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jonda 12 yr ago x
looking for a baby monkey and need to know how much from youngest to 1or 2 months old
Alvin Maldonado 12 yr ago x
We have been searching for a baby monkey to love and care for. We offer a good home and a lot of attention.Thank you,
Rhuey31 12 yr ago x
YOU CANNOT SHIP A MONKEY IN OR OUT OF THE US!!!!!! Go to the capuchin scam forum before sending them ANY money!!!!
chaz 12 yr ago x
How do I know I wont be scamed again?
alisha  12 yr ago x
hello i need a baby monkey for my step son free thank you
Megan 12 yr ago x
I'd really like a free baby monkey but how do you ship animals
oscar 12 yr ago x
im in florida I have been look to give a baby capuchin a nice home with me
sophia 12 yr ago x
hi my names sophia im looking for free baby monkeys just email me back please.
addy 12 yr ago x
Dayle Reynolds 12 yr ago x
Hey, just finding out if you still have any monkeys left? Very interested and will come to a good home :) please reply asap x
Troy 12 yr ago x
Hi I love monkeys and I'd like to have one how much are they and do you have a male thank you
Lauren 12 yr ago x
OMG! Please, don't do this. Please give them to an animal sanctuary (not a zoo -- they don't belong in cages). But a sanctuary, where they can live their lives as they should as monkeys.

Please, do what is best for these monkeys. They deserve the best.
 12 yr ago x
how much are they?
sam 12 yr ago x
im looking for 2 white faced female capuchin monkeys pice can vary but not to high thank you for your time
jami 12 yr ago x
I've always wanted a monkey I'll adopt one please email me at any time and let me know if I can adopt one.
mya 12 yr ago x
are they really free? how do i go about getting one and do you have pictures?
ryan godwin 12 yr ago x
if you could pleaseee contact me either thru email or phone i would LOVE to get a baby monkey
 12 yr ago x
if they are really free please let me know. Dont care what sex they are
riley 12 yr ago x
i really want a monkey please give me a shout out or something cause i am dieing to have a monkey soo please i really hope this is not a joke
ceseley 12 yr ago x
I would like one how much? where are they??(state)
Summer 12 yr ago x
I would like a female monkey. im wondering the price? and if i got one how would i get it because i live in south carolina.
Tiger 12 yr ago x
Would you ship them and how much would you charge in all?
lexi 12 yr ago x
i want a female monkey!! for a cheap pricee!
Tiger 12 yr ago x
Ruby 12 yr ago x
i would like to know if you had a female baby capuchin monkey? :)
danni 12 yr ago x
i am looking to adopt a capuchin monkey. i don't care which gender i get , i will love my capuchin no matter what <3
Capuchin Monkeys #1 fan 12 yr ago x
I really want a boy and how much does it cost
iribia 12 yr ago x
I wish i could have a monkey but mu mom wouldnt let me in a million years
wiggins 12 yr ago x
i would rly like a monkey please contact me
By Khalid 12 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting one of your monkeys... contact me asap please.
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