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I am a 45 year old single woman licensed for rehabiliting baby wild animals until they are old enough to be returned to the wild I raised 7 children who are all grown and in different states, so I'm all alone and LOOKING for someone LOOKING for someone to adopt one of their baby monkies FOR FREE I CAN'T AFFORD TO SPEND THOUSANDS ON BUYING THE INFANT BUT CAN AFFORD ANY VET BILLS WHEN NEEDED AND GIVE IT MORE LOVE AND ATTENTION THAN IT COULD EVER WANT AND NEED .....
If YOU have one you need to find a GREAT HOME for than PLEASE contact me @ My email address or my cell
Kathy l Taylor
laura 11 yr ago x
i have cute baby capuchins that i am willing to give out for adoption free so if you still need the monkeys get back to me and have details and pics
Ellen Shrager 11 yr ago x
i have cute babies monkeys (
Patas Monkey,Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey,Douc Langur Monkeys,Baby Pygmy Marmoset,Black Lion Tamarin,Bare-Eared Squirrel Monkey
Monk Saki,Mona Monkey,Gabon Talapoin
Grivet) in my enclosure that i am willing to give out for adoption free since i do not have any more finance to take care of them so if you still need the monkeys get back to me and have details and pics
Rikkay 10 yr ago x
Ellen Shrager I would like the Pygmy marmoset please get back to me at
angelinamorgez 9 yr ago x
Cute Male and Female baby Capuchin Monkeys ,They are very intelligent and fast at learning new skills especially when they feels sufficiently rewarded. Personality-wise, they might not only be the best monkeys we have ever had - but the best we have ever seen. our babies have turned out to be very strong. they are one the best eaters we have ever had (some babies don't take the bottle very well). Best of all, our baby monkeys are very sweet, loves the company of kids and other pets , and have one of the most even temperaments of any monkeys we have ever raised. Even with pain from teething, they never cries or fusses and goes in and out of their box as they sees fit! These beautiful little babies likes to chew fingers, suck their thumb, and play with toys! they never cries when it is time for bed and doesn't tear things. They loves to play, give kisses, and hugs, interested persons should contact us.

rjb 9 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a baby monkey but i don't hardly have any money i get a monthly check and i am at home by my self a lot and i all ways wanted one and i would take very good care of her and yes i want a female and if it is very hot out side she will stay where it is cool and if it is cool out side she will be with me at all times and she will get spoiled by all my friends and family
Ten 8 yr ago x
I am wanting to adopt a pet monkey. I am single and kids are all adults. I am not able to pay $4000 for one but I can provide for food..shelter..and vet care..along with my love and time. My email is please I so want one or two.
peewee 7 yr ago x
do you still have your monkeys would love to get one from you thankyou
Aaron Crawford  6 yr ago x
Hey I'm Aaron And I'm animal loving person, I always wanted a monkey and really want someone to help find me a finger monkey for adoption or a capuchin monkey for adoption You can just give it right away to me and I will take care of it and give it as much attention as needed
Patricia 6 yr ago x
I'm looking for a very young baby monkey . I'm not able to pay the money that some people are asking for them but I can assure that the baby will be taking care of . They would have all the love and attention and care that they would ever ask for . So if anyone has any baby monkeys for free please get in touch with me . We would love to have one asap . Thank you
Margaret 5 yr ago x
I am looking to adopt or buy a monkey do not have a lot of money enough to pay vet bills and spoil it with...can give plenty of love.I have no grandbabies and want a baby Mikey to love and spoil
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