cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Dana Morgan 8 yr ago x
Hi how much for a female around 1or2 years old! It's for my wife as a present!!
Nika 8 yr ago x
I want one so bad
West 8 yr ago x
What a wonderful scam! Best of luck! I hope u make lots of money from the gullible suckers ;)
logann 8 yr ago x
Hi Hans,
I love the idea that you work with these animals daily. I know you are probably very busy,but I was wondering if you could send me some pictures or the baby chimps.Not to be picky but I would prefer a male.I would like to get the youngest one I can get so we can live long together,and share our lives.i am willing to dedicate all my time to my sweet little baby chimp. Please e-mail me back and help me find a little bundle of joy that I can bring every were with me, and give him all my love.
Thank you, Logann
sheila 8 yr ago x
Joyce 8 yr ago x
This like kidnapping/breeding humans and selling their babies as pets. You're heartless and inhumane to either sell or purchase a chimpanzee as pet. They are animals who should enjoy freedom. Kid, tell ur mom to get pregnant so u can have a baby boy or baby girl as a pet n pay ur parents $150 dollars. It's the same idea.
Yash 8 yr ago x
i was just wondering if i could buy a chimp and if you could deliver it to me please email me back with the price and if its okay to send the animal to me i live in the uk London thanks.
vitto 8 yr ago x
how much could i pay to receive a pet monkey@ 5 weeks for?
Jeremy 8 yr ago x
I'm interested in buying a chimp. Would like some pics of baby chimps that are available Thank you
bre 8 yr ago x
These babies do not stay babies. They will grow up and reach maturity with extreme strength and weighing up to 150 lbs. These are not pets and they are not tame. They are cute yes but please do your research. What will happen to them when they grow up? Dont make these animals suffer
cclittle 8 yr ago x
Were are you located? Do I pick up the chimpanzee or do you ship it?
LB 8 yr ago x
Are those of you wanting to buy a chimp as a pet just plain stupid? You can't be ingnorant of the stories in the news so I only choose that word as an alternative. As for the seller you are ignorant. Chimps are Great Apes, not monkeys, share 98 percent of our DNA and are not domestic animals. I don't care how loving your young chimps are now. They will grow up and have no tools to be chimps when your buyers realize they are dangerous animals that can cause catastrophic damage to themselves, thier kids, neighbors and property. Please people don't buy primates for your own good but most importantly for them.
Gwendoline  8 yr ago x
How Much
Mary 8 yr ago x
Ok, first off this is obviously a scam. This is apparent by they're lack of Chimp knowledge. They called it a monkey! Also, I just dare you to ask to visit them to pick up the chimps in person. They'll be hesitant. Chimps wont go for 2,000. come on -_-. Second, anybody here who wants a chimp because they think it would be "a good pet" hasn't done enough research. When they are babies they are like human babies. lots of work, but it gets worse when they get older. Did any of you take into consideration that chimps aren't like monkeys, and other apes? Chimps are by far one of the most viscous primates. THEY CANNIBALIZE EACH OTHER IN THE WILD!! You think I'm making this up? Look at this This is in their nature. Chimps are the only ones who do it, and there is no logical explanation why.
Ryhan 7 yr ago x
Do you still have some chimps
William 7 yr ago x
Can i buy a female that is pregant ? i ve got a 13 acre inclose pen and i just sold two tigers and a lion and am wanting 2 chimps and maybe 2 orangutans I want one that is pregant and will be giving birth within a month -two month price isnt a problem i ve got more than enough money too buy feed and care for them
Brianna 7 yr ago x
Please send me more information on these chimps. I'd love to have one.
Livy 7 yr ago x
I am turning 16 in December and I would love to know if you would be willing to sell one of you chimps to me. I have always loved chimps and have always wanted one. I think it would be and awesome experience. If you are still selling yours or still even have any to sell please email me. I am looking forward to your reply.
Tye 7 yr ago x
I would like to buy a baby chimp please email me i would like to buy it TODAY .
Tye 7 yr ago x
I would like to buy a baby chimp pleaseee email me ASAP
pierre 7 yr ago x
I am interested in a chimpanzee a baby boy if u cld get bk wit me so we can discuss more about it I will appreciate it...
kurt  7 yr ago x
Can u let me know about. Owning on in ny
red 7 yr ago x
Hello, i am looking to buy a baby Chimp for my children at reasonable price. I have wanted one since a child and my children love them as well. Please contact me ASAP..Thank You for your time
red 7 yr ago x
And can u please let me know how much they cost. Im looking for a female because i have three daughters...thank you....
red 7 yr ago x
You can reach me at any time of the day or night...thank you
any 7 yr ago x
I'm interesting an buy a baby male chimp need for information how long does it take and can I drive to pick him up I'm in fl
mica 7 yr ago x
i would like more information on the chimps
Aref 7 yr ago x
Could u send me your city? İ will come buy there
gwen washhburn 7 yr ago x
I would like some imformation on a baby and where you are located
jobob 7 yr ago x
Your a dip shit for selling these and people are even dumber for buying them. The are dangerous predators when they reach sexual maturity.
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