travis 15 yr ago x
samIam u are a dipsheit and probably dont make a good pet
Dawn 15 yr ago x
I live in Connecticut close to the location of the recent chimp attack. In case someone hasn't heard a woman's pet chimp ripped her friends face off. She is missing her nose, lips, eyelids and hands. She also might be brain damaged and blind. As for the Chimp, the police had to shoot it. SamIam is correct Chimps don't make good pets. It's not a matter of will my pet chimp attack, it's when will he attack? I speak from experience. I owned a White Faced Capuchin several years ago. I spent months taming it, and even then she was still wild. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE WILD! It was a huge mistake and in the end it's the primate that suffers for our ignorance. Please for the sake of these animals be informed before deciding to buy a Chimp. They can kill you, and they are only doing what they do naturally in the wild.
Joshua 15 yr ago x
I would like more information on getting a chimp. Thank You.
brian d 15 yr ago x
hi i was just wondering if you could contact me on more information on buying a chimpanzee...thank you
Dr. Ben 15 yr ago x
Do not get a chimp folks. Unless you have a very specific facility, you will only be able to safely keep it until it reaches its teenage years. I want to preface this by saying that I'm not some sort of hippy. I love cheese steak and I eat it probably more than I should. I am a pet owner and I think it's fine to own pets.

Why are chimps bad pets? Many reasons. If you don't believe my list, read the one written by Jane Goodall ( It's slightly less graphic but basically the same, starting with the title "Chimpanzees Don't Make Good Pets." I don't know how much more clear she could be, but here we go.

I'm going to put this in the form of questions...
# 1. Would you own a rottweiler or a pitbull?

Chimps have between 2 times to 7 times the strength of a comparably sized human. They are strong enough to crush human bone with their bare hands and their bite is many times stronger than any dog's. Adult chimps are harder to manage and can be more aggressive than almost any trained dog. If you would not get a rottweiler, you should not get a chimp.

# 2. Are you willing to risk someone losing their eyes, hands, or worse?

Chimps are smart enough to maim. A chimp, unlike a dog or a shark, does not attack indiscriminately. Nor does it generally attack with the intent to kill, as does a lion or tiger. Chimps attack to cripple and damage. They are aware of and target sensitive spots of the body and destroy them irreparably and quickly. Their primary targets are the eyes, face, hands, and genitals. After they have destroyed these they tend to target the feet or the abdomen. I would recommend listening carefully to the CT woman's 911 call and pay close attention before you consider if you want the potential for that inside your home.

# 3. Are you okay with living with a cannibal?

Chimps are cannibals. A chimp is an animal that kills other primates, even unfamiliar chimps, and in many cases engages in cannibalism when it does so. A chimp is not a cuddly creature- it is an amazingly intelligent and aggressive omnivore. Think about a smarter, faster bear and you would be getting closer.

# 4. Are your neighbors okay with being attacked? Do they live far enough away to ensure their safety? (Maybe you should ask your neighbors first)

Chimps do not play well with other primates. For a chimp, there are two types of primates- ones like them and ones that aren't. Primates that aren't like them are killed out of territoriality or as food. Such "primates" could be your neighbors or their children. Even a minor scuffle with a chimp for someone outside your household could lead to them being permanently disfigured or killed. This is particularly an issue because it is extremely difficult to keep a chimp confined. Chimps are very good at escaping houses and cages, even those managed by trained professionals. NASCAR driver St. James Davis lost his face, hands, and genitals in an attack by two chimps in a sanctuary who escaped their cages.

# 5. Are you willing to let the chimp choose your social contacts?

Primates that are like them are subject to very complex social relationships that they will not be able to fully express to you. If you raise a chimp, it will come to love you. Love is a wonderful and dangerous thing. They may become violent in getting your attention and may also become overprotective. They may become jealous of your other familial relationships. Jealousy by an animal of this level of strength can lead to it attacking people you genuinely care about. This would result in the chimp being shot and the person being maimed or killed.

