Margay, Serval, Savannah and Bengal Tiger for sale

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bpaul 12 yr ago x
hi, very interested in a socialized margay
look-alike cat or a toyger. please contact me. thanks...
RutheeJ425 12 yr ago x
Looking to buy a grown up male gorilla. I kicked my husband out of the house, because he did not have enuf hair. Will this gorilla that I buy be more harry than my ex? I sure hope so, and I will be willing to pay for him, with a payment plan, I hope that's ok...Does he eat a lot of bananas? Please let me know asap..I'm very lonely and cold at nights...I hope I can make my marriage with a real gorilla work better than my ex-husband..IS THAT SO WRONG???
dallas 12 yr ago x
we are looking into buying a new exotic pet. Please contact me with details.
mj 12 yr ago x
Tags 12 yr ago x
Im very interested in a male ocelot kitten
Where are you located ?
ally001 12 yr ago x
I am looking for a lion for a pet. I live in an apartment but can take it for walks. Do you think it'll get along with my 6 week old baby? It's not too important if it doesn't, more important that I can show off my unusual pet to try and gain respect from other
people as I suffer from low self esteem and am an attention seeker.
Margay 12 yr ago x
Though it seems there's been little luck from this source, it never hurts to try. I'm looking for a margay female somewhere around 8-9 weeks.
John 12 yr ago x
Can female or male leopard cat, margay, or oncilla can defend itself from bobcat raccoon or dog in captivty
catlover 11 yr ago x
Where can I get a margay??
Paulka 11 yr ago x
Hello ,
Can you kindly provide us with full purchase details of margar kittens male and female as present to our family before Christmas .Please send photos , price and shipping terms to Belgium ?
steve 11 yr ago x
I would like to buy a baby margay kitten. could you please provide me with details how to do this, how much they cost, and where you are located. thanks steve
breanna hall 11 yr ago x
I'm looking for a bengal tiger, PURE TIGER NOT CAT,but I want him to start as a baby so I can raise him my own, and I don't want to pay an arm an a leg for him, either..... any suggestions?
realanimallover 11 yr ago x
Margays are on the endangered species list! None of you will be helping the animals by owning one. Let them be.
you dont wanna know 11 yr ago x
you people are absolutely nuts. stop doing this to wild animals; you are enabling poachers and this is just sick. let the animals live in the wild where they belong. stop being so selfish because you want a cute pet. if they turn wild on you and bite your hand off, you deserve it.
Peter Kleinhenz 11 yr ago x
I can't believe what I'm reading. No wonder these cats are endangered and no wonder there are so many exotic feline rescue groups. Uneducated people are such a detriment to the conservation movement. You people claim to love these animals, but are too dense to realize what keeping them as pets does to them as a species/to the individual cat. Wake up.
Adam 11 yr ago x
I would like to buy a margay. please contact by email
psycotria 11 yr ago x
The biggest LIE I've seen told about wild animals as pets it this load of BS: "If you keep exotic animals as pets, they will become more endangered." Anybody subscribing to this illogical line FAILS REASON 101. HABITAT DESTRUCTION is threat #1. If keeping pets lead to extinction, then Felis domesticus would have become extinct long ago, instead of becoming the MOST COMMON pet on Earth at over 600000000!
jones 10 yr ago x
How much is one n where u locatdd
Jess 10 yr ago x
Looking into adopting a margay, I have all my papers of approval from my township and have a vet standing by for when I get one. Where do I find one and how much do they usually cost?
Alex 10 yr ago x
Looking to buy Margays, Oncillas, Civets, Lisangs, marbled cat, golden cat species.
Stephanie 10 yr ago x
Endangered Species are best let to thrive on their own but the problem is the poachers are out there, so until they aren't brining a Bengal, margay, or whatever wild animal into your home is just sympathetic. I have a Bengal but I was given her, no one could get her to calm down, she was abandoned and left alone. I am very good with animals so I kept loving her and giving her attention but if you don't commit yourself to your pet, kindred they can turn. They are not property. They are more real than we are in many respects. Buy a cat, kitten, tiger cub but love them, treat them like family, help them have a family! But once you have one, its like a child, there's no going back. Be grownup about this.
Kurt 10 yr ago x
Was wondering if any margay kittens are available?
Scott 10 yr ago x
Where and how much?
usama 10 yr ago x
i want to adopt an oncilla or margay kitten .i want price and pics sent to my gmail
im waiting
wildkatz 10 yr ago x
How much and where are you located? What is available?
grace 10 yr ago x
Looking for a caracul kitten. No chancers please.
Brian Atabak  10 yr ago x
I was interested in purchasing a margay or an oncilla kitten. Can you please help me find a place that I may buy one?
Janna 10 yr ago x
Hi, I am looking for a Margay kitten. I would also be interested in a Savannah. Please contact me with pricing. Thanks!
Nikki 9 yr ago x
Hello ive been wanting to get a margay from my boyfriend. His birthday is coming up and literally this is the only thing he wants and has wanted. If you dont have any available, do you know anyone who does? And if you do have any what are the prices?
Jon 9 yr ago x
What is your price for your marfay for sell?
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