sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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lulu 10 yr ago x
Im a 14 year old girl my names chelsea i love animals and my favorite animals are monkeys please call me when you get this at *** and leave a message if you can! plz
Scrappy 10 yr ago x
Plz contact me I would love to speak wth u or ur husband about ur babies....... I use to raise marmosettes and I love them very interesting......
lena 10 yr ago x
free baby monkey

i was wondering were the monkey is at
ariel 10 yr ago x
Do you still have the monkeys. If so how much? Thank you.
synthia 10 yr ago x
i have male and female Spider monkeys for adoption, email ***
shelly 10 yr ago x
my boyfriend and i are looking to get a spider monkey but we are unsure of getting a male or female but i was told that the males will masterbate a lot do they still do that if they are fixed? and what are the behaviors of the females compared to the males. thank you
pitbulllvr 10 yr ago x
I am very intersted in getting a monkey. I have worked with pits for 17 years and time to slow down. My husband and I are great lovers of critters and would be a great family for monkey
gabby 10 yr ago x
r u still selling and how big will it get and is it under 150$
cindy 10 yr ago x
give a good home plese contact
erica  10 yr ago x
how much do you want for one
Synthia 10 yr ago x
Freee toi Good home,Spider baby Capucin monkey

Email me at{*** if you need one for free)
Nate cordero 10 yr ago x
Please contact me with the detail about this, i have many questions i would like to ask and would love to hear from you as soon as possible. thank you
Rae 10 yr ago x
How much are they I really want one
rod 10 yr ago x
i just wanted to kn ow if you had any more spider monkeys for sale?? let me know please
s.k.w 10 yr ago x
i would love to have one plz let me know thank u...:)
sam 10 yr ago x
interested in a baby spider monkey
Jessika 10 yr ago x
Hey i would love a monkey i am a stay at home mom i would there to train in and spend. I would like to know more as soon as you can. I can get get in today
bre 10 yr ago x
i called not to long ago like 2 or 3 days ago and never got back my message can you please call so i can see if i want the spider monkey well if lilly is still there my number is *** thank you and have a good day
tee 10 yr ago x
me and my cuzin really wants it so dont listen to the other people listen to us we are only 5 and our parents are righting this for us so if you dont give it well cry.
josh 10 yr ago x
my sons birthday is coming up n he really wants one.
robert 10 yr ago x
do u still have the baby monkeys and could u contact me if so
calli 9 yr ago x
how much is the monkey?
Alex 9 yr ago x
Is thier a chance i can get a free baby spider monkey and it might half to be shipped because i have know way to get around i have no car but i do have a loveing home for a beautiful male monkey if anyone has one let me know

chelsey 9 yr ago x
How much are they?
hayneshe 9 yr ago x
we are interested in adopting a baby monkey ...LISA
Bren 9 yr ago x
Would you happen to have a monkey after all this time. I am looking for one for my grandson. Please email me with info if you do. Thank you.
alexis 9 yr ago x
hey i love monkeys that one is adorable how much is it can u tell me how to contact u please let me know thanks :)
maggie 9 yr ago x
Would like to know the process of getting a monkey please send me more info
jessica 9 yr ago x
hello there my husband and I and our children are very interested in adding a new addition to our family and we believe the baby monkey would be perfect for the addition as the addition. can u please contact me with some info i would truly apprecite it. god bless you.
dina 9 yr ago x
Can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know if you have any left and if you do how much they cost ?
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