sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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taytay 9 yr ago x
I WANT A BABY MONKEY, im only 14 yrs old and my mommay died and she always wanted a monkey, she left us with my other 5 sissters, she loved animals! please we really want a monkey!!
Diane 9 yr ago x
I am looking for a baby girl. I live in a huge house and do not need to work. I have lots of time and love to give. Please advise me if you still do adoptions. Thank you so much!
tommy 9 yr ago x
do you still have any?
how much do you want for them?
tommy 9 yr ago x
do you stil have any monkeys
Jeremy  9 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a monkey and so would my roomates and family!!! If you have a monkey available please email me. Thank you so very much.
lena 9 yr ago x
how much are the babys ?
pink monkey 9 yr ago x
still available lil monks in need of lots of luv
pink monkey 9 yr ago x
any lil monks still in need of lots of luv & a home
pink monkey 9 yr ago x
any lil monks in need of lots of luv ?
cullen 9 yr ago x
i love monkeys could i adopt one.
Stumpy 9 yr ago x
sharia, & Jessica,

Well it has been 3 years ago since your first ads and infront of me your last question is 2 years ago. Have you got any in the UK that you are still giving away as I am looking for a female baby spider monkey please and if you have one or one due could you please let me know that you are in the uk and I will then arrange t come and take a look. No money will change hands . I have been scammed once so please don't think I am saying you are the same but I am being cautious. I look forward to hearing from you today date is tuesday 4th Sept 2012 and I look forward to hearing from you earlier please than 3 years from now. Many thanks
monkey 9 yr ago x
what scam is this
Frank 9 yr ago x
I would like more information about the monkeys please contact me anytime
Kait 9 yr ago x
I would be very interested in a baby spider monkey, I don't know if this is just a really old post but if you have anymore information I'd love to email you guys!
taren 9 yr ago x
I am definitely interested in a baby spider monkey my mom has always wanted one and it would brighten her life. How much are they and where are you located?
jp 9 yr ago x
Can you send one to Whitmire south Carolina
brittney 9 yr ago x
how much is she ? i will give you about 100-250 ! please respond back !
austin 9 yr ago x
with all my huge heart i want my kids to have that spider monkey pls contact me :) thanks
austin 9 yr ago x
send it to andover illinios
benika 9 yr ago x
Hello my daughter has been wanting a monkey the family would luv a baby...... thx so very much!
crystal 9 yr ago x
Do u still have any spider monkeys for adoption
mark 9 yr ago x
Yes I want to know if y'all stil have spider monkeys I been wanting one for a long time and just couldn't find one thank u
Rebecca  9 yr ago x
I would love to have a baby monkey to love on please contact me if u still have one?
taren 9 yr ago x
Please please let me adopt this monkey my mom would be so happy
jake 9 yr ago x
Me and my wife would love a baby monkey please contact with more info
jackie 9 yr ago x
Hello plz contact me if you still have a baby boy monkey im very passionate about my family and pets, he would be going to a forever loving home where he would be one of the family.
Monkey man 9 yr ago x
Is the monkey still for sale
kenny 9 yr ago x
how much r they hi my family and i woud like 2 buy 1
kim 9 yr ago x
Hello. I don't know if your monkey is still available. In case it is I just want to tell you a lil about me. I am truly an animal lover. I love my husband and children but I've always had a deep love for animals!!! I'm a nurse by trade but so much prefer to be taking care of animals. Monkeys are adorable. Let me know if its still available. Thank you, Kimberly
Dawn Pope 9 yr ago x
me and my daughters are really looking to adopt a baby spider monkey i don't know if you get this but if you do please email me and let me know if you still have these sweet baby monkeys
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