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Katie Kelley 13 yr ago x
I am extremely interested in your baby capuchin monkeys so please email me back! Thanks!
Dal 13 yr ago x
We have been looking for a capuchin monkey...Preferrably male and are very interested in your offer. Please email back with more information.
cody. 13 yr ago x
hello, i have been looking for a monkey for some time now and i have a great loving home. I dont care the gender id apreciate to hear back from someone that is willing to sell a monkey. thank you
cadie 13 yr ago x
yea i was looking to get my mother a monkey for her birthday? perferably a male...i was wondering if u still have any to get ride of and how much are you asking for one?
T.W. 13 yr ago x
im looking for a male black and white capuchin and have been for a long time, please keep in contact for pricing
debbie 13 yr ago x
i want some monkey to .
robin 13 yr ago x
i will like a free baby mokey
jojo 13 yr ago x
do you deliver monkeys to the us?
momo 13 yr ago x
want a chimp
walker 13 yr ago x
Hey I wondering how much it would cost me to get a monkey...have been searching and saw your adoption ad...would prefer a younger one
jazz 13 yr ago x
Im interested in a male monkey..hit me up. Capuchin monkey
jwilkie 13 yr ago x
pleas i have been looking for some time for a baby or very young male to have as my companion please contact me asap with more info price mainly look forward to you getting back to me
Panda 13 yr ago x
Hi im looking for a some what young male monkey companion i would like to no how much he would cost and how i would obtain him please it would be very much appricated thank you.
yaya 13 yr ago x
hi im looking for a baby female so can u email me asap please thank u
Adrienne 13 yr ago x
OMG!! :)
R u serious? FREE?
Well how can i get 1? Cuz i am looking for a baby Girl who is calm. Can u please email me?
thanks - Adriienne
hondaboy 13 yr ago x
plz email me back i would like a baby boy
justin 13 yr ago x
Plz email me id like a baby girl. Iv aloys wanted one and now that I'm moving I finily got the space to have one..... plz email me thanks :)
Plz do not buy 13 yr ago x
this animal came from kenya.. Do you know what they do to the adult animals plz do not compy with the poucher's
CC 13 yr ago x
Are the monkeys really free?!!
kendra  13 yr ago x
Please email me about these monkeys, my husband and I have been looking for one
nikki 13 yr ago x
Hi I am looking to adopt a small monkey. I would love some pictures and any info you have thanks. Nikki Tousha
kass 13 yr ago x

I'm looking to adopt a baby monkey. Sex isn't an issue but I'd prefer a male (:
Is it possible to receive any pictures you may have? Oh, one last thing, I live in Illinois, USA would that be a problem?
Nicki 13 yr ago x
R they free, can u email me a pic, how can I get one?
jewelbug 13 yr ago x
really?i want one so
ali 13 yr ago x
everyone please listen to me you cannot get monkeys from these people if you live in the u.s!!!! It is illegal to ship monkeys into the u.s unless you have an exhibitors permit and i doubt that everyone on here does. I too am looking for a monkey and know alot about many types. I have also talked to authorities and the husbandry and you cant for any reason bring animals or should i say exotics into the u.s without that permit. I hope that your listening because if you do receive a monkey from outside the u.s you will go to jail and that poor baby will be put to sleep or thrown in a shelter and thats awful!!!!!!!!!!
Adriana 13 yr ago x
I would like to get a female cupuchin monkey i want to no how much and do u still have any
Adriana 13 yr ago x
terry 13 yr ago x
i am looking for a free monkey for my 7 year old granddaughter please e-mail me back soon thank you
Z-man 13 yr ago x
Hi im looking for some pics of an female baby cupuchin black and white thanks email soon
Sabrina 13 yr ago x
I would love a pet monkey age and sex does not matter free would be awesome but not looking to spend 1000 let me know
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