sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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 13 yr ago x
i am very interested in owning a monkey. i love animals so much, i would like to know how much you want for one
 13 yr ago x
We are true animal lovers. We are very interested in a monkey. Please send more information
Jessi 13 yr ago x
Please email me the details of any baby spidermonkeys avalible!!Or any other "goodpet breeds" I'm interested and have been since childhood!!!!
christi 13 yr ago x
wondering if you still have baby much are you asking for them? would love to be able to have a female..i worked with monkeys for a while so i do understand that they are just like a kid and always in need..plz email me back with any info
angelique  13 yr ago x
i will love to know how much is a baby monkey because my mom always wanted one and im trying to buy one for her please e-mail me back with any into thank you...
Dusk 13 yr ago x
hi i would love to adopt your baby spider monkey how much do you want for one of them?? please email me pictures of them along with the cost
nikki 13 yr ago x
i would just like to know more about your monkey you are tryin to sale. my daughter has always wanted a pet monkey and i would like to get it for her for her birthday
pam 13 yr ago x
do you have any babies for sell if you do how much are they and how old
ruben 13 yr ago x
i really want a baby monkey plz contact me plz
DEB 13 yr ago x
How much are your baby monkys
alecia 13 yr ago x
I am looking for a baby monkey for my 2 daughters and was wondering if you still had any and what are you asking for them. Thank you and hope to hear back from you.
Amy 13 yr ago x
How much are you asking for it?
marisol 13 yr ago x
we want 2 monkeys 4 our large family slash zoo we are willing 2 pay 4 them and treat them like kids please contact me and let me know what 2 do
Tammy 13 yr ago x
My husband and I are looking for a baby monkey.I'm a stay at home mom,kids are grown so he or she would have all of my undivided attention.please contact me if you still have the babies or let me know how to find one thanks
marry k 13 yr ago x
how much are you sell the monkey and i live in Dallas TX is that okay
Stacey  13 yr ago x
Please contact me regarding adoption
travis 13 yr ago x
Hi I'm very intrested in the monkey I was wondering how much they are
stacy 13 yr ago x
I have wanted a spider monkey ever since I saw one... if u have any info on how I could get one please let me know...
lookingforamonkey  13 yr ago x
is this monkey still available? i live in san diego
how much are u asking for theses amazing babies?
Thank you
faithers 13 yr ago x
How much is that monkey by sharia? ( if ur selling it or having selled it yet) olz get back with me
john doe 13 yr ago x
if you are asking about the two spider monkeys; make sure you google that sharia gustus and lidia mum...same person perhaps...both at this may be scam because same ads/same monkey names and same pics...hum-says they are free but before the monkeys can be shipped they start asking for money. TOOOOOO BAD Did't get any money from this least not from us
t-ma 13 yr ago x
whats the price of the monkey your selling it was my one wish to always have one plaese let me know the price thankyou
Debbie 13 yr ago x
We live not far from Deltona or north of Orlando, would like to see spider monkey if small size to consider to adopt if free. We stay home on SDI as deaf parents with two hearing son. They are 17 and 22 yrs old. I grew up in Brazil loved for monkeys. I wrote about it, too.
alley 13 yr ago x
Really wanting a spider monkey..i am very caring and kind and love kids...please get back with me on this...thanks
Mike 13 yr ago x
Want more information on your monkey
taylor 13 yr ago x
how much are they i want one
Aimee Jane 13 yr ago x
I have a loving home and I just lost my baby/boston terrior last month. I'm very interested in meeting your lil one/ones.
D White 13 yr ago x
Please email me with info about the spider monkey.
CJ 13 yr ago x
Hi how much are your baby capuchin and spider monkey,please reply asap thanks
skyler waldrop 13 yr ago x
i am extremely interesred in getting on of your baby spider monkeys. please please respond as soon as you can! thank you
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