We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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nick 10 yr ago x
hi i am very interested in an ocelot. if you could get back to me with more information cost i would appreciate it thank you
Caroline McGregor 10 yr ago x
I found your web page and wondered if you could let me know what kittens you have left, they are all gorgeous. Also what price you are asking. Look forward to your reply
Robin 10 yr ago x
Please contact me, I am very interested in either Caracal, Serval, and Ocelot kittens for sale. I live in California, are they legal? What is their care? Please contact ASAP.
Thank you so much,
Doug 10 yr ago x
This ad is a fraud.
david shapiro 10 yr ago x
Do you still have ocelots for sale? If so I would greatly appreciate some information on them, i.e. male /female, ages, ect.
James 10 yr ago x

Would you give me information on the ages and prices of your ocelots?
robert stahl 10 yr ago x
im interested in purchasing a serval or ocelot kitten. if you could get back to me with more information about cost, health, living and pictures that would be fantastic. thank you
shelby 10 yr ago x
hi. please send me your caracal price. it will be appreciated
Megan 10 yr ago x
very intrested in pricing on ocelot kittens. please get back to me at your earliest convience. Thank you!!!
garret rodriguez 10 yr ago x
how much are ocelot or bob cat kittens goig for ?
Karol 10 yr ago x
Please get back with me regarding you serval and ocelot kittens. I would like one of each.
Tiffany 10 yr ago x
Im very interested in one of your cats.Please leave a reply on your prices and availability.Thank you:-)
Mike 10 yr ago x
I am interested in a male or caracal kitten?
Casey Smith 10 yr ago x
hi, my name is casey... i once owned a siamese ocelot cat, and it was the largest and smartest can i have ever encountered... i loved it and it lived to age 13 where it tragically contracted (as the vet put it) cat aids and i had to have her put down... it broke my heart, but since then i have owned a variety of animals from dogs to rodents, fish, birds, and other cats but none of them could compaire to that first one... i have the money for the kittens (bobcat and ocelot) ... please contact me wither by phone or by email, and please send me some pictures (i would prefer a female, but if males are all you have and if you must or if you already have fixing "it" would be no problem... but i do sort of want some kittens at one point and time... but really all i want is the cat.)
thank you for your time...
*** please contact me...
glenn and delena Oldfield 10 yr ago x
We are interested in your cats caould you give us a call *** or send us your number. We are the owners of Northern Canadian Wildlife. Thank You
Danielle 10 yr ago x
I am looking at buyin an ocelot kitten Im looking for a male kitten and Would need it to be shipped to Golden B.C Canada.Please if you can provide sevice to me e-mail me
Michelle Rich 10 yr ago x
please send me a link to your website as i'd like to take a look at what you have to offer in regards to your cats, im interested in all of the above, just for a pet can be spayed and not looking for a kitten but would still like to see pics.thanx in advance,Michelle please include prices
cj beadleson 10 yr ago x
please send me a list of the kittens you have and age plus costand where they are legal to own thanks Cindie
Kay 10 yr ago x
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a caracal and an ocelot. I've raised many species of exotics for many years. Please let me know any more info and prices asap.
Where are you located?

Thank you'
vince morton 10 yr ago x
I,m looking for A ocelot or bobcat. can I get pricing please? thank you.
Christina and Joe 10 yr ago x
My husband and I would be very interested in purchasing a kitten. If you could please email us a time and date we could come by that would be amazing as well as information about prices. Thank you.
mike lerner 10 yr ago x
lots of pricing questions!!! ocelot and bobcat kittens please
Cory 10 yr ago x
I am interested in an Ocelot kitten. What is your price?
Trent 10 yr ago x
I was wondering about the price of your Serval kittens. Thank You.
ciara gordon 10 yr ago x
plz email me id like to nagotiate a price for the ocelot plz plz plz plz plz plz pplz plz plz plz plz sell it to me my highest price would be 90 dollars no higher (im 12 if ur wondering that is y i can only afford 90 dollars)
M. O'Connor 10 yr ago x
Hi, I'm looking for a high percentage bobcat kitten. The one I have is ten and getting very old. I love him dearly. I want a very wild looking one with the thumb prints on the ears.(the white markings) Also a nicely spotted coat. Please tell me what you have and what they run.
Kevin Wilson 10 yr ago x
Hello, I am very interested in purchasing a caracal. Do you have any availiable litters at this time? Thanks!
Annamarie Allnutt 10 yr ago x
I would like to know the price on the ocelot kittens thank you
Elia 10 yr ago x
Anyone interested in owning an ocelot should know that they will "mark" everything they are near with urine. Their urine is especially bad smelling (think skunk plus boiled cabbage plus sewer) and will not ever come out of anything. Carpet, walls, wood, anything... Just be aware before you purchase one so you will be able to give your pet the proper housing environment and care it needs and deserves.
Madison 10 yr ago x
I am almost out of veterinary school and I've been saving up for a little ocelot kitten. I'm very much interested in your prices and such. I've done a lot of research and feel I am ready. I currently have a bengal cat named Rez and i'm ready for another cat. I will be looking forward to your email.
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