sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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joshua  10 yr ago x
hi my name is josh if you still have this incrediable animal can you please email me or call me i have two kids and they would love nothing more then to have an amazing animal like this... just to let you know alil about me i am married to my 6th grade sweetheart and have two amazing kids i live on a farm and have many kinds of animals... not to mention every animal has ac and heat in their barns lol crazy i know but my family loves animals lol please give me a call or email me thank you
nicole billings 10 yr ago x
Hi I'm nicole and I'm hapyy to hear your looking for a good home for your babies..I will gladly be their new mom and take good care of them and love them.please let me know if you will all me to care of the babies right away..I'm excited to hear back from you with good news for me to adopt your babies to care for..thank you.please jus email me asap and let me know :)
Chris roest 10 yr ago x
My name is chris and I am wondering if you still have the monkey I have always wanted another one I had one long time ago but had to get rid of him cuade I was never home.
Martha 10 yr ago x
I would love to have a spider monkey. I am trying to be come a vet and a baby monkey is my big dream. Please let me know if you still have them.
Chelsie Turner 10 yr ago x
Please contact me on this baby monkey. I am very interested. I am looking to buy one as soon as I possibly can. So if you could please email me the details on this one. Thank you very much.
lola 10 yr ago x
I would be interested if you still have them I am working on my permits now. Please more information.
ana ramirez 10 yr ago x
i would love to have monkey as a pet please contact me
ana ramirez 10 yr ago x
please contact me i want a monkey so badly
Liset Rodriguez 10 yr ago x
hello im very interested in adopting a monkey!! plez contact me immediatly!! plez!!
verronica 10 yr ago x
my husband and i stumbled across your web page and we were curious to see how much you were asking for these cute lil guys . we live in florida and we have kids but we would love to have a pet monkey thanks for your time god bless
Brookey 10 yr ago x
I have 2 sisters and we all love animals. Well I have been wanting a monkey for over a year now if you get a chance please contact me and give us some information about the monkey(s). We live in North Carolina. Thank you for your time. Bye
KB 10 yr ago x
I would love to get more information on these monkeys. Please contact me.

Bill 10 yr ago x
I would love to adopt your adorable little pets, ive been looking for one for so long, I want it for my mother, she had one for a pet as a child, but then her parents were killed by a drunk driver, and her and my aunts and uncles were separated, and had to give up jo jo, her spider monkey, there just so expensive and I really cant afford to buy one. But I would love to have them, and I was wondering how much you wanted. Thanks alot..
Tammy 10 yr ago x
We are very interested in adopting a monkey, if you still some can I get some more info?

Thank you!
Shasta  10 yr ago x
I live Okmulgee Oklahoma and i'm looking for either a baby spider monkey or a baby capuchin.. Does anyone know where I can get one?
mikey154 10 yr ago x
how much does the spider monkey cost
Pleasegivemeamonkey 10 yr ago x
how much do they cost??
lindy8486 10 yr ago x
Sharia how much is the monkey?
Sassy 10 yr ago x
I wld love a baby spider monkey that is trained and loves kids my oldest daughter will be 2 December 31 st an my youngest daughter will be 3 months on December 19 th
Jae-jae 10 yr ago x
I really want a Capuchin monkey I live in Alaska and will provide a safe warm loving home our children are grown and I don't work out side the home I will have time to be with her I would like a her with my husband and sons at home I'm out numbered please email me and let me know if you still have the little ones thank you
monkey lover 10 yr ago x
how much are the spider monkeys please emai me thank you
i want him 10 yr ago x
how much plz answer me
Tiff 10 yr ago x
The monkeys are so cute

I was wanting to know more about the monkeys and were y'all are located and me and my husband are interested in the monkeys you are trying to get adopted out we would love a male but if you would email us back thank you
shay 10 yr ago x
I want one they are so cute.
summer 10 yr ago x
me and my family has been wonting one of these for awhile now..we r animal lovers we have 2 small dogs along with a hedge hog and a pet rat..i treat my animals like they r my kids..ithink sometimes my animals get more attcion than my kids do lol
taylor 10 yr ago x
my personal e mail is ***,,,,
please give me a response on the spider monkey
the pic i was looking at i liked .i had one when i was a child .my dad brought back from california ,,they are a great campion ship . please contact me ,
very intertested,to adopt
kendell 10 yr ago x
Please contact me on any information about these spider monkeys. I would absolutely love to have one. Thanks so much!
cokie 10 yr ago x
Please email me with the info, would love one of your monkeys and I will spoil him
chris and anne 10 yr ago x
my wife and i are very interested in adopting a baby spider monkey we are very close to our pets and have thought alot about this decision annd we are very exceited too find a new member of our family also one of my close freinds is a father of 3 who would love to add another member to his family so it would be nice to find 2 spider monkey's to adopt or buy
tuesdae beach 10 yr ago x
I want a pet monkey but my mom & dad will not lit me have 1 but e-mail me
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