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brone 15 yr ago x
I am looking for any new home for my adorable babies chimpanzee . They have all their health documents. They are VET checked and are up to date with current shots. They are lovely, sociable, playful and very beautiful.They are well tamed and hand raised and have new pictures. They just received their vaccines and have health documents issued by a qualified veterinarian. You shall have a one month guarantee health document for the chimpanzees with some chimpanzee toys and food.They have a lot of play time with kids and other pets such as birds, dogs and cats. If interested, then mail us for more details and pictures of the chimpanzees.
Richard 15 yr ago x
Where are you located? and what are the costs? Any new pictures. i live in California, is this okay?
tammy 15 yr ago x
i am interested in your beautiful baby chimp please contact me with more details at 443-864-8391 or the above email thank you tammy
James 14 yr ago x
You are arrogant, exploitative and uncaring people, who have not the slightest clue that chimps make pets. Donít you read the news. Just a few months ago a woman was nearly killed by a so called Ďpetí chimp. Even the smallest primates are not domesticable as pets. They need their own kind around them and need to have their own social structure. As you should know they develop very quickly into a very strong animal, about the strength of seven strong men, and when they hit their adolescent years they are harder o keep as pets, and then people like you dump them or kill them. If you are an American and you pride yourself on freedom and rights then you are contradicting yourself by being involved in this exploitation. Even worse if your call yourself a christian, donít forget Noah saved animals from the great flood and did not exploit them. If you a not religious then you know that chimps are our closte relative and are on the verge of extinction and need all the protection they can get. Being sold as pets is not a way of preservation conservation. You should be thoroughly ashamed of your self and give this chimps a fair go and donate them to an organisation that can help rehabilitate them.
Jordan 14 yr ago x
how much? where are u located? txt me info and some pics plz at ***. thx
Iyanno Ford 14 yr ago x
i am intrested in buying the little baby chimp. i really love chimps. i live in warner robins, georgia. is that fine?
brian 14 yr ago x
i live in pennsylvania what do i need to do to get your chimp more pics
Ayssa Raistrick 14 yr ago x
I would love for you to contact me. thank you.
miroslaba 14 yr ago x
i would love to buy your baby chimp, all i need is where its located, cost, and age. if your interested please call and ask for miroslaba(559)992-8399 and also i live in califorina
caitey 14 yr ago x
where r u located and how much is it
cherie 13 yr ago x
I would absoulutely LOVE to adopt your beautiful chimpanzee.
What is her name?
She looks like a litle dolly.
When may I come and pick her up to take her to her new home and love her forever and ever as my own little baby chimp??
What is the adoption fee / selling price?
I'm in CA, where are you located?
I am very excited to meet with you and the little one ASAP; I've wanted a chimpanzee all of my life and never knew how to obtain a chimp.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
My very best,
Cherie Chantal
tiffany 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in your chimpanzee can you please give me more information and pics will be greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Lewis 13 yr ago x
Hello I would love to adopt one of your chimps. Are you located in th USA and how much is your adoption fee
hookum 13 yr ago x
how much are your chimpanzee
julie c 13 yr ago x
i am very interested
please send more information thanks
victoria p 13 yr ago x
I would really like to adopt one of the chimps please contact me on my email thank you !!
Schumack 13 yr ago x
How much are they?? How much space do they need for care and what are there names??
Lisy 13 yr ago x
Hello my name is lisy and i want to know how much are you selling your baby chimpanzee and if you can email me pics
sierra 13 yr ago x
are you serious? james is the only smart person that commented on this. you guys are extremely messed up. get your heads checked. this is not right at all. animals get very bad mental problems and stress when theyre locked up and have no other animal of their kind to associate with!! and im sure most of the people who are interested are not even CLOSE to being able to raise them! this type of animal should not be a "pet" they should be in the wild where they belong!! there is seriously something wrong with you all if you dont think this is messed up!
rose 13 yr ago x
This is absolutely disgusting. chimps are incredible intelligent animals and live high in trees in the rainforests-not in come american persons living room. exploiting these creatures is no different to human slavery-enslaving a being for your own gain and against the will of the animal. did you know that chimps live in groups of up to 50 individuals in the wild?? they have complex social bahaviours and to put one in solitary human confinement is trying to play god-it is cruel beyond belief. Is it not enough that you americans are bombing the shit out of other humans all the time-yet you also have to exploit our very closest relative. think about this-give this chimpanzee to a sanctuary, call the animal welfare services and they will come and give him/her a better home.
Becky 13 yr ago x
This is the one time I'm praying something seen on the internet is a scam... This better not be real because if it is and if you people commenting that you want a baby chimp as a pet are serious, then what you need is serious mental help. What makes you think that they are on this planet for your amusement? They are intelligent creatures who deserve to live out their lives the way they were meant to. And that does not mean as your pet. And you'll be surprised when your baby chimp grows up and attacks you or someone else? Wow. People are sick... And if this is a fraud, go ahead and send in your deposit. If you're this much of an a*hole you deserve to be deceived out of your money.
Keep Chimps Wild 13 yr ago x
CHIMPS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE PETS!!!! After about 3-4 yrs they are unmanageable, much stronger than you and as a result you will have to confine them to a life of solitude and boredom! Have a heart and do not buy a baby chimp...they are becoming extinct due to people like this one selling them. This baby chimps parents had to be killed in order to get this baby chimp. I am disgusted that this is still going on, and that people are so damn stupid to think they make good pets.
Wtf 13 yr ago x
I really hope all the people posting on here saying they're interested are all just trolling... how can there be so many ignorant people!? Do you all realize that these little creatures are living, breathing, feeling beings as well? They're not little toys that you can just keep around for a cute laugh... I just.. can't believe it.
Petra 13 yr ago x
I sincerely hope this add was posted only to find out WHICH IDIOTS are interested in keeping a wild animal that has to live with its own kind. If the add is unfortunately genuine, I hope somebody will find this fool and take the chimps to a sanctuary.
jem 13 yr ago x
You people are INSANE! Please seek medical help! Chimps are not PETS! Not to mention they become volatile in adulthood! Where are you planning on keeping them??? In a cage?? Or do you have a spare couple of acres of trees? Because that's what they need! Their natural environment! Do any of you know ANYTHING about these animals!!! Please tell me you guys are joking!!!
Lindsay 13 yr ago x
hi. i am looking for a chimpanzee, and i was wondering if you could send me more details and pictures. thankyou.
lindsay 13 yr ago x
please email me
Rev Ronaldo 13 yr ago x
Please if you are still interested in adopting my baby chimp please contact me

edit admin: e-mail removed, if you have a website with contact details, you may post that
Rev Ronaldo 13 yr ago x
I have 2 males and a female baby chimpanzee for adoption. Please contact me for more Information. My Chimps are USDA Registered.
Rev Ronaldo 13 yr ago x

edit admin: e-mail removed, if you have a website with contact details, you may post that
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