sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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Tracy Burns 9 yr ago x
I am looking to adopt a baby money or one in need of a good loving forever home please contact me as soon as possible and let me know if they are still available and we can discuss arrangements to get them here safely! contact me by phone or email 440-321-7521 Thank You and God Bless
Katie 9 yr ago x
Do you have any spider monkeys to sell under 1000 dollars?
Manny 9 yr ago x
We are a family of 5 going on six and we would love to have a monkey join our family with 3 daughters and 1 son on way I think we can raise a monkey like one of our own thank u
Britney 9 yr ago x
We won't it if u give us information we can get ahold of u
Vanessa 9 yr ago x
I have looked for information on how to adopt a baby monkey, but have not been successful. My husband and I have always loved monkeys. We have two daughters and a pet rat. :). If you have a baby capuchin or spider monkey for sale or adoption. Please send me your information. We will come to you. Thank you.
melissa 9 yr ago x
iv always wanted a small baby spider monkey if anyone has one forsale please contact me
Reese 9 yr ago x
How much for your spider monkey?
monkey 9 yr ago x
do u still have any monkeys
Gina 9 yr ago x
Your baby monkeys are so adorable. Would like to know how to go about adopting one.
diane 9 yr ago x
Hi I am very interested in having a pet monkey always have wanted one. Do u still have one plz get back with me for I have always wanted one since I was a child n im now in my forties n would luv the chance to have one
oksana 9 yr ago x
i have always wanted to have a baby monkey it would be the perfect addition to my family plese reply and let me know what i need to do to be able to add a baby monkey into my family.
trucker 9 yr ago x
when can i get it
mark 9 yr ago x
do you still have them
megan 9 yr ago x
I would like to adopt this monkey please contact me in my email and ill give u my number
james 9 yr ago x
I would very much love to adopt one of your spider monkeys please contact me asap thank you! We are a big loving family for one. So please call thank you!!!
cait 9 yr ago x
i will buy it if it dont throw poop
iarod 9 yr ago x
My boyfriend and i are looking for a spider monkey. We are true animal lovers. My boyfriend has been wanting a spider monkey. don't have much money but i really wanted to get him one for his birthday. We would soooo be blessed to have a spider monkey
lena 9 yr ago x
hoe much and do you still have some
Lotus 9 yr ago x
Can I have your number so I can call you and how much is the monkey because I am willing to pay 100or 250
laura 9 yr ago x
would you let me know if you have anymore to adopt? how much and all the info you could send me please.
Dusten 9 yr ago x
I was just checking to c if u still had the baby monkeys if so please contact me with information on how I may get one my wife has wanted one for a long time but I have not been able to find one for a reasonable price ( I know they are expensive lol ) thank you for your time
john 9 yr ago x
are this babies still available ?

bobbie 9 yr ago x
Do u have any left me and my husband love animals and I have always wanted a baby monkey if you have any please get in touch with me thank u
bobbie 9 yr ago x
Is she free I want her is she good with kids we have a year old son and a two year old daughter we r big animal lovers
nicole  9 yr ago x
im interested in a spider monkey how much would she cost
SuperP 9 yr ago x
Please contact me about adopting one of your spider monkeys.
Rene 9 yr ago x
How much do you want for it.Because i want it for my daughter.So please contact me.Thank you
Helena 8 yr ago x
Do u have any monkeys for adoption? I love them:)
marsha 8 yr ago x
Do you still have the baby monkey if so how much are they I would really love to have one and what all do you need to know about careing for them I want to make sure I can get any thing that,they my need and how to take great care for them but I would love to have one
Ashley31194 8 yr ago x
Do you still have them for adoption if so how much
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