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MARIO 9 yr ago x
we got a lot of cute babies capuchin monkeys for sale. age ranging from 12weeks-20weeks ready for delivery. (male& female) they are,vet certificate and certificate and a travel crate. a year health guarantee, and are up to date on shots and worming.that is all the monkeys will be issued a health by a qualified veterinarian before travel to show that they are free from all tropical and genetics diseases.all are trained with an excellent temperament and sound well with toys,kids and other pets like cats,dogs etc.mean all are obedient and have agility training.i have the current pictures for all the monkeys so contact if you are interested in either sex. asap. thanks

tony 9 yr ago x
i am looking to adopt a monkey,
i will take a few different spieces
Janet 9 yr ago x
I would like to know if you still have the Capuchin monkey and how much. Also, do you have a female?
Caleb 9 yr ago x
hello,i was wondering if you still had the monkeys.If u do please get back with me.Im very interested.Thank u
Tammy Rowe 9 yr ago x
Looking for a pet monkey to adopt or free .
terra 9 yr ago x
are these monkey really free? if so could you please email me back. I'm interested in getting a female monkey. Please contact me back thank you terra
emily 9 yr ago x
i am very interested in your add
i would love to adopt a munkey
Bruce 9 yr ago x
I am very intersted in getting a monkey. I love animals and would like to have one for a friend and companion. Please contact me if you have any thank you
Chelsie Polifka 9 yr ago x
I am very interested in one or possibly two of your babies.. I am a stay a home mom of a 6 year old daughter. She desperately wants a baby monkey and i figure since i am at home and hae plenty of time on my hands now is the perfect time.. If you could send me some pictures it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
Blake 9 yr ago x
are these monkeys really free because i was looking at adopting one for my family. i also am interested in a either male or female. please contact me if you still have any.
theresa 9 yr ago x
Please contact me as soon as possible I desprate need of one of your babies.
janie 9 yr ago x
hi i am very interested if you still have the monkeys please contact me!
rafael 9 yr ago x
hi,i will take any kind of monkey for free or not for free i will take male only thank you.
rafael 9 yr ago x
Hi,i will take only young monkeys free or not i will take male,i take few kinds of monkeys thank you
steff 9 yr ago x
i would be willing to take a monkey if you could email me back asap because i have been looking for one for ever
Cody 9 yr ago x
I am very interested in getting a Capuchin, please contact me asap if you have any available.
jennifer 9 yr ago x
Can you let me know if you still have the monkey for sale? This is the only way we can have a girl, so please let us know.
maria 9 yr ago x
I saw your ad, are your monkeys still available? Where are you located? I live in Florida and have been searching for a capuchin to give a forever and loving home. I am a lifelong animal lover and a stay at home animal mom. I have unlimited time, love and attention to devote to a monkey. Please email me

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Caleb Hollett 9 yr ago x

My name is Caleb Hollett I am interested in getting a trained capuchin monkey. preferably female but i will not mind either sex. I think they are the cutest little monkeys ever. If you can help please e-mail me at my e-mail address above. Thank You.

Caleb Hollett
Ashley Fry 9 yr ago x
I would love to adopt one of your free monkeys! I've done lots of research and can't wait to get my monkey! Please contact me asap, so I can make plans to purchase the monkey =) Thanks in advance!
Bobbie-Jo wisenbarger 9 yr ago x
I wouldlove to adopt a monkey that would be suchan experience worth having. Iam an animal lover 2 months ago I lost my female boxer which i bread and delivered.
tina 9 yr ago x
I would love to have a baby capuchin monkey. Please contact me!
Kerstin 9 yr ago x
I'm very interested
kymberley 9 yr ago x
hey my name is kymberley and i was interested in your monkey. if you would please email me back with more information.
julia 9 yr ago x
I have been trying to find a place to buy a pet monkey i am very interested in buying a monkey
please contact me
Emily 9 yr ago x
I saw your add about the free baby monkey. I was wanting to know if you still had one available? My husband and I have done lots of research and think that a little monkey would make a great addition to our family!
we look forward to hearing from you. You can just email me.
megan 9 yr ago x
i would like to adopt a capuchin monkey for our family if u still have any. if u do please email me back. i would really appreciate it
rush 9 yr ago x
I am looking for a monkey to adopt. can i see some pics or something?
k.h.b. 9 yr ago x
hi i have been looking for a monkey for really cheap and it looks like i found what im looking for. if you have any left please try to reply back and ill tell you if i still want it or not. THANKS!!!!!!!
sadar 9 yr ago x
i luv monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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