sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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carla 8 yr ago x
How much do u want for it
carla 8 yr ago x
I want to see how to get one
hardina dahl 8 yr ago x
I had a monkey of the same breed. she was with me for 1o years. i will eventually relocate out of nyc however it really is a wonderful place to have animals. I desire so much to heve a monkey with me again and she or he will heve the best care ever. I am in the pet care business. as I have my own small business.
Dina Dahl 8 yr ago x
see above
kindle 8 yr ago x
How much are they?
Chris  8 yr ago x
We r a childless couple who would love a pet we could love as our own we live in the country.please contact us at the email address or call at 9189448423.
aysha 8 yr ago x
How much are they. I want one. Only baby monkeys. That is trained or i can train.i love animals n would die to have one.
aysha 8 yr ago x
Oh or u can text my number if i dont answer ur call.
James McDonald 8 yr ago x
Is there any chance you might still have baby spider monkeys for adoption?
Yudan  8 yr ago x
For how much?
jay jay 8 yr ago x
My son absolutly adores monkeys he has since he was two. He would love to look into adoption of them. Please from jay taylor 11years of age
jay jay 8 yr ago x
How much i love monkeys plz email me
revbgmiii 8 yr ago x
I would love to have more info on this like the cost how to get one anything. we have been searching for a long time for one
Jennifer 8 yr ago x
Please let me know if you have the monkey still. We would love to have her. Please email me with the info at
deb 8 yr ago x
im very interested can u contact me
Solsista 8 yr ago x
I have had exotic pets before, and their care is sometimes more diverse.
i don't have kids at home now, and am searching for a pet or pets that are different than ie dogs, or cats.
A monkey is somewhat of a child and I like that. I had a spider monkey when I was young, and it became jealous of my first born. Unfortunately I had to give it to a caring family with other monkeys.
I have missed that connection for years.
Please let me know if you still have these awesome little ones.
Thank you.
danielle 8 yr ago x
I have a tote full of monkey clothes custom made some light used they are so cute . My friend had spider monkeys and she passed . If u know anyone interested please email me , will give good deals
danielle 8 yr ago x
Capuchin monkey
Emma  8 yr ago x
do you still have the baby girl monkey available if so how old if you can get back to me that would great my email is
reba 8 yr ago x
I'm very interested in your monkey. I had a standard poodlefor 15 years and she passed Away this year. And I miss her so. I love my pet I consider them my kids. My heart was broking when my poodle passed and not ready for another. I have always wanted a monkey to love if you still have them can you please email me with more info. I would be so thankful. . Thank you for your time. .
sheena 8 yr ago x
Please call me about the. Monkeys.. my son is wanting one for christmas. Please. 7909868 please
sue 8 yr ago x
I went to school for vet asst and hsve always wanted a monkey do you still have it
markalvo 8 yr ago x
If any body is interested in any kind of pets, you kindly Email or text me now for details and pics.
samantha 8 yr ago x
Me and my girlfriend looking to get a baby spider monkey ASAP please contact us at 717 360 4840 or 717 404 7721
Chase 8 yr ago x
I am looking for a spider money that is for adoption. I don't have much money at the moment but I live near a lot of wooded area and I am willing to build an encloser for he/she to play in. I have been looking for a few weeks but everyone that I come across has already been taken or sold. I have many pets and animals, and me and my dad has always been animal people. Please text me if you're willing to allow me to adopt a spider money! Note: We don't have a USDA license, but if we have to have one then i'm willing to go and take the classes to get one. My number is 1-812-269-8026
Nicoleey10 8 yr ago x
I've been wanting one .. How much are they I will bye it. Please get back to me please 9855182516
Caroline 8 yr ago x
Someone wanted to give me one for 50bucks but I had dogs at the house I couldn't get it so I just realized I,should if got that cute spider monkey that monkey loves money tho lol
Heather 8 yr ago x
Looking to adopt a monkey in California
VMurry 8 yr ago x
I am from northeast Missouri looking for a small breed spider monkey. My fiancÚ and I have been desperately seeking to adopt one at an affordable price. Please contact me if selling at an affordable price or giving away.
michelle 8 yr ago x
Do u still have any baby monkeys and what do they runs
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