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animal lover  13 yr ago x
I am a huge animal lover. I love all kinds of animals and they are very cuddly. I have been hoping that someday I will get a baby animal and raise it myself. I am 16 and thats my dream.
booboo 13 yr ago x
i want a baby Capuchin it doesnt matter if i have 2 pay or not
monkey 13 yr ago x
i was wondering if you still have the monkeyes
stephen 13 yr ago x
me and my wife cant have kids so we want to have somting to spoil
megan 13 yr ago x
i am interested in a baby girl capuchin monkey if you still have them available pls contact thanks a bunch
mimi 13 yr ago x
can you ship a squirl monkey to usa or is it just in africa
Cayden 13 yr ago x
I have just moved into Idaho and I lost my 2 spider monkeys when I flew in so if anyone has a monkey I could adopt with nothing but the monkey please contact me
Jake 13 yr ago x
are there any left? i have always dreamed of having a monkey and i dont have a lot of money so i was wondering what you charged and if you have any left?
Coco 13 yr ago x
Omg how much are they are they really free some plez answer my question
paola 13 yr ago x
hi im very interested, either sex is great. please get back to me asap. thank you so so much.
haley 13 yr ago x
i would love a monkey for my aunt she wants one it would be the perfect gift for her b-day soo please email me
Jessica 13 yr ago x
I have looked everywhere for soo long to get a monkey!!!I will take any kind boy or girl and love it as if it were my child!!! Please,please contact me if this i real and i can really get a monkey please!!
Mike 13 yr ago x
I want a monkey.! I've always wanted a monkey. Had alot of animals.
Emial me back. Ill take one.!:)
Diane 13 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting two babies so they can keep each other company. Animals need friends/companions of their own kind, also. Thank You. Diane
greg 13 yr ago x
I'm really interested in adopting a baby monkey if you have any please get back to me asap thank you
rose 13 yr ago x
hey i am very instent for one please talk to me back thanxs
snapke 13 yr ago x
hello do you still have some capuchin monkey and how much are they??

thank you
chrissy  13 yr ago x
by chrissy i was just wandering if u had any more monkeys? and do they stay small? and if so how much?
poohbear 13 yr ago x
I luv capuchin monkeys there so cuddely and cute i am a litel girl im five and my mom is typing for me lol i love u dooses peace peace out asta lowego peanut butter
LOL 13 yr ago x
Peanut butter jelly time
Amera 13 yr ago x
I've wanted one for such a long time! If this offer still stands, please contact me
ryno 13 yr ago x
hello i am very interested in your ad. is the monkeys for free? i would love for you to send me the pictures asap. thanks a lot.
Flabergasted 13 yr ago x
I don't believe all of you!! are you all crazy? do you really believe you can get a free monkey? well if that's the case, I'm your long lost relative from Nigeria and you inherited 20 million dollars. all you have to do is wire me 20 thousand.
Lacie 13 yr ago x
I live in Oklahoma just wondering if u had a female left. If so how much would it be to get one delivered to Oklahoma?
julie 13 yr ago x
I would like a monkey, People form the country Cameroon are tring to scam me. If you really have any monkeys, Please email a pictrue of you holding the monkey with TODAYS newspaper with TODAYS date clearly showing, so I know it's not a scam. Thanks
sandy 13 yr ago x
i want a girl capuchin please contact me asap
Mike 13 yr ago x
I am interested in a male, please contact me asap
Corytheman 13 yr ago x
Um if u still have any monkeys left please let me knw asap thank you
lagartirta 13 yr ago x
hy i would like to ask u if u can give a free capuchin monkey for adoption pleas,,
mel  13 yr ago x
Im very interested do u still have any I would really like one and what is the averge vet bill cost and monthly cost all out of curiosity
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