We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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marilyn  7 yr ago x
we have brand new serval babies born June 8 2012.
Contact us via facebook highpriest servals or google search us.
We are in canada in BC and are legal serval breeders not scammers. See your kitten in person ! $6k

Amber 7 yr ago x
I am very intrested in getting an ocelot kitten. I would very much appreciate some information on price and your location. Look forward to heiring from you, Amber
Catman 7 yr ago x
I don't know what the previous kitten is but this is a Pic of a Serval Cub 16 days old. You decide?? Look back in the previous ads if you want a legit breeder.

Wasif Khan 7 yr ago x
please tell me the price of Serval kitten & caracal kitten please please
Amber 7 yr ago x
Would really like some info on the ocelot kittens and there price? Also where you are located?
Wasif Khan 7 yr ago x
Clouded Leopard is most beautiful animals
Frisco Johnny 7 yr ago x
I have always wanted to own an
ocelot,ever since I petted one when I was 10 yrs. old. I would like info on price & availability. I have been raising wild animals all my life,from gophers to opossums,etc. Please respond!!!
Highpriest Servals 7 yr ago x
Have one serval cub available at the moment. Follow us on Facebook Highpriest Servals
Wendy 7 yr ago x
goeie dag wil weet of het jul noj baba's en sal baie wardeer word as jul my kan terug email op al jul diere se pryse
Amber 7 yr ago x
Hello, I have posted several times now. Still waiting for some information on ocelot kittens. Do you know of any for sale? I would appreciate if some one could get some information to me? Thank you
amy 7 yr ago x
I am interested in an ocelot. If you could please get back to me on costs I would appreciate it.
setsuna 7 yr ago x
hello i am very interested in owning a caracal and i would like more information on the cost and availability!
angelakoko 7 yr ago x
hi I am interested in a caracal kitten.
How much does a caracal ?
Can you send me more info please?
thank you
Tasha 7 yr ago x
I would like to talk to someone about bringing a kitten into our home.
Jason 7 yr ago x
I would be interested in a Caracal kitten in the 1st half of 2013. Do you have any information on availability and pricing? Thx, Jason
Darius 7 yr ago x
Hello, I am interested in a caracal and serval kitten.
How much does a caracal and serval?
Can you send me more info please?
Thank you
Mark 7 yr ago x
Hi do you have any caracal kittens, also how much are they?

Thank you, Mark Lynch
Bob 7 yr ago x
I am interested in buying a Ocelot kitten (male), Please reply with availability and location. I am located in Hammond Louisiana. Thanks, Bob
Nicole 7 yr ago x
I am interested on an ocelot.
If you are still in access to these cats could you please fwd me as much info as possible?
Thank you
Doug 7 yr ago x
I am curious about breeding Caracal's with my Highland Lynx, I may be interested in purchasing a kitten from you.
Serval breeder in Canada 7 yr ago x
Do you have any servals available I'd like a different bloodline and also before saying your the only serval breeder in Canada or bc you should look into it cause I guarantee I've been doing it longer then you email me
Buck D. 7 yr ago x
Interested in aquiring female serval cat please contact by phone or email. Thank you. Buck D.
Charlie 6 yr ago x
Looking for an ocelot kitten. Do you know where I can get one? Or talk to someone who can answer all of my questions I have about them? I'm in love with this one I saw that said it was for sale, but can't seem to find out where she comes from .

Linda Kearney 6 yr ago x
Pricing please on Caracal and Ocelot. What time of year do you have litters for a sale? We are in Va with a one acre lot. Can they be kept indoors with playing outdoors? Thank you for your time.
Keta 6 yr ago x
Hello! I am interested in a caracal kitten. Can you please give me some more information?
Thank you!
rise 6 yr ago x
I would like to get amale caracal kitten
Brad 6 yr ago x
Give me a Caracal, dey r sooo cute
Johnathon 6 yr ago x
Jon Olea 6 yr ago x
Hola estoy interesado.
Me gustaria tener mas informacion, como fotos, el precio de cada uno, etc.

Dina Ortiz 6 yr ago x
Interested in Serval or Ocelot kitten. Please send me the cost, application or anything else I need to do to get one. Would like to contact you as soon as possible. Thank you
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