We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Morrie 8 yr ago x
Do you have a Caracal for sal now? If so, what is the asking price?
Thank you.
joey 8 yr ago x
i was wondering how much you charge for caracal and serval kittens. and i would like information concerning the care of these cats
Megn 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in a serval. How much and where are you located?
Rachael 8 yr ago x
Hello! My name is Rachael and I live in Renton, Washington, USA. I am very interested in finding a new member of my family, an Ocelot kitten! I saw your ad and would like more information about your cattery. Do you have a website I can look at?

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

Leslie 8 yr ago x
hi we live in SA on a nature reserve.We are interested in purchasing a caracal.
Could you please let us have more info on the living with one and the does and donts
xsavier 8 yr ago x
hello, i am interested in a ocelot, i don't care when but i would like to have one some time this year. please email me a price i need to know how much they will cost.
sam 8 yr ago x
is selling wild cat kittens elegal in america
Sonja 8 yr ago x
Hi I'm from the uk I'm very interest in buying a serval cube could you give me a price? Please regards Sonja
Catman 8 yr ago x
We have a Serval cub ready for it new home in 2 weeks or so. Canada only We are the only source for Servals in Canada and we exist. Contact us at PurrFoundCat at
Santa 8 yr ago x
How much?.....I'll take it!
John 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in a Serval kitten. Please can you contact me regarding price. Thanks
Jamison  8 yr ago x
Hi, I'm looking for a nice protective Carcal. I would love it to be a kitten. Thankyou and have a good day.
Christiaan 8 yr ago x
Looking to buy serval kittens.
Please let me know whether you have some available and at what price?


Cliff Pahl 8 yr ago x
Hey im interested in a caracal kit if possible email me back!
dustin 8 yr ago x
i am also interested in the kittens. i would like to know the prices of each cat.
Catman 8 yr ago x
People keep emailing this ad. It is a SCAM ! We are the only Serval breeder in Canada, please email me at purrfoundcats @ (remove the spaces)
Melissa 8 yr ago x
Very interested in adopting a Ocelot kitten. I would appreciate an email from someone.
Thank you
Marissa 8 yr ago x
Hi i was wondering about your bobcat kittens. If you have any left and the price. Also, if you have any older ones for sale. Thank you!
Ann 8 yr ago x
I am interested in buying an Ocelot, do you have kittens and if you do how much are they? Thanks,
Jess 8 yr ago x
Hi, I'm interested in a Caracal, how much are you selling them for?
Kay 8 yr ago x
I would like to know, what the individual asking prices for each kittens is. I always wanted an exotic cat and still do! Looking forward to your response thanks!
moilolyta 8 yr ago x
I'm interested if you have kittens puppies serval ,caracal, bobcat or ocelot?Please contact me by e-mail.Thank you
Brendon Sherwood 8 yr ago x
Im interested in getting a kitten could you please email me asap :)
wildstreak savannahs 8 yr ago x
NO NO NO>> These are scammers ! They do not have these cats. Do not send money to them.. or anyone by western union ! IF they cannot accept paypal then they are scamming you .
erica 8 yr ago x
I am interested in buying a ocelot. could you please give me the price range
christy 8 yr ago x
Hello i would like to know the cheapest price you have on an ocelot kitten please I would truely appreciate your efforts
Cameron 8 yr ago x
I would love to buy a caracal or serval, I live in Texas and it is legal to own either
Christopher 8 yr ago x
I am interested in a Caracal Cat. Please send me info on prices. I live in San Diego, Ca.
janine 8 yr ago x
I live in south africa and i am interested in buying a ocelot kitten please contact me
rob 8 yr ago x
advise on where to buy my serval. i have seen websites charging 400 to 4000. ive been researching for the past year and it will be another year before i can get one, ( depending on the cost). i have a back patio that is going to be enclosed that is 30ft long, 15ft, wide and 15ft wide. is that enugh room for an out side play area?
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