We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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zac 8 yr ago x
Hello i was wondering the price on a male caracal
sammy 8 yr ago x
i am very interested in gettin one as a pet...preferabally one that looks as close to an ocelot as possible..i would like to see pictures of the parents as well..also this would be a future purchase..for next year hopefully march or april....if you can please get back to me with further information ..thank you
Roman Kirpichkin 8 yr ago x
How much is baby caracal cost?
sammy 8 yr ago x
i would like a ocelot but i know they are illegal because they are if you could send me info and the serval cat..thank you
amy 8 yr ago x
i am looking to purchase a young as possible,female caracal.ive studied our laws and we have clearance hoping for something within 2-2 and a half mos.could i see phots of your babies and get a price range~thank you!! ~what is your location?
AMY 8 yr ago x
AMY 8 yr ago x
female caracal kitten

looking to purchase a very young as possible female caracal kitten within the next couple months.could i see photos,get a price and a location and what you have available or will have in the very near future.thank you!! amy
gina 8 yr ago x
I am very interested in a ocelot kitten my 12 year old cat just passed on this week and I would like to know what ur asking for a. Kitten I am also interested in a serval kitten I live in the country and have space for either and a large home please get back with me thanks
makayla 8 yr ago x
I Am Very very Intrested In Your Ocelet
Liezl 8 yr ago x
Looking for caracal and serval babies?
Victoria 8 yr ago x
Hi, Im looking forward to by one of the exotic cubs you have listed for sale. Just if it is possible to get a quote for price from you and where is your location?
PurrFound 8 yr ago x
This is a Scam is the only place in Canada that has Serval Cubs. For sale email Doug
Casey Riley 8 yr ago x
Could you please email me prices on all of your kittens. Im mostly interested in a ocelot but am open to any others as well. Thank you
dee 8 yr ago x

Just wondering how much all your kittens are? im very keen on getting one.

kk 8 yr ago x
i would like to know how much is the spotted kitten?
:-) 8 yr ago x

Just wondering how much all your kittens are?
Dee 8 yr ago x
Very interested, what number can i call????? i want to buy a kitten off you please!
AMY 8 yr ago x
It appears this is a scam-im not trying to be rude but look at all these inquiries and not one reply-if it was legitimate then why are we not personally emailing you and receiving a reply back? Ive seen all these photos all over the internet-all w/different addresses and contact info-explain that? I want to see photos f the cat im going to possibly be purchasing-not a bunch of random photos from google images! This looks fishy-but im looking for the youngest possible female caracal kitten-there is no effective law against ownership of such cat in my state-hope to hear something back right awat-from an american address w/current photos!
Sonny 8 yr ago x
ocelot or bobcat kittens

I'm very seriously interested in purchasing a kitten in the next month. Please let know what's available
Cheyenne 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in purchasing a kitten either a caracal or serval could you please send me some information. I would prefer a female. Thanks.
Porter 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in obtaining one of these exotic cats, if you would please write back with prices and availability of your current cats.
Seanna Sharpe 8 yr ago x
Hi there,

I am writing from the city, where i live in a huge and beautiful waterfront loft above the Brooklyn Bridge Park. My boyfriend and I are looking at the possibility of bringing home a caracal kitten for christmas - I've wanted the former for almost ten years, but only now feel like I'm in a stable enough place to make the commitment, and the latter captured the eye of my sweetheart immediately.

When is your next litter of kittens due, and / or do you have any currently available? I would like a female Caracal, although I am also open to an Ocelot.

Thanks so much!

Seanna Sharpe
gratefulhome 8 yr ago x
Very interested please call *** ready to buy. Thanks
Keith 8 yr ago x
I am very interested in your caracal kittens, could you send me info on availability, age sold at, cost, temperment, do they make good pets, do they like to be petted, what do u feed them?
Thank you, look forward to your reply
Sarah 8 yr ago x
I am interested in purchasing a Caracal kitten. Please email me with cost and location information.
Thank you
itai 8 yr ago x
i am interested in purchasihg a caracal or ocelot kitten . please send me information .
thank you .
catherine 8 yr ago x
i would like to know how much do they cost? (caracal and savannah) and where are you located? send me more information please ! thank you.
shane 8 yr ago x
i have had a savannah male in the past and did fine with him .he passed about 1 yr ago. looking to get a bigger cat looking at caracal and ocelot. what are the prices. and avaibility.
misskatika 8 yr ago x
Wanting to know if you still have any Serval kittens left? How much and where are you located at? Thank You, Linda
ashley.davis 8 yr ago x
These are absolutely beautiful animals. How much are each breed?
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