We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Ericc 6 yr ago x
Are you still breeding these cats and are the kittens still for sale
Ericc 6 yr ago x
I am very interested in the ocelot kittens It would be great if you could get back to me with the price. How much is the ocelot.
Savowner 6 yr ago x
Eric- are you currently selling any margays or caracals? I HATE to sound like everybody else, please email me back ASAP
jan 6 yr ago x
are there still available we live a 165 acre natural heritage site, we are looking for caracal kittens to re-introduce to the area
khaled 6 yr ago x
I would like to know do u ship to other countries
noreen 6 yr ago x
do you sell Caracal kittens?
cody 6 yr ago x
do you still have any ocelots up for sale?
Chrissie Lamb 6 yr ago x
I would love to know more about the caracle kittens, price, habits and etc. Thanks
irene 6 yr ago x
Want a new baby girl. Please advise on prices and availability.
Kind regards


Doug 6 yr ago x
I am trying to find a Caracal or Serval from kitten to 1yr for an anniversary present for my wife. I live in Las Vegas and would like to know the price and waiting list on either breed. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
tosha 6 yr ago x
Vet tech looking to breed servals.... do you sell breeding pairs.... what cost range? Thanks for you time.
jessica 6 yr ago x
I am looking for a Caracal to buy. Does anyone have kittens or know if someone does. Much appreciated Thanks!
Beth  5 yr ago x
Hi. I would like to know your price on one of your serval kittens please. Thank you.
Della drew 5 yr ago x
Going to purchase a kitten. Please call me to discuss what you have available and what would be the best fit foe me.. Thx. Della. 708-207-0558. Thx.
early90z 5 yr ago x
really want a caracal. can I get a price range and more info?
david  5 yr ago x
I have African servals for sale F1 if interested in a kitten fill free to email me at
I also have caracal kittens and ocelots available they are ready for a new family
Jack 5 yr ago x
Are these Caracal kittens? They are beautiful. Where are you located?

Mia 5 yr ago x
I am interested in a caracal kitten. How much are they and where are you located?
red 5 yr ago x
price list how much to ship to philippines
red 5 yr ago x
i am interested in a ocelot baby cost and price for shipping to philippines
Mark 5 yr ago x
I'm looking for a ocelot kitten.
alyssa 5 yr ago x
Hi I was wondering what your pricing is for all the different cats is. Im looking into getting a big cat but havent decided which will be best for me yet.
Jay 5 yr ago x
Out of all these cats which are the easiest to handle with the best tempers , and which cat is the smallest out of the cats ? I'm from California, so I know our laws are strict , but what would I got to do to own a exotic cat ? What license or permits would I need to have, and where can I take the test, I love animals so any information would be greatly appreciated thanks - Jay
Nsunam 5 yr ago x
Hello,we have caracal and serval kitten available for sale to any interested person can contact us via *** for more info,detils and pictures..regards

Patti 4 yr ago x
I am interested in getting a Caracal, Ocelot, or Savannah kitten. I live in southwest Arizona and have a small ranch. Do you have a list of breeders in my area? I live about an hour frrom Tuscon, AZ
Dara Bauer 4 yr ago x
I would truly love to have a caracal cat join my life. They are so precious and beautiful. I cannot imagine my life without this amazing creature.
naim 4 yr ago x
how much the price for adult female caracal..tq
Wild animals  4 yr ago x
How can you honestly sell these beautiful animals that are not yours to sell? People will buy them and not understand what they are really getting, then when they are too large get rid of them where they will be sold to hunting farms. You cannot socialize a wild animal. How cruel to to cage a these creatures in an unnatural environment. I pray you lose your license.
Gwen 4 yr ago x
Price ? For oscelot kitten
Brandy 4 yr ago x
Please email the price list for an Ocelot kitten
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