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Rae 12 yr ago x
I want a monkey
jamie 12 yr ago x
hi i want a baby capuchin monkey if you have any left i would love for you to contact me thanks!!!
Muffin 12 yr ago x
Do yuo still have any monkey's for adoption?? please let me know.
munchy 12 yr ago x
how do we get the monkey
s.k.w 12 yr ago x
hi i have loved monkys when i was a kid and still do i am a stay home mom and and have the money to take care of it please let me know about them i will take a female are a male i don't care i just want one i can love...thank u so much
misty 12 yr ago x
im lookin for a baby monkey ,please contact me soon thank you ,misty smith
Dan 12 yr ago x
I would like to adopt a monkey either a Capuchin or Spider monkey. How much will it cost and are there any available?
Dee  12 yr ago x
Interetsed plz send more info, thanks u
Jessica 12 yr ago x
I am very interested in adopting a monkey. Preferably mild tempered, considering I have a one year old. I will be trying to major in wildlife biology in the fall. I would love to have an opportunity.
Andrew 12 yr ago x
Can I please have the name and address of your organization to verify the breeding certification?
sammy 12 yr ago x
Im looking for a monkey that don't cost that much or that is free. because i can't have any kids and i want a monkey for my child. do you have any monkeys?
Chris 12 yr ago x
Hi I'm really interested In a baby male, I have a little 7 year old little sister that loves monkeys and honestly I would like to have one too so please if you have any left contact me...
Shannon 12 yr ago x
If you can contact me I would like a female/ male capuchin. Please and thank you.
Syco 12 yr ago x
I am looking to adopt 2 baby monkeys any kind
dmomx6 12 yr ago x
Could you please send me some pics and information on one of your male capushin. Please send pics and information, please
wanda gray  12 yr ago x
i have looked everywhere for a baby monkey i would love to adopt one or two tht need a loving home please conact me.
hayneshe 12 yr ago x
we would love to have a baby monkey we have a loving home and would really love the chance to get one of your cute baby monkeys ...HALIE&LISA
samantha 12 yr ago x
are you a breeder do you have anymore?
jose 12 yr ago x
can have one of your monkeys please
sheila abshire 12 yr ago x
im looking for a free capuchin monkey for the hearing impaired hopefully a newborn so we can get to know each other and go through our training together please help me if you can where are you from and please call
ask for rose my mom
she can translate between us
Donny59 12 yr ago x
really interested in free, or adoption of a capuchin monkey....Very loving home and would love to ad an addition to our family. I grew up raising all types of animals.
Seana 12 yr ago x
These people are scammers!! I have been in touch with many of them. They all have the SAME pics & tell you to send them a Western Union & then they will proceed to take the monkey to ship it to you. They ask anywhere from $250-$400 for one, & $500-$800 for two. Any number that starts with 237 is a scammer, so beware!! If you notice, they have different email addresses, but the same pics. Do NOT deal with ANY of these people that say all they want is a good home & that they are with some kind of organization overseas helping the sick & "doing God's work".
Kasie 12 yr ago x
Scammers they ship cause they no u'll send the money first dont send money this is a scammer this is a scam this is a scam this is a scam they only want ur money they dont have monkey's
lina 12 yr ago x
have been looking to addoppt a capuchin for a long time. am in the prosess of building a sun room with a play and relaxing place for the new baby. lil guy will never be caged and i work from home so he will never be alone. please contact me. this ad is pretty old so i hope you still have them.
Sandy 12 yr ago x
How much for the monkey it is for my mom who is a pensioner and my dad past away. So he will keep her busy
rose 12 yr ago x
If anyone has a baby spider monkey or baby capuchin monkey for free or free adoption please text me or email me
bastian 12 yr ago x
if these monkeys are free, please contact me through email.
xavier 12 yr ago x
I would like to adopt a monkey
Ben 11 yr ago x
I no this site is 4 years old but do u still have free monkeys... I've been looking for one but this is one of the only sites for free
nikki 11 yr ago x
Lookin for a pet monkey email please asap
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