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tazz 11 yr ago x
I am looking for capuchin monkey for loven home
carolyn 11 yr ago x
I am very interested in one or two of your baby monkeys, please let know if their still available.
animal lover 11 yr ago x
capuchin monkey - when can you deliver it as i have looked every were for one and i have promised one for my kids your my last hope please can you help
exotic animal lover. :) 11 yr ago x
if you still have monkeys for sale please contact me immediatly. ive been searching everywhere and most monkeys are rediculously priced. i would take very good care of it i assure you. thank you.
sahara 11 yr ago x
i love monkeys and i was wondering how much a female is
sahara 11 yr ago x
pleas contact me as soon as posible i think i should also mention i have dogs but they are very friendley
Truth or else 11 yr ago x
Do you people really think that someone will give away baby monkies for free? Really? Something that cost several thousand dollars, and they're giving them away? Think about it for a minute.

Truth is, this is a scam, being run out of Africa and the Filipines. You contact them...they ask for security deposit, refundable as soon as you show them monkey was safely delivered. You send deposit...and never hear from them again.

If it seems to good to be true, 99.9% of the time, it is. Meaning all you will get is scammed out of your money.
terry 11 yr ago x
my children want a baby monkey so bad
sandra 11 yr ago x
i would really like to adopt one of your free monkeys i have been trying to get me one every since i was a little girl. please let me know f i can get one. thank you
jack jones 11 yr ago x
hi I was like to adopt a male capuchin
roro 11 yr ago x
I have tried to get a capuchin monkey for a long time now but everyone I have tried to get one from for free wants money and it gas been a scam to get my money if u really have the monkey for free I want a girl plz email me as soon as u can
laura 11 yr ago x
how much for the delivery charge to get them home?
ashley 11 yr ago x
Do you have a female capuchin not to old till young and how much?
matt elliott 11 yr ago x
me and my wife are looking for a very young capuchin monkey to add to our family but most places we have check is way out our price range would love some help or information on adoption,,,,thanks for your time ....
Danny 11 yr ago x
I am very interested in a baby capuchin monkey!!
Are the males males more agressive then females?
Please explain !
drake 11 yr ago x
hi my name is drake and i realy like monkeys and i would realy like a new friend you see my family is realy poor right now and i asked for a baby capunchin monkey for christmas and they said they would be able to get it but a week later my dad got laied off so i didnt get one but i understood. I have $51 saved up and im willing to give you every penny for a baby capunchin monkey but please dont say no ive wanted one my whole life please dont let me down. Thank you, Drake I would like a female thank you.
matthew7980 11 yr ago x
hi my name is matt, for all my life i have been dreaming for a monkey. but my parents said that it was too much money so i have been searching for a cheap baby male capunchin for as long as i could remember so when i found this sight i almost died of excitement. thank you so much,matt.
Jade 10 yr ago x
I would love one of your baby monkeys,a girl.

Please contact me at ***
maranda 10 yr ago x
im lookin to adopt a monkey
monkeymom 10 yr ago x
I heard it is illegal to inport or export monkeys to the USA. Do you know if this is true? I have not kept up on the laws.
Sparkks 10 yr ago x
my husband and i would love to have some information on some of ur babys. we are loomin for a young trained male please contact me asap.
carmel 10 yr ago x
Are there any monkeys left?
Can I see any pictures please!
Thank you!
oc 10 yr ago x
hi i was looking to buy a monkey a white faced capuchin if you do not have that kind i will take a finger monkey please contact me asap
mmjlol 10 yr ago x
I want a free finger monkey and it is driving me crazy!
nikki 10 yr ago x
i am wanting a pet monkey. but am frightend that she or he will harm my 8 month old son. i see that you say they are trained and are good with kids. im very interested in having a pet monkey. i have wanted one ever since i was a child. how much is your cheapest monkey, and what is the breed of the monkey. im am wanting her asap so please email me asap. thank you very much.
Yamiled 10 yr ago x
How much are they and if you still have some answer me back here and i will tell you when the time is right???
Yamiled 10 yr ago x
Please right back as soon as posible!!!!
L. Martin 10 yr ago x
Please send me information on adopting a capuchin monkey. I am interested in a female.
Rebeka 10 yr ago x
hello i am looking for a capuchin monkey!
please help me find one to take home with me.
jessiclay96 10 yr ago x
I am looking for a set of pygmy marmossets or a baby female capuchin Please email me
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