We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Anastasiya 9 yr ago x
Hello, we would like to buy ocelot kitten. If y have some. Please write.
wildstreak savannahs 9 yr ago x
These ad is for scammers. Do not send them any money by western union. If they cannot take paypal or a bank transfer then you know they are just taking your money and running. They do not have these kittens!!! dont be gullible !
Emily 9 yr ago x
Hi, just wondering what your price is for an ocelot kitten?
Leslie S 9 yr ago x
can u send me a pic of an ocelot and the cost, my dad is wanting one and i am trying to get info for him thank you and have a blessed day
kitten 9 yr ago x
I am interested in finding out more about your Ocelot kittens. Price,age,sex,ect. Thank you for your time
Exotics 9 yr ago x
Watch out for the scams who have Servals, Ocelots, and Caracals for sale. If its too good to be true....then it really is!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are smart and are VERY CONFINCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joe 9 yr ago x
i'm interested in a caracal kitten.. do u have any and if so how old and how much?
Annie 9 yr ago x
Please provide me with some pricing on the ocelot kitten.

Jamie 9 yr ago x
Do you have any caracal kittens. If so can you email me
Will 9 yr ago x
Do you have any caracal kittens available and if not, when do you expect the next litter?? Thank you for your time
Eser 9 yr ago x
Hi, I am very interested in Caracal kittens, pls send info by e mail
cj 9 yr ago x
I would very much appreciate if you could send me information on the Ocelot, and Caracal kittens. How much are you asking, thank you.
cassedy 9 yr ago x
I want to buy a caracal. I live in the US. please let me know the price and any information, thanks.
Mark 8 yr ago x
I am interested in purchasing an Ocelot cub. Do you have any information? What are the prices?
tech53 8 yr ago x
Hi, if I were to take a caracal or serval on a 2 or 3 mile walk every day would an apartment be appropriate living space?
gretchen  8 yr ago x
i was wondering if you still had a serval or ocelot avaliable or are expecting any
Ryan 8 yr ago x
Hi, would you give me a quote for each type of cat?
Sarah  8 yr ago x
i would like to buy an female ocelot kitten! i have looked everywhere! 8 yr ago x
I'm surprised by how many people are look for Exotic cats. If you can go and pick-up the cat yourself it's a fake ad. Talk to them, ask if you can go see the kittens before you send any money. We have been selling Servals for years you need to know your breeder!
Mark 8 yr ago x
No Ocelots? Which cat gets larger Caracals or Servals? Who can I call about any three of these cats?
emily  8 yr ago x
i would like to know how much a ocelot kitten would cost ... thank you
Denise Brown 8 yr ago x
Im interested in a serval kitten! I had a roommate who had one & got very attached & now that Im in my own home I must have one of my own! plz may I get some info thxs, Denise
 8 yr ago x
I would like to know about your ocelot kittens. What is the cost. Im concerned about genetics and inbreeding. How do you keep your genes pure. When will your next litter be aval. Im interested in a girl. How many pounds do they get? Thank you for ou time. Justin
anna 8 yr ago x
hi im interested in caracals or oselots kittem,how much the cost for female? thanks (can u send to dubai)
amber 8 yr ago x
Hi, I am wondering what your price is for your kittens, and where your located at. thank you.
mike 8 yr ago x
How much for a ocelot kitten
brad ayres 8 yr ago x
what is your contact info im interested in purchasing
christina 8 yr ago x
i would like to purchase a kitten from you please contac tme
mike 8 yr ago x
Do you have any ocelot kittens and how do i go about buying one please contact me asap

thank and have a nice day
Rog 8 yr ago x
My wife and I have decided to get a new kitten, the problem is we are not sure which one to choose. can you send me a little information to better help make our decision? Also it might help if you could let us know what you have available right now. Thank you for your time.
Roger Kenney
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