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Anna 14 yr ago x
Please contact me I want a lil girl monkey thank u sooooo much!!!
erica 14 yr ago x
i would like to talk to u about the monkeys please contact me
ashley 13 yr ago x
very interested please contact me
matavia 13 yr ago x
are these monkeys really free. if so would you please get back to me. i am interested in getting 2 capuchin monkeys, a male and a female.
monkeychick 13 yr ago x
O.k. if your in kenya, and a buyer is in the usa it is a scam it is illigel to bring monkeys into and outof other countries unless you smuggle them anyone who is in a different country, dont think about getting a monkey from him. and there is no such thing as a free monkey that is good. The lowest price i found on a monkey was 4000 dollars, there has got to be something wrong with them.
shaleisa 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in one or possibly two of your babies.. I am a stay a home mom of a 8 year old son. he desperately wants a baby monkey and i figure since i am at home and hae plenty of time on my hands now is the perfect time.. If you could send me some pictures it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
 13 yr ago x
i was wondering how much it is to adopt a baby monkey?
megan blackwell 13 yr ago x
i would love a monkey.i would love to take care of it & have it as a wonderful pet.PLEASE email me about this.if there is a catch or this is a scam,then forget about it.but like i said i would love a monkey.
keela 13 yr ago x
hi are the monkeys really free i love monkeys and always wanted one of my own can u please email me back and or call your babies will be in good hands thanks...
jessi 13 yr ago x
Hello, My family and I are very interested in adopting a baby monkey. We would like one that will be good with children, we have a 1.5 year old little boy. We would like to learn more about the monkeys you have up for adoption. If you could get back to me that would be great! thanks so much.
 13 yr ago x
hi im 50 years old and miss having children around have way to much time on my hands im interested in a monkey to baby and was wondering what one would cost
Beth 13 yr ago x
My name is Beth & I love animals. All my family member's think I have a zoo in my home. I own 7 Chihuahua's and a kitten. When I was young my father bought a spider monkey for all of us kids. We loved him so much. I'm really interested in adopting a capuchin or spider Monkey. I am disabled and I work from home due too my disabilty. So basically I am home all the time.
billy 13 yr ago x
I would be interested in a femal monkey it would be so good that u contac me i really want a monkey i can take care of a monkey. how much do u think it would before one of them. jut pleas contac me back :)
monkeylover 13 yr ago x
yes i will like to have a free monkey i live in ohio i dont care what sex.
Levi 13 yr ago x
hey i was wanting to adopt one if u still have some female or male does not matter thanks get back to me asap
monse 13 yr ago x
i have been looking for a monkey for months please contact me we have a big home and we will spoil it forever.
Dtonk 13 yr ago x
I have been searching for a monkey to keep as a pet for some time now, and I would be very great full if you could contact me about this great opportunity!
kristina 13 yr ago x
i want one around febuary plse email me please thx
riah 13 yr ago x
i love monkeys
Diana 13 yr ago x
Hi! Do you still have any of the baby monkeys? If so, I am extremely interested! Thank you so much!
Noah 13 yr ago x
Would the monkey get along with 6 cats and a chihuahua? Lol we are a pet family.
jac 13 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a capuchin monkey if I can get it free I would love to have one I can't have any children of my own and this would be my baby.
Danny 13 yr ago x
hi! i would love to adopt one of your baby capuchin monkeys. if you still have some, i'd be very interested. please contact me as soon as possible. thank you.
tasia 13 yr ago x
do you have any free monkeys that can be shipped to the us for free?
sara 13 yr ago x
Any still available please email asap! Been searching like crazy for a monkey!
 13 yr ago x
i would like to contact you please im interested.
Not Fooled 13 yr ago x
READ Mr Smith & nuyuh's replies!!!!!Did anyone notice that the reply by shaleisa and Chelsie Polifka are worded the same except for 6 yr old/8 yr old and daughter/son... Most likely posted by the SCAM ARTIST who posted this ad. I have wanted a capuchin since I was a child. They are EXPENSIVE. People do not give them away, except maybe to relatives. Don't be fooled. Alot of exotic animals you have to have a license to have them.
theblackrose 13 yr ago x
I use to have a monkey a few years back. She was very trained and such a pleasure. Ive been searching for another one

My problem is I live on disability and just afford to get it.

Anyone wanting their baby to go to a good home please contact me. I have the experice, lots of love and time for the attention they need and deserve Please help me
I want the monkey... Give me a monkey.. I want a girl or boy whatever is left.
RACHELLE 13 yr ago x
I will love to own a capuching monkey. Have done plenty of research on them.
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