# 6. Are you willing to give them away as a teenager?

Thankfully, before the chimp generally hurts someone- you will have already seen the signs that it is hitting puberty. It will be more aggressive and more demanding. It will cause property damage. It will begin to masturbate in public. It will act in an aggressive manner to either friends or strangers. You will then have to give the chimp away or risk someone getting hurt. This will not be pleasant for you or the chimp. You will have formed a bond, there will be genuine attachment.

# 7. Can you live with the chimp being tormented from that point on?

The locations where you can give away a chimp are not great. You can give them to a research lab, where they will be experimented on, which no one wants. Or you can attempt to find them a chimp sanctuary which may cost money or have poor living conditions. The chimp, in turn, will miss you. It also will not have the proper social skills to interact with other chimps. If you be as traumatizing as you being raised by chimps and then thrown into a city. Since chimps tend to establish dominance and your chimp will probably be a teenager, it will get beat up a lot by other more established chimps.

If you answered No to any of these, don't get a chimpanzee. Get a dog, adopt a child, I don't care- but do not get a chimp.

Getting a chimp is a dangerous proposal, both for you and the chimp. The most likely scenario is that you get the chimp and realize that you are not ready to handle the responsibility of handling an intelligent, dangerous, and needy animal. At this point, you give them away to a sad and unfamiliar life and they never understand why you have abandoned them. A chimp is not like a dog. It does not just forget and move on. It remembers its "family" forever.

The problem is, there is no place for an adult chimp in a human family. Humans live in a world with great levels of social contact and responsibilities that use much of our time. A chimp will only get to deal with its owners. This competition for attention, combined with the natural aggressiveness of an adult chimp, is a very dangerous situation. It is dangerous not only to yourself but to your neighbors and to anyone who visits your home.

Think of it this way. If chimps make such good pets, why do no primate specialists have any as pets? Canine specialists own dogs. Specialists in some other monkey breeds own monkeys. Specialists in chimps do not own chimps. Please take this warning to heart and do not get a chimp.
michaelle gardner 15 yr ago x
Sally Swan 15 yr ago x
I am interested in more information on purchasing a baby chimpanzee. I have always wanted one and have done some research on keeping them. I am excited about recieving photos and any other information that you would like to pass along. I live alone and would not have children that would pick on the little guy he would be in a peaceful country setting and have a fulltime baby sitter in the evenings when I am at work. Thank you for the info. I look forward to hearing from you.
gabby 15 yr ago x
please send me pictures of the chimp.......and i would like to buy the youngest one you have and a female!!!...............and i need to now were u r located
thank you,
ec 15 yr ago x
These ads are scams. Read the bad English.
rob 15 yr ago x
can you emial me some more info im am interested in buying a chimp from you
marshal 15 yr ago x
I would like more information on getting the male and female chimp. Thank You.
marshal 15 yr ago x
please my email is *** in am very interested
FUCKN ARSEHOLE 15 yr ago x
Michelle 15 yr ago x
Trying to get info on chimps. What are the prices and where are you located?
lacy 15 yr ago x
I am not sure if they are or are not good pets,but i read the thing on the one who ripped a womens face offf.......NEWS FLASH
(for those giving them a bad name) The owner was careless and fed her pet xanax...a well known drug that makes humans go crazy and was to stupid to realize that it would have the same effect on that poor chimp.
Gabby 15 yr ago x
Please send me pics and infromation. Thanks! I live in Ohio!!!!
Dominique 15 yr ago x
I would like more info.on chimps. I would like the youngest chimp you have.I would like to know where are you located and when is the earliest I can get myself a baby chimp.
Gabe 15 yr ago x
Guys I love chimpanzee's and I want one as a pet but they are just to dangrous to have as a pet (even though I dont want to belive it) and eventually you will have to give it up and then the chimp will be sad and you will be sad. So just leave them in the wild please
Giova 15 yr ago x
You're all sick and funding cruelty. Get a dog and leave these wild animals where they belong.
Ashley 15 yr ago x
I am 13, wil be 14 in july. I have wanted a monkey since I was 3, but my parents told me that I had to wait untill I can afford it my self. All that I will get for my birthday is a $150.00 if you know anyone or will sell one of yours for that price please let me know. I have read and read on taking care of them and know that it willl be hard work but I am seriously willing to do it. Please help me find one thanks.
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