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Aime 7 yr ago x
Looking to buy a monkey
bo bo mama 7 yr ago x
How can I get a baby monkey for free I would love to have one it been my dream forever I would love to have one asap
Colby 7 yr ago x
Where are you and can I have one
Carl holzman 7 yr ago x
I'm looking for one male monkey I dont care what spiece
Dotty1958 7 yr ago x
I think your ad is a gaff because number one all your responds are 7years old no pics i think your a scam
Ashley 7 yr ago x
I'd like to adopt a baby monkey, where can I get one?
rayray 7 yr ago x
I really won't a baby monkey sooooo bad I'll do anything for one it can be a baby or a adult i don't care
rayray 7 yr ago x
I will do anything for a baby monkey or a adult please help me get one
Annalie 6 yr ago x
I need a monkey but where are you located and how much money
Michele 6 yr ago x
Would love too give a baby monkey a new home
jennyadame 6 yr ago x
Can u plz email me i really want a monkey! I love animals and i have always wanet a monkey :(
Vicky 6 yr ago x
Please email me if you have any babies left, I need one ASAP for a Christmas gift. I live in the country in Brocton NY
Sara 6 yr ago x
I want one of these!!!
lilly 6 yr ago x
how much are you willing to sell a monkey for please make it cheap
lilly 6 yr ago x
can i have one for free
lilly 6 yr ago x
Wanda 6 yr ago x
Wanting to get a monkey for companionship...How much
maki 6 yr ago x
how much are they or are they free
Lori Perry 6 yr ago x
Contact to purchase a pocket monkey. Please contact..
kill bill 6 yr ago x
are these still free for adoption
Angie 5 yr ago x
I would love 2 have a monkey had one when I was a kid my name is Angie
Dana 5 yr ago x
I'd like a pet monkey
Dianna Mossman 5 yr ago x
This is a life long dream for me I'm 51 years old I live in toboso Ohio I own my home I've been married for 33 years I have two grown daughter's I would more than anything in this world love to have a monkey I would take the very best care of it it would have the best home ever please please keep me on your list you would make me the happiest lady in the world thank you😀😀😀
mya parnell 4 yr ago x
i would love to adopt a female capuchin.
please email me as soon as possible so we can work out what we need to.
wild 4 yr ago x
They should never have been taken from their troop. They stay with the mother for two to three year to learn to stay alive. Please stop this heartless practice as many die during shipping. Its very cruel, and the baby grows up and more times then not goes crazy from lack of interaction with the opposite sex. Humans cannot supply all that they need.
stephchele 4 yr ago x
hi I would like to adopt a capuchin monkey I will give it the best home ever and there will be someone will it 24/7
Jessica 4 yr ago x
looking for info on capuchins that's current and legit please and thanks
marta renaldi 4 yr ago x
Capuchin, marmoset, squirrel and spider monkeys for sale, We have several baby Capuchin, Squirrel monkeys available for immediate pickup .. Our babies are well socialized and handle daily, this makes for a well-adapted monkey . We have parents on site and run a carefully clean and well-organized facility. the monkeys are healthy and have all their documents. they are playful with children and other pets. very friendly. We welcome your questions and encourage you to call for an appointment to see our adorable babies. we also take time to educate you and offer you the needs and care of your new monkey. We are always at your disposal for tips and advice after buying your new monkeys. We have any accessories you may need available on the day of purchase. we are USDA licensed breeders, email for more information at *** anytime
Whomever 3 yr ago x
In very interested in 2baby monkeys in a animal lover and they would b so very well taken care of in disabled and am home all the time so they would never b alone.please help me?
monkey lover 2 yr ago x
i would love to adopt a free monkey. i really want one. i have all supplies just no monkey
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