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Jett 4 yr ago x
How can I get one because I really want an need one of them in my life
Tina nealrose 4 yr ago x
I love to adopt a finger monkey or small monkey I have loving home lots of time and love to give a monkey,I am very smart and studying how to take care and raise a monkey I would love your monkey thank you

edward 4 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a baby monkey please contact me via email thanks
Tameca lamb 4 yr ago x
Do u still have monkeys for free I have been wanting one for along time
Brandie 4 yr ago x
If you have capachin monkeys for free then I would love to have one for a friend and companion. Let me know please
judyb 4 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting a monkey, I had a monkey for 8yr but he die, I would really a Capuchin, I love monkeys
Mary f 4 yr ago x
Looking to adopt small breed of monkey.. Marmaset or apuchen . email me please. I lost a baby in Sept and need something to love unconditionally .
lindy 4 yr ago x
I love monkeys and my brother really wants one so I want it. To be a surprise
Peter 4 yr ago x
Hi I would like to adopt one of your free monkeys please I have bin doing all the research on them can u get back to me please thank you so much
tinker 4 yr ago x
i am looking to adopt a monkey little girl please
Kj 4 yr ago x
I would love to have a monkey plz give me one!!!!😀😀😀

angie 4 yr ago x
I have been looking for A baby monkey to adopt(:
petlover 4 yr ago x
Two baby capuchin Monkeys available!!My son is now sick and Allergic to the monkey so the doctor instructed us to give out as soon as possible.He has asthma. I donít want to give the babies out to a pet rescue adoption association. I am looking for a good home that will continue to take care of these babies and give them all the love and care they need to have. Will come with all its Vet papers, registration papers,Health Certificate, and all its cloths and toys free as I wonít need them anymore. We are going to miss them a great deal but the nature of my home now with my sonís ill health we can't keep them anymore. All we want for them is a loving home where they are going to be loved and spoiled as with us. Contact me as soon as possible for more information
ellie 4 yr ago x
hello and good morning, are you giving them for adoption or are you selling them. I would love to have them, I live in florida.
petlover 4 yr ago x
hell Ellie i am giving them out for free adoption
tracy 4 yr ago x
I am looking to adopt. Can you please give me advice on how I would go about it?
Di 4 yr ago x
i would love to have a finger or capuchian monkey i'm always home they would have a very loving momma and it would have a huge cage for at night and a load of toys and me to play with please keep me in mind i really want one for so long

Di 4 yr ago x
hopefully you really consider me for the free live monkey a baby capuchin or finger monkey

Dora santana 4 yr ago x
Do you live in Gwinnett?
Di 4 yr ago x
where do i get a free or cheap capuchin or finger monkeys
jay 4 yr ago x
Please could you let me no if you have or where I can buy a spider monkey from.Thank you
kanchana 4 yr ago x
Please would like to adopt a capuchin monkey for our family if u still have any. please email me back. i would really appreciate it
Claire 4 yr ago x
Milkish and Very Active White face capuchin monkeys ready for any lovely home that is ready and willing to spoil them with the maximum love that they deserve. They are on the bottle and wearing diapers. They shall be coming with all paper work including health certificate. They are Raised in our home with dogs, cats kids. We have been working with monkeys for over 12 years. They shall be coming along with their starter kits including bottles,diapers,formula,baby blankets & toys. They are vet checked and come with a secured health guarantee with all certificate and paper works.All legal and sanitary authorization to ship.Contact us for prices,photos and shipping informations.We are willing to ship to all areas of the world were demand comes.This babies will make great companions for your family and home.They do well with all other pets and animals around them and are house trained and put on diapers.

rasami 4 yr ago x
Adorable Spider monkeys ready for sale
All babies are on the bottle and wearing diapers.Babies come with
all paper work including health certificate.Babies are Raised in our
home with dogs, cats kits. We have been working with monkeys for over 12 years. All babies come with starter kits including bottles, diapers,
formula, baby blankets & toys.Our babies are vet checked and come with a health certificate. Feel free to contact us now if you feel you can give a good home to one of our babies.We will provide you with pictures and references of happy families in USA, UK, Canada and Australia who have bought their monkeys from us. For more information, contact
Nyia 4 yr ago x
Please contact me on my email for a monkey
serenity 4 yr ago x
im looking for a new born baby monkey lower then $100 dollers.
Lolla Skinner 4 yr ago x
Im very interested in adopting a money i cant have kids so i think this would be good for me please contact me asap i would love to adopt and care for one.
Kelly 4 yr ago x
i want a monkey;)
jack 4 yr ago x
I am interested in small monkey. could you tell the price and where I need to go.
Aime 4 yr ago x
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