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Sabrina 13 yr ago x
i would love one of the monkeys from kenya get back to me asap
Karcyn 13 yr ago x
Please email me. I really want this monkey you have. Male is preferred but doesnt matter ALOT. Thanks, Email me.
shakeela 13 yr ago x
hey please email me i really want one of these monkeys boy or girl young is preferred but if you are out age doesn't really matter
miranda 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in adopting a baby monkey. I dont care if its a boy or a girl. I have always been interested in adopting one and now I think the time is right in my life. I will even pay for one if that was the case. Please contact me back. I will be waiting patiently.
Heith  13 yr ago x
i am wondering how i can get one of these monkeys a male would be nice i love animals and would like to be able to own a pet monkey of my own so u could get back whith me asap that would be nice thank you
omar 13 yr ago x
i am interested in your monkey please contact me i live in kuwait
samantha 13 yr ago x
hi i have 3 kids and im looking to adopt a monkey please send all info thank you very much
Stan 13 yr ago x
Please let me know if you still have monkeys for adoption I want as soon as possible
Collin 13 yr ago x
Hello, i was wondering how much it would be to adopt one of your monkeys
jade 13 yr ago x
anyone please give me a brown new born capuchin baby monkey please soon as possible
miranda 13 yr ago x
monkey for adoption

I live in Missoula montana and have been trying to find a monkey that I may have as an addition to our little family
Damian Miranda 13 yr ago x
Hello im Damian and i was wondering if you still had the monkeys for adoption if its for free I would like to adopt one. Thank you for your time also i would like a male monkey and i live in Miami Florida.
Cj 13 yr ago x
How much are they
Luis wants a monkey 13 yr ago x
I am very desperate to get a pet monkey, please, i am looking into either a marmoset or a capuchin. I would go with other specie dependíng on pricing and behavior. Please reply, i truly do want one and i cant wait
My Monkey! 13 yr ago x
Thanks for my pet monkey!
my monkey 13 yr ago x
does anyone want to pet my monkey? This is a scam!
Zachary Vest 13 yr ago x
hey how are you i would really love to have one of your baby male capuchins, you see me and my mom is on a fixed income and we can't afford an $8,000 monkey but i found this blog, its my birthday in less than a month im turning 18 and ive always wanted one of these monkies
ever since i was a kid, it would really be a dream come true if u can send me a capuchin.
Isaiah magallanez 13 yr ago x
Id like a male capuchin thank u so much plz email me ASAP
terry 13 yr ago x
I would like to froster monkeys in my home so if there is any one looking for a froster home for there monkeys please get back with me thank you
brittney 13 yr ago x
monkey (female)

I was wondering how much they were because my aunt just last a baby and i want to get her a monkey since we had one wen we were younger thank you
adam 13 yr ago x
Are monkeys still available?
Courtney 13 yr ago x
If you would like to adopt a monkey out to a good safe environment please let me know asap I have a little girl that would just love to have one. I only tried to look for one because she started crying to me one day telling me how bad she wanted a monkey and she is seven so I think it would be so awesome. So please let me know.
april 13 yr ago x
im very interested in your monkeys i live on a huge farm and also raise exotic birds please get back with me also i was wondering how much your selling them for too? and if you have a female?
Meagan  13 yr ago x
I'll take 2-4 due to the ones i lost! Thank You!
Meagan  13 yr ago x
Sorry I forgot 2 male 2 female! Thanks
Molly 13 yr ago x
I would like to take 2 one male one female!
Kathryn 13 yr ago x
I would love to have A female please let me know as soon as you can thank you
ana ramirez 13 yr ago x
i would love to have a monkey as a pet
ana ramirez 13 yr ago x
please contact me
i would love monkey
JackRoss 13 yr ago x
Hey! I'm looking for a cinnamon, red or brown capuchin monkey! Preferably brown and female! Thanks!
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