We have beautiful kittens available both Serval and Caracal

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Pieter 8 yr ago x
I would like to to know the prices of your kittens and what do you have avalible?

marco 8 yr ago x
Salve sarei interessato ad un cucciolo/a qualora fosse ancora disponibile,a quale prezzo sarebbe disposto/a a cederlo/a?saluti grazie.
michael 8 yr ago x
hi i am very interested int he serval i really would like to have a female and i need to know the price!!! i love cats very very much i am a very huge cat lover!!
liv 8 yr ago x
Nicole 8 yr ago x
I found this site via google.
I am wondering how much these kittens would cost and how much to take care of. And by the way, how do they go with other domesticated cats? I've got two.
Please reply!!!!!
Dae 8 yr ago x
Iam very interested in one ocelot kitten how do I go about setting up something
Jim 8 yr ago x
What is the availability and price of a Carcal cat?
Renee 8 yr ago x
I am very much interested in adopting a Caracal Kitten, but I would like to know what the responsibilities are and what I would have to know if I were to have one. Also, what is the price range? I have no children but have always wanted an exotic pet and since I am a HUGE fan of big cats this would be the closest I can get. Please send me either information or a link where it will show me all things to consider for owner looking to have a Caracal cat. Thank you.
ksettle 8 yr ago x
Please send information about your kittens, including prices. I am still in the research phase, but I think I am leaning towards caracal. Thank you!
Emily 8 yr ago x
Im interested in your Ocelot or Serval kittens. How much do they run for? I have learned a lot about them. Please email me your prices. Thank you
Gary 8 yr ago x
Im very interested in your Bobcats, please email me back, Thanks.
AJ 8 yr ago x
Please e-mail me where you are located (approximately) and the price of serval and caracal kittens, I have researched both, and though I am more interested in the Caracal, I've heard it may be better for me to start with a Serval until I am more experienced. I have had cats, dogs, a ferret, as well as other pets, and am more than willing to continue my research and do whatever it takes to keep an exotic kitten/cat healthy, happy, interested, fulfilled etc. I am looking forward to this new challenge! And it is legal in my area to own them privately. :-)
tcg 8 yr ago x
i'm interested in ur ocelot kittens. how much r they and where r u located?
Sam 8 yr ago x
Serval Kitten F1

Dear Sir/Madam,
May I know how much is the price? Can it be delivered to Malaysia? Pls let me know ASAP!


Leonardo 8 yr ago x

Do you ever answer any of these inquiries? Are you for real?
jose 8 yr ago x
send me your email address for pictures and details.
Vasily 8 yr ago x
Are there any caracals still available? And how is the delivery done? Thanks
Erica 8 yr ago x
Are there any carcal kittens available?
andre 8 yr ago x
how much is the serval or caracal male kitten?
wildstreak savannahs 8 yr ago x
PEOPLE PEOPLE>> This is a scam !!!! Do not send money to these people !!!
Jack van Rooyen 8 yr ago x
Please let me know how often do you have caracal kittens and how much are they?
Randy Kiser 8 yr ago x
Very interested in a ocelot. Thank You
Renee 8 yr ago x
I'd like to know how much the ocelots go for
Angela 8 yr ago x
could you email me about your kittens you have available? Thanks!
Coral 8 yr ago x
What available kittens do you have? Email me if you could. Thankyou!
valme 8 yr ago x
Hi there.
Can you please forward me your address as i would like to come and see what kittens you have available. Thanks
liuba 8 yr ago x
Please can you forward your address, i would like to come and see what kittens you have available..thank you
Amber 8 yr ago x
I am insterested in finding out more about your kittens. Can you send me pictures of current or past pictures of all breeds? My favorites are the Caracal, Serval, Ocelot, and Bobcat. We have owned a part Highland Linx before, but we are more interested in the really thing. Also, if you can add in the pricing of each, it would be greatly appreciated.
Jess 8 yr ago x
please email me about your available cats. i'm very interested. thanks
Amber 8 yr ago x
I inquired about your kittens, but have not recieved a reply-please email or call me. I would like to know more about what you have available.
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