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Nate 13 yr ago x
Are any of them still available I want a chupican please write me back
Kellz 13 yr ago x
Im interested in getting a monkey.! How much are they.?
HUMAN 13 yr ago x
read up or study something. idiots...
shannon 13 yr ago x
so this is totally free?
vinny 13 yr ago x
r ur monkeys still avalible?
jc 13 yr ago x
Are they free I pay nothing at all? I can not have children of my own so this would be my baby. My money is going to build something for them to live and play so if they are free contact me. Thank you
Nate 13 yr ago x
Is this a scam if it's not I really need a monkey please e-mail meh back
monkeywanttobemamma 13 yr ago x
These monkey are illegal monkeys. It is illegal to import them from out side of the country and you will have to prove they are born in the US. There are as far as I can tell only 9 vets that care for these animals. and this is a scam! 20 States have a complete ban on these animals and all but 9 of the rest of the united states have partial ban, 9 states are unregulated.i have responded to several free adoption adds for these pet monkeys and I can see from research and that its easy to get a picture of a monkey and place an add. I found the pictures of tow of the monkeys I was going to adopt on line today on several other adds from diferent states. These animals are sellin for 7-8 thousand dollars and cost 6 thousand dollars a year to care for. they can live up to 50 years and are in need of 24 hour care. If you like vacations you will have to plan around your monkey you cant just leave them with your neibor and you are limited as to where you can travel with them. the free adoption adds come with a sob storie that the owner has to relocate to a place they are not allowed and they will ship to you for a fee of 120.00 to 500.00 dollars. the cute videos on utube end when the babies stop being babies and cute. Ask your self why.
suzie 13 yr ago x
Hi, do you still have the monkeys? And where about are you located? Thankyou
monkey 13 yr ago x
I would love to have a monkey please email me. thanks.
Brianna 13 yr ago x
Mario, I'd love to see some pictures of these fellow monkeys if there are any still available. Thank you for your time.

debbie 13 yr ago x
i like see some picture of monkeys .i like to have to of then.
Ray 13 yr ago x
Hi. I dessperetly want a monkey if you have any avalibal im looking for a male and about how much will the shipping be well thank u please contact me
jaish 13 yr ago x
I defintely am interested can you please contact me and let me know how much ive always wanted one and never knew where to buy one.
Kayla 13 yr ago x
I'm interested in buying a monkey do you have them still ? Contact me
baby ceezs 13 yr ago x
im interested to get a capuchin monkey for a companion and friend...thanks you...
brandy 13 yr ago x
i am looking for a baby girl capuchin monkey im very interested in one plz email me
kathy 13 yr ago x
dear monkey owner,
I am very interested but I was just wondering two things. Are they free and How much it cost to ship them to me in the united states?
thank you for time I hope to hear back
Rose 13 yr ago x
This is a fraud, a scam. They are just trying to get you to send money.
Alex 13 yr ago x
i will like to adopt a monkey right know. are they for free becaus that was it say on top of the page i realy one, one right know :) please email me as soon as you can thank you .
Beach bum 13 yr ago x
I am looking to adopt a monkey or start a rescue for unwanted monkeys
ali 13 yr ago x
i have been reasearching capuchin monkeys and i wud like to find a baby one so i can raise it in my family i have no preference on sex
zamira solorza 13 yr ago x
hi how you doing i would like to find a baby one so it can be raised up by us since little . i would like a female . please get back to me
sisin 13 yr ago x
send me da info on the monkeyies ...i want a girl
chris 13 yr ago x
i would like a male capuchin monkey but i want to know all the information if they really are free
LaTray 13 yr ago x
I would like a male capuchin... i'll be awaiting your contact.
ali 13 yr ago x
My name is Alishia I live in illinois. I have experience with monkeys and woud like one of my own. I promise he/she would be spoiled. It doesnt matter the sex and if possible I want two since they prove healthier in twos. Thank you.
MS 13 yr ago x
I would like to adopt a monkey. I live in Melbourne Florida. Is this possible and how much would it cost me? Thanks, MS
Toria 13 yr ago x
i have a lot of expirience with these and if there are any capuchins left, please contact me soon. thanks so much.
jose 13 yr ago x
i am looking to adopt a baby monkey, please email me... thanks.
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