cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Muskrat23 6 yr ago x
So this for "dr Ben" unlikely a real dr and all the others who are talking of chimps being bad pets and the ones saying chimps are apes are right but you have to take in consideration that "ape" translates out to monkey in most languages and in different parts of the world they are called monkeys but not classified as such obviously and yes apes make terrible "PETS" all apes including humans humans eat other primates so are they cannibles and what mammal doesn't get more aggressive during puberty and what happens with humans going through puberty um aggression and be more demanding masterbate in public cause property damage so if you think about getting an ape just think of it as a person what would a teenager do if it was locked in a cage they get very aggressive figure out ways to escape and try to attack there captors right I have studied primates and have found that the social bond can be overwhelming and they need interaction with other apes wether human or chimp they need to be treated as a friend not a pet you don't treat a child as a pet you love it care for it and try to keep it out of trouble chimps have LESS then a one percent difference in humans treat them as so but I agree any one who hasn't met a fully grown male chimp should not purchase one its all cool when they are a baby from birth to about 4 years they are just like a child with ADHD and can't communicate but they SHOULD be left in the wild but these are obviously captive bred and if someone wants a chimp they are willing to pay so much for it they must be willing to meet the needs of them and every one with disrespectful comments should keep them to themselves it's non of your business if you don't think they are good pets don't get one
Moe 6 yr ago x
Can you please send pics of baby male and female. 6 yr ago x
Yo learn how to spell idiot . I love monkeys 👴🙊🙉🙊🙊

Richard 6 yr ago x
I would like a female chimp... preferably one that has not had sex yet, since I don't want to get AIDs from the chimp after I have sex with her.

Also would removing its teeth, protect me from chimps attacks, because I figure this would help two fold... One, the chimp would not have teeth to bite my wang or balls off, and two it would help with fellatio.
MonkeyLord 6 yr ago x
Hello, I am interested in purchasing as many chimps as you can spare. I am crafting a primate army to unleash on my town, as they have pushed me too far this time. I would like your most ill tempered of monkeys, ones that have killed before. I'd also like a fertile bear if you have one as I want to start to breed monkey bear hybrids. Thank you for your time.
Thomz 6 yr ago x
Send me some recent pics
chimpanzee 6 yr ago x
I am looking for any new home for my adorable baby chimpanzee . They have all their health documents. They are VET checked and are up to date with current shots. He is lovely, sociable, playful and very beautiful.he is well tamed and hand raised and have new pictures. He just received his vaccines and have health documents issued by a qualified veterinarian. You shall have one month guarantee health document for the chimpanzee with some chimpanzee toys and food.he has a lot of play time with kids and other pets such as birds, dogs and cats. If interested, then mail us for more details and pictures of the chimpanzees.
Markie ann 6 yr ago x
I would like pictures sent of the baby's asap I'm looking to adopt one and bring one into a save and loving permanent home.
Cupcake 6 yr ago x
Hey there he is so cute if I have him I would kiss his little bitty face so much if I had him I would name him or her if It was a girl I would name it brandy if it was a boy I would name it kaden text back😍😍😍

Heyyy.its.ema 6 yr ago x
Hey sorry I just saw this website do you still have chimpanzee for sale ? How much ? And where are you located
Jr 6 yr ago x
Do u still have any baby chimps whats ur e mail
Heather 6 yr ago x
I am interested in a chimpanzee as soon as possible. Please call me I have an incredibly living situation for one. I would love to have one in my life and even teach it sign language.
Heather 6 yr ago x
I am interested in a chimpanzee as soon as possible. Please email me I have an incredibly living situation for one. I would love to have one in my life and even teach it sign language. it's a WI phone number but that's not where I am located.
Jonna 6 yr ago x
I'm only 11 I read a lot of books about money's an champ I like how the are cute I would won't to know about them more I been wanting a champ since I was 2 I had a mine of getting one when I went to the zoo I will me get 200 for Christmas I would won't to know will you sell yours for that amount or know someone that will
Ashley Jones 6 yr ago x
I will like a pic of a baby female and will like to know the process for getting my very own chimp. I'm studying marine and wildlife biology so I am very knowledgeable of this wonderful breed of monkeys.
Katie D  6 yr ago x
Can you contact me back about your 3 to 5 week old monkey. I have a barn and a lot of animals I'd love to have one for my home.
Mikki 6 yr ago x
Iwant to buy one but im only 14 I will eventually get one though so tell me how much for a younger one
dr. Puggy butt 6 yr ago x
How much are puggy butt hats
dave 6 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting one of those little guys.
manish 6 yr ago x
i need male puppies asp
Lewbomb  6 yr ago x
This is fucking wrong you horrible twats chimpanzees aren't pets !!! You know people kill 10 chimpanzees for one baby on average!!!! This is fucking wrong look up monkey world should protect these beautiful animals not take home as a pet dress it up like a doll you horrible twats !
vanessa  6 yr ago x
please contact me
chimp not 6 yr ago x
First of all it is illegal to buy purchase own an ape, aka chimpanzee not monkey dumb ass.
Secondly this is a bullshit site . They will take your money and you will get nothing in return. The person who made this site sits in a wifi cafe and rakes in the cash from very nieve gullible people who are ready to fork over very little for a ape which can't be owned in the first place. Just to purchase a small monkey "a real one " would cost you upwards of $8,000.00 do you really think someone would sell a chimpanzee for $1500.00
Come on people use your common sense.
Brett 6 yr ago x
Please send pics of females. Thank you.
Brett 6 yr ago x
Please send pictures and info on your females. Thank you.
Bells 6 yr ago x
who sells wild chimps? You are just sick
DEANIE 6 yr ago x
Jag 6 yr ago x
Pls send me pictur babey female and how much money to adopt chimpazee monkey I really like to have babey chim Thnks
shyanna henderson 6 yr ago x
i am 13 and looking for a a friend I am so a lone if some one knows where a good price is tell me please !!!!!!!!!!
Kearnzy 6 yr ago x
i want to buy a cheap baby chimpanzee in the U.K.
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