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You are arrogant, exploitative and uncaring people, who have not the slightest clue that chimps make pets. Donít you read the news. Just a few months ago a woman was nearly killed by a so called Ďpetí chimp. Even the smallest primates are not domesticable as pets. They need their own kind around them and need to have their own social structure. As you should know they develop very quickly into a very strong animal, about the strength of seven strong men, and when they hit their adolescent years they are harder o keep as pets, and then people like you dump them or kill them. If you are an American and you pride yourself on freedom and rights then you are contradicting yourself by being involved in this exploitation. Even worse if your call yourself a christian, donít forget Noah saved animals from the great flood and did not exploit them. If you a not religious then you know that chimps are our closte relative and are on the verge of extinction and need all the protection they can get. Being sold as pets is not a way of preservation conservation. You should be thoroughly ashamed of your self and give this chimps a fair go and donate them to an organisation that can help rehabilitate them.

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