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Mr Smith 15 yr ago x
This is a scam everybody, google Monkey scam. I almost was gotten, but then I realised nobody will give away a monkey.
They ask you to pay only the "shipping fee" You NEVER get the monkey and loose your money!!!!
abby maccaffray 15 yr ago x
will you please contact me if you have any monkeys available for adoption please? I have a beautiful large home, safe and quite with tons of room. My husban and I really want a monkey to add to our family and since we are self employed we have plenty of time to dedicate to him/her. Please let me know if you have any we can look at or point me in the direction, we arnt low income but a $3000 monkey isnt in the budget, but we would love to adopt and give one of these beautiful creatures a loving, safe and wounderful home. We have designed and started building a habitat already in the guest room for when we are able to find one, its a large cage, half of a room with live trees and a simulated enivorment for when were not home. PLEASE, contact me at my email and let me know where we can adopt. Thank you!
kim 15 yr ago x
please let me know if this offer is still available.. i am ver interested in gettin a baby monkey
James Butler 15 yr ago x
I Love Monkeys and have always wantted one I will take care of it and make sure it has plenty to eat!
Jason 15 yr ago x
Inquiring about the capuchin in OP. Any remain?
hussein 15 yr ago x
i have 2 ask my mum first we live in London because i want 1 or a tiger if it was free please email me a list of animals u r giving 4 adoption
Ciara 15 yr ago x
I would like to see some pics and get more info on adopting a pet monkey. Please contact me if you have any left. THANKS!!!
Claire Pishko 15 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting a baby monkey. Please email me the information.
Oliver Cutting 15 yr ago x
I would like a pet monkey free , a small male would be nice, a young one.
Megan 15 yr ago x
How much are you selling the capuchin babies for and do you have any females?
Branden Bordeaux 15 yr ago x
Hi, im Branden Bordeaux, from Michigan and my family and I are really interested in getting a baby capuchin monkey. i was wondering were you are located and when and if you have any babies that are ready to go? and how much they are?

please write back and thank you for your time.

Branden Bordeaux
gabby 14 yr ago x
hey im gabby iv been looking 4 a pet monkey for 12 long years and if you happen to read please write back im willing to pay big money
yaneysy bravo 14 yr ago x
hey i am interested
please call me (yaneysy) at ***
or call my husband(arturo) at ***
kayla 14 yr ago x
Hi im looking for a pet monkey ive wanted one since i was 2 now im 18 and still dont have one they are the cuties things it the would i study about them all the time i would love to have a monkey they are my favorit animal it the world please let me no if i am the one for the monkey.

from Kayla.
 14 yr ago x
are these monkeys really for free
Corissa 14 yr ago x
Are these monkeys still available? I can take care of them.
Sorenson01 14 yr ago x
Are they still available. And how do I go about get one home??
cody 14 yr ago x
Do you still have capuchin monkeys for adoption? What are the details of them? and may i please get some pictures, that would be great. Thanks again cody
nuyuh 14 yr ago x
You guys are nothing but a scam! Especially from Cameroon! Everyone who is on here do not listen to this ad!!! IT IS A SCAM! THERE IS NO MONKEY!!!! come on open your eyes, A free capuchin monkey? a free $5,000-$8,000 monkey? please that's to good to be true!They'll give you excellent sob stories they'll attach the CUTEST photos of the monkey(that you are never going to receive!) and say you only have to pay shipping at a low cost and then they screw you over and make you send more money for it's flight insurance and what not then they'll tell you a problem has occurred and you wont get the monkey!!! If they tell you to send shipping money to Amazon Pet Courier BEWARE!!!!!!! It is a scam!!!! THE COMPANY DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!!!! LOOK IT UP FOR YOUR SELF AND ALSO LOOK UP PET SCAMS IN CAMEROON AND AFRICA!!!! YOU'LL FIND ALOT!, AND ALOT OF PAST SCAMS AND THE E-MAILS THEY SEND YOU AND YOU'LL SEE THEY SOUND EXACTLY LIKE THE CONVERSATION YOU ARE HAVING WITH THE "SELLER". Please I'm trying to help, do your research before sending ANY money! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
gabby 14 yr ago x
i want a monkey either a baby or tamed monkey if you have anymore monkeys plaese email me (;
markayzha 14 yr ago x
hello i have a wonderful home and i would love to have a new member of the family please email me soon thanks
Anastachia 14 yr ago x
how long is it gonna take for you to get her ready and how much is the shipping going to cost for two a male and a female
martel 14 yr ago x
do you still have the capuchin monkey if so contact back and where are you located
kris 14 yr ago x
do you have any more monkeys???
payton 14 yr ago x
do you have any more monkeys? i am seriously looking into getting one.
Taylan  14 yr ago x
Hey ive been looking for a pet monkey for a while now and i dont have that much money to buy one so please write me back and let me know your prices .. thank you very much
lauren agnew 14 yr ago x
i really want one of your baby monkeys i have a lot of experience with monkeys i used to help take care of them at a friends house
Amber 14 yr ago x
Hi I was interested in a male, If you could email me prices and any questions you have please as soon as you can :)
takeya 14 yr ago x
I would like to adopt two baby capuchin does this process go?? And will it cost or is it free??
robert calderon 14 yr ago x
Fell in love with monkeys especially the capuchin monkeys and would be very intrested in adopting wondering the cost of a female or male but I herd males get aggresive later on because of sex and male things and don't want an aggresive monkey but very intrested in adopting one I live in san gabriel ca, so if u could reach me to discusse everything my email on top thank you .
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