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Shappers 12 yr ago x
I have read the comments asking you stop to think about your actions. My 11 year old daughter burst into tears when she came across this site by accident. A Chimp is a wild animal and as beautiful as they are are too much responsibility to have as a pet. They DO Really need to be allowed to socialise with other chimps. Please, please stop to think about the long term welfare of these animals.
Susan 12 yr ago x
Hi where are you located? what are the costs associated with purchasing a young baby chimp from you. Thanks
skyla 12 yr ago x
I have grown with Chimps and would like one again. Please contact me.
monkey baby 12 yr ago x
i want just one monkey for my daughters one is called monkey baby and i want one for her.. i refer a female but will take either one.. but i am a single mom and i cant not afford to buy one.. so please just send me an email and you can just mail me one for free thank you very much single mommy of monkey baby in georgia
mariah 12 yr ago x
I am interested I live in New Jersey what are the cost
Kourt 12 yr ago x
Hello, I am intrested in your adorible monkey, i will pay reasonable price, I live in p.a. I would like one for my mother, her oldest daughter just went to college a couple of days ago, she is all bumbed out about it. What are the associated with purchasing a baby chimp from you? Thank you, Kourteney
Janis Joplin 11 yr ago x
Of course, these people are the sickest and stupidest people on the planet. First of all, the Americans would not be able to buy the monkeys if it was not for the people who steal them from the ungles and send them here, and the main reason that most of the wild animals in the world are almost extinct is because of destruction of their habitat, which has nothing to do with the average stop throwing stones...u r right about how idiotic it is to think that living with a wild animal is fun and fulfilling. Gd put them where they need to be and it is cruel and idiotic to think that they make good pets. They will kill u or u kid once they hit puberty. They grow up and tear ur house apart, if not u and/or ur kids.
Dummies! Go get a dog or a cat, or a guinea pig...curse u people who have monkeys/apes as pets...
YOU ARE SO DUMB 11 yr ago x
[ [ [ [ [ SCAM ALERT ] ] ] ] ]


I'm guessing this guy is from Nigeria. What he will do is contact everyone one this list, after some bullshit messages are sent back and forth he will tell them they need to send either all the money first, or a deposit, which must be sent via Western Union - their preferred money transfer facility... I bet this scammer has already made a small fortune out of you idiots... Fair play to him/her (a fool and their money is easily parted)
RutheeJ425 11 yr ago x
In response to the comment beginning with "You are so dumb", if anyone is stupid enough to want a chimpanzee in their home, as a pet, deserve to lose their money, because apes and other wild animals are NOT meant to be pets. Even though they are very sweet at first, and may look adorable in a dress, they grow up real fast and there is NO DOUBT that they will attack their loving owners, no matter how spoiled they are. They are not human beings, they have gigantic teeth and can rip a person apart in a few seconds..Please people, be smart and either get a dog, a kitty, or even a ferret or something harmless like a bunny...And by the way, real apes cost tens of thousands of dollars, as to little monkeys, so keep your money for something better, like charity or a vacation to the zoo!
kenz 11 yr ago x
hi i am really interested in getting a chimpanzee! i am 12 and i will be 13 in 3 months! i love monkeys!!! i have wanted one since i was like 4
JJ 11 yr ago x
You may be 12 but you're an utter moron. Your parents should be ashamed! You dont keep wild creatures as pets and chimps become aggressive once they reach adulthood!
greg 11 yr ago x
i hope the munkey rips yur damn 12 year old face off!
Zion 11 yr ago x
Pease give me as much information as you can. Thank you very much!
gauge 11 yr ago x
give me a call asap i want one!!!!!!!!!

how much

I live in shelbyville tn is that ok?
Maurice jones  11 yr ago x
Hi my name is Maurice jones it is reguarding the baby chimp I. Would be verry happy if u would let me take them I live in Omaha Nebraska I have an nice house where they could have play time 4 bed rooms 2.5 bathrooms 8,712 sqFt ft and we have pets man man, ruff, an a bird melang, and a podle finesse she is an all star show dog 4 Kenel club and I have 24 yrs of experiences with chimps I am working at the zoo with them If I can get back at me.
commonsense 10 yr ago x
annie 10 yr ago x
i want a baby chimpanzee i have the perfect enclosure and room/property perfect for a bigger primate please contact me with more info regarding this request i am a responsible adult with the money to buy and care for all my pets/family please please i would love to care for a chimp
mb 9 yr ago x
How much do u want four them?
Richard 8 yr ago x
I have to agree with the people that are saying that monkeys make bad pets. I say this from experience. Back in the early 70's, during the height of my father's madness, over the span of 2 years, we had 9. A few squirrel monkeys, woolly, capuchin and chimp. Upset them in the slightest and they turn into the incredible hulk. They have incredible strength, are violent and they force you to live with your guard up at all times. They also make your house stink. They have their own unique musk and you never forget it. Thanks Dad, thanks a lot >:(
stackie 8 yr ago x
Im interested in buying. A baby chimpanzee. Asap
domdomstevens 8 yr ago x
I am located in pa, i think that your chimp is just beautiful i would love to have her what is your adoption fee.
dave 7 yr ago x
I'd gladly adopt one of those little guys. Call. (417)733-0529

Sound home, former fire chief, minister... Sufficed to say I'm not a bad guy. :)
Kathy  7 yr ago x
James. You are so right. We have NO buisness trying to keep a wild animal as "pets" should be illegal. They belong in the wild
sonic derosa 7 yr ago x
I want a baby chimpanzee monkey and a baby monkey iam dying for a baby monkey send a 2 baby monkeys chimpanzee and little monkey from nick derosa ps we live in spring field mo my address is 3681 north oakpoint ave hunington park.
kate 7 yr ago x
How much and where
kate 7 yr ago x
Love to buy it
Heather 7 yr ago x
Please I would love to hear more about your situation and if you are interested in getting rid of these babies give me a call if you don't mind I would love to hear from you & you can reach me @ 404-520-5039
Heather 7 yr ago x
Please I would love to hear more about your situation and if you are interested in getting rid of these babies give me a call if you don't mind I would love to hear from you & you can reach me @ 404-520-5039
Heather 7 yr ago x
Please I would love to hear more about your situation and if you are interested in getting rid of these babies give me a call if you don't mind I would love to hear from you & you can reach me @ 404-520-5039
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