cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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joe 5 yr ago x
i am very interested in purchasing a chimpanzee. by the way any breeder would know this im sure if your legit its just a clerical error but chimpanzees are apes not monkeys. but anyways email me if you are still selling the chimpanzees i deal in cash and will drive to whatever state/location you are at for pickup
Mike  5 yr ago x
I looking for a chimpanzee of under 3 years of age. I have a very loving family that wants to house any young unwanted chimps. Preferably females, but young males will be loved and cherished as well. Call me at 580 210 0887. We live in Enid Oklahoma. There are no specific primate license or permits required here. Thank you and have a merry Christmas.
Shabaz 5 yr ago x
Can you sndme the pic of baby chimps.....and more info about them .From where i can buy it
deza 5 yr ago x
What is wrong with you people. These are WILD ANIMALS. For every chimp on sale here they have had to kill AT LEAST 2 adult chimps to take it from the wild. You dont care about these animals its just a toy for you to show off to your friends. I hope it attacks you.
Morality 5 yr ago x
Can the parents be seen, or are they dead along with all the other adult chimps in the family, killed simply to steal their babies and sell them on the Internet to ignorant people with more money than sense
MOHIT MEHTA  5 yr ago x
I am interested in buying so please kindly revert
mike 5 yr ago x
very interested in purchasing
zee 5 yr ago x
do you still sell baby chimps?
James Marsh 5 yr ago x
I am the mammal director at London zoo and I am wondering the prices of all the chimps altogether, please rely ASAP
Brucelee 5 yr ago x
I just need a chimpanzee which is so cute. Please give a suggestion and advice which baby I can buy and can maintain in all temperature.
songani 5 yr ago x
cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale I have Chimpanzee monkeys age ranging from ,12 weeks 15weeks 3 days up to 5months 3weeks,1year to 5 years old.Our prices include shipping. vet certificate and cage.All my chimpanzee monkeys have been issued a Health medical certificate, diapers(two pair) by a veterinarian before travel.All are trained with an excellent temperament and sound good with children that all are tame.All of my chimpanzee monkeys are loved and played with each and every day. They are given the best high quality monkeys food to keep them healthy for many years. They are taken to the veterinarian for regular check-ups .Which mean all are free from genetics diseases.YOU CAN MAIL US BACK FOR MORE PICTURES AND ANY INFORMATION

inga and ashton 4 yr ago x
if anyone has a baby chimp for sale, can you please contact us.
Sherry 4 yr ago x
Hi, i have never had a monkey before, but I would really like one, possibly 2 if they are meant to have a companion. Can you please let me know what they eat, how big they get and if they would go ok with my cat? Also I was wondering if it would be possible that my cat could meet them before purchasing as I wouldn't want to get them and for them all not to get along. Can you please also let me know how much you are selling for and where you are located. Can you send pictures of your male chimps? Thanks ... Sherry
Alex Mac 4 yr ago x
I would like to buy one.
Lili 4 yr ago x
I am interested in a female baby chimp that is home raised and easy to potty train znd diapers train , please send me pictures, prices and details of the process.
Gaby 4 yr ago x
Looking to buy a baby mail chimpanzee - need pictures, age and cost. In case of a purchase, how does it get to me ???
Thank You
W. Kern, Jr. 4 yr ago x
I have been looking fior a female chimp under one year old. I worked with chimps years ago in the Rudy Bros. circus. Bob Dunn was a friend who sold Michael a few chimps. They all took up with me. But, they cannot be imported and he said the price was $25,000 15 years ago. Yes they can love you too.
uday 4 yr ago x
can u send me the baby chimp pick
Faqeha Samar 4 yr ago x
I love chimp sooo much from my childhood.
Can u plz tell me that a chimp can understand human feelings or not. Is it easy to adopt a chimp?
Faqeha Samar 4 yr ago x
Can u plz send me pics of baby chimp 1 or 2 days old
lissy 3 yr ago x
I would like to buy a baby chimp so could u emai me the cost and pics please THANKYOU
Finn 3 yr ago x
Can u send me a picure of one of ur chimpanzees
Kempy 3 yr ago x
Do u send chimpanzees to the uk
Todd Onufer 3 yr ago x
I am very interested in adopting a pair of 12 or 15 week old chimpanzees, one male and one female. Please send me all pertinent info including all history and vet history, including parents info as well for both chimpanzees. I live in Hawaii, which allows chimpanzees to live here legally, following the bonding process. Looking forward to here from you. Thank you very much fir your time, Aloha
Terry Brickey 3 yr ago x
Would like to talk with you about purchasing a chimp. Thanks
Alaska man 3 yr ago x
To all of you that think you want a chimp as a pet after reading all the horable situations that have happened to skilled professionals. And those very ignorant people you would have to be a complete idiot to think that you won't make some of the same mistakes that others have made. I would strongly recommend you know EVERYTHING there is to know about these wonderful primates. They just don't make on the list as the all around American pet. I believe it's a huge mistake to bring one of them to you home. I could be the biggest mistake you have ever made. JUST SOME GOOD ADVICE 🐒
Lonna Craven 3 yr ago x
I want to buy a boy and a girl chimpanzee 12 weeks to 15 weeks old please send me All history of them to me and the history of there preants I'm being want one since I was a childI live in Waterloo S.C
GiGi 3 yr ago x
How do I train them to rip off peoples faces like they did to that lady on Oprah? Is there any way to train 5 of them to all simultaneously go into a room together and rip off lots of peoples faces and hands at once? If anyone has any information on how to conduct this training please let me know.
GiGi 3 yr ago x
And if not does anyone know where I can get some freaking sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? Jesus you people I have one simple request.....
Melinda 3 yr ago x
Please answer me, very interesting. I want but need bottom line as how to get
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