We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Tosha 9 yr ago x
Could you please send me some information on your ocelots. I'm looking to buy one. Thanks! :)
Matt 9 yr ago x
Hi, I'd like more information on your Serval kittens... thanks in advance!

sienna 9 yr ago x
I would like to know how much you are selling the ocelot kittens for.
shawna 9 yr ago x
amir 9 yr ago x
hi iam intereted in inquiring abt caracal kittens . i already have 2 jungle cats .can u plse email me at above mentioned address. thanks

tonya 9 yr ago x
need more info
Tennery 9 yr ago x
Hello. I am very interested in getting more information about your caracal kittens. How much do they cost?
Lisa Herron 9 yr ago x
I am very interested in owning an ocelot kitten. I have been fascinated in these cats for years. I would much appreciate if you could send me more information on your ocelots and prices. Thank you.
Joe 9 yr ago x
Price? location and availability?
Miriam 9 yr ago x
looking for serval or caracal. Need prices and loc. in florida.
Sir Ocelot 9 yr ago x
Why do you offer to sell these kittens to people who can't take care of them properly? They're not housecats.
Andrew 9 yr ago x
Hi there I am interested in a Caracal if you have any available please give me a E-mail.
SaraGol Rakospi 9 yr ago x
i want to know how much for the caracal and if its still available ... plz contact
lori hart 9 yr ago x
i have been wanting an ocelot for years! i am also interested in servals. please respond with some info on how i can purchase one! thanks!
vivian keathley 9 yr ago x
how much is the caracal kitten?
Jake 9 yr ago x
how much would one male ocelot kitten run me? thanks!
Sarah 9 yr ago x
I am looking for a male Ocelot kitten. I would like to get it around September through January time period. I live in New York and would like to make the drive to get the animal. So as long as it's on the east coast. If anyone has a litter coming please let me know. Thank you!
carla 9 yr ago x
Do You have any more Ocelots left if so How much are they? Also can I see more pictures?

Thank you, Carla
arnold 9 yr ago x
am interested in purchasing a kitten....any information would be greatly appreciated,,,, thanks.... arnold
giorgi 9 yr ago x
hi i live in tbilisi georgia,i wont to heve serval little kitten or caracal wich is best for home. is it posibul to shipping in tbilisi?
Chris 9 yr ago x
Hi my name is Chris, and i would be interested in purchasing one of your exotic kittens, i am mainly interested in the serval or caracal am willing to pay good money but not a stupid amount have had big cats in the past please get back, or if anyone else knows where i can get one from please let me know
Sarah 9 yr ago x
I am very interested in purchasing a male Ocelot kitten. I live in New York and would like to pick up the animal (just personal preference). I would love to be able to get the kitten within the next couple of months. Please, if anyone has any information or is breeding any and are on the eastcoast, please contact me.
Jack  9 yr ago x
I'm interested in either the Caracal or Ocelot kitten! Please contact me, i would love some more information.
Ruthy 9 yr ago x
how much do these cats cost, and how friendly are the Ocelots? Are the Ocelots any different from Cats? Could you please let me know more on These Ocelots if you have the time. Thanks.
kendall 9 yr ago x
would love to learn more about your caracals.

Sarah 9 yr ago x
Would like to purchase a caracal. How much? Do you ship? Please contact me asap!!
Aussie 9 yr ago x
I am interested in knowing prices of the servals you have available and if you have any available at the present time.

Thank You!
Peggy 9 yr ago x
im just curious in care and the difficulty of care for a caracal?
anita 9 yr ago x
I am interested in ocelot. I have run across many fake ads. If you do have these avail please email me
cassie 9 yr ago x
im looking for an ocelot or serval kitten. if you have any available would you please email me.
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