cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Emily 9 yr ago x
Could we get more pics of the baby baby ones do you still have some? Where do you get them? Where are their mothers? is it even legal to do this or own one in the US if you are not a zoo?
Katy 9 yr ago x
Where are you located? I'm looking to buy a chimp. Send me pictures please. Thanks:D
edwardsjohn 9 yr ago x
am interested in you baby
i will like to see some photos
Gabe Hanken 9 yr ago x
I am sure this is nothing more then a scam, as anyone with half a brain KNOWS outside of the Congo or another point of origin you will pay at the VERY VERY LEAST $25,000 and it is a FACT FOR EVERY ONE CHIMP EXPORTED OUT OF AFRICA ALIVE 10 -12 CHIMPS WILL BE KILLED TRYING TO BE SOLD AND EXPORTED AND NOT MAKE IT OUT ALIVE. You idiots are all alright with this though, so you can transpose your human ideas and concepts on to an animal that is not a human, and has years of probable mental and physical abuse to work out and become a "normal" captive chimp .All of you folks that are asking about price and wanting to buy a chimp should be shot, no amount of education will ever help you understand that the fact all of you are showing interest, and responding to this ad IS THE REASON WHY SO FEW ARE LEFT period. Just by posting you are interested and wanting to buy and have money shows all African poachers, exporters, criminal enterprises there is a market for this sort of thing and DUMB RICH AMERICANS WILL PAY THEM 3 YEARS SALARY IF THEY SIMPLY GO AND SHOOT A MOTHER CHIMP AND PRY THE BABY FROM ITS LIFELESS BLOODY BODY. You are not so naive to know where baby chimps come from are you? There not coming from breeding facilities, YOU HAVE TO PUT A BULLET THROUGH A MOTHERS HEAD TO GET A BABY CHIMPANZEE period point blank this is the only way you are going to get them., It is estimated after this happens some 80% of orphaned baby Chimps DIE FROM A BROKEN HEART, doesn't matter how much human love and care you give them, they die because they witnessed there mother murdered, and them pried off there warm body sometimes as young as a few days old. Let's say they do not die of a broken heart, and they are extraordinary, if you are in the US and do not have a permit, most states will not even allow you to own one, and the ones that will do not hand out permits, it is illegal you will be found and will go to jail., I know I sound like an asshole, but really it makes me sick looking at all these posts of idiot people that have no understanding where baby great apes come from.. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO ADOPT AND OR HELP A CHIMPANZEE , ORANGUTAN GORILLA BONOBO BABY THERE ARE PLENTY OF NON PROFITS DOING EXCELLENT WORK . I know you all have a great admiration and most have a great love for these animals, it is just misguided. Severely misguided. You are in fact killing , yes actively killing chimpanzees with the comments above showing interest and money is out there and these criminals still have a sound market to make money from. Please visit these sites, and make a donation,and educate yourself these are the only TRUE ways to help preserve these species.
kasie 9 yr ago x
I would love to have a baby monkey please send me some pics and how much are they now...
monkeyboy 9 yr ago x
Hello I am intrested in some chimps I have 5 other primates now and need a chimp. Please contact me.
Steve 9 yr ago x
Very interested. I live in New York state. Any chance I can purchase one ASAP?
MOOSE 9 yr ago x
Can you send me more pictures, and i want the most youngest, most cheepest one you have.

nadin 9 yr ago x
The Baby chimp makes an adorable pet and amusing companion. Show it affection and enjoy its company. Almost human with its warm eyes, your family will love it. These YOUNG monkeys grow about 12 inches high. Eats same food as you do (even likes lollipops, simple to care for and train. FREE cage. FREE leather collar & leash, monkey toy, and instructions included. Live delivery guaranteed.

mary ann 9 yr ago x
I would like to purchase a baby male. please let me know.
MPD55 9 yr ago x
Can you contact me regarding adoption.
Thank You

Killa 9 yr ago x

What state do u live in?
dame 9 yr ago x
Ashley Ur 14 and did research online? U want a chimp for 150.00$ ? That's how much u will spend a week for food. This is the future of our country? Kids who sees curious george and now all a sudden wants to live the part, go read a book and buy a rabbit
Real Trainer 9 yr ago x
I have a roadside exotic animal exhibit, in Florida. Unfortunately, my chimpanzee of 3 years just passed away. It was a real crowd pleaser & I am looking for a replacement. I am a very good animal trainer and take of the animals because they make me money! But I am also an animal lover. Please contact me if you still have a chimp for sale.
laelo  9 yr ago x
Can you send photos of both baby males and females looking to purchase.
Bachir 9 yr ago x
i would like to know how much u want for a 3week old female for my wife
Tate 9 yr ago x
I want to adopt a baby chimpanzee. They are my favorite. My parents said no but i still want one. im 12 and very responsible. My dog past away and i wanted a new you have any in mind for me that are male?
Tate 9 yr ago x
can yousend me a picture of your youngest male and tell me how much it willl all cost :)
jude 9 yr ago x
interested in chimps - do you have any left. I have HND in animal management and have worked with chimps, orangutans, vervets baboons. regards
Me 9 yr ago x
PRIMATES ARE NOT PETS! They are wild animals and these animals have been stolen from their mother in the wild it's sick!! STOP KILLING THEM!

annie 9 yr ago x
im very interested about the chimps u have for sale i have the perfect environment and have plenty of $ to take care of it like a family member please contact me with more info
Tony 9 yr ago x
Are you still selling baby chimps? What would a young male cost? And what's considered young for placement?
davo57 9 yr ago x
Is this for real?? I can't believe that people think it is all right and safe to own any wild animal. By the way, most of these people need to learn to spell.
Pedar 9 yr ago x
please send me information, number to call. i am the same as the previous comment... ill be 14 in march please send me info on getting a chimp. i'll pay cash as long as the price is reasonable. thank you
Pedar 9 yr ago x
Please give me information
tag 9 yr ago x
It would be a perfect world for chimp lovers if they aged and didn't become more prone to aggression... but it's not a perfect world. Just because Caesar in Rise of the Planet was against chimp on human violence doesn't mean there's others like him... lol. They're flipping cute until they get to be full sized. I've had a chance to spend 8 weeks volunteering at a chimp baby rehab about 5 years ago. They're angels but they get nasty when older.
Pedar 9 yr ago x
Please send me info about the chimp
joe l 9 yr ago x
how much r 6 week old chimps and r they safe
joel 9 yr ago x
r 6 week olds good with pets
arout 9 yr ago x
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