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Tammy 10 yr ago x
Please send me more info I am very interested, thank you.
Tammy 10 yr ago x
Please. Send me more information on the.monkeys in am very interested ty
Tracy Burns 9 yr ago x
Please contact me if you still have baby monkeys available Thank You Tracy
Jayme 9 yr ago x
I want a female ill adopt I've wanted one for years but don't have 2500 to just throw out for one
vale 9 yr ago x
Do u still have free minkeys?? Im interested
coley  9 yr ago x
Do you still have any as I am wanting one
Haley 9 yr ago x
I am 12 and i am in love with monkeys if i ever got oneit would be the happiest day of my life.I would take very good care of it it would be hungrey id keep it feed and well sheltered in a loving careing warm sweet home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Monkeys!!!!
laura 9 yr ago x
would you let me know if you have anymore to adopt?i have wanted one for a very long time. thank you
bobbie 9 yr ago x
I want a girl if you could get back to me
Monkey lover 9 yr ago x
Capuchin monkeys for sale or adoption
scott 9 yr ago x
Do you have any baby monkeys for sale please email me back very interested but I don't know how much you charge but if you have what I'm looking for can work it out.
Tim 9 yr ago x
I really want a CapPunchin as a pet.Please tell me dat u have some & dat there cheap cause if they are cheap then I'll buy them.PLEASE RESPOND BACK!!!!!
Taylor  9 yr ago x
I would love to have a monkey would you drop it off

jj 9 yr ago x
I want a monkey for my daughter thank you
deb 9 yr ago x
Andera 9 yr ago x
I will love to have a girl monkey
GEEG 9 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a monkey. I'm retired and an empty nester. Just my husband and I and look forwardvtomhesrimg from you.
bibi 9 yr ago x
People these people are SCAMMERS !! first they tell u tovgive them your info next they charge u then u say okay not bad thats isn't a bad price then they charge you fpr shipping you go ahead and pay next thing you know the money goes to them,and they really make you think they are givving u a monkey PPL PLZ DONT BE STUPID BE SMART ACT SMART !!
evan  8 yr ago x
id like to adopt a monkey been my dream pet since i was a little boy how do u do this process
blaine 8 yr ago x
i would love a baby monkey. i will take care of it....... i would like a boy
Jessica 8 yr ago x
Please email me info to my email address
Yereida! 8 yr ago x
I'm looking for a baby monkey for my daughter. Can you please email me if you do. An I stay in California.
courts 8 yr ago x
Really keen if you are still getting rid of them :-)
Erin 8 yr ago x
Brian do u still have the monkey or have u sold her
wade 8 yr ago x
id like a monkey
miami 8 yr ago x
If u still have any monkeys I'm interested I. One a male.
Michelle 8 yr ago x
I'm very interested in adopting a monkey. If you have one please contact me.
Thank you,
Kimberlyk 8 yr ago x
I'm looking for a female baby capuchin monkey?
Ethan 8 yr ago x
I would like to buy one for under $200.
Jordie 7 yr ago x
Please I really really want a baby boy Capuchin monkey. Are there any stores where I could find some? Or I can order online. Someone at least tell me a website because it's hard to find them.
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