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So this for "dr Ben" unlikely a real dr and all the others who are talking of chimps being bad pets and the ones saying chimps are apes are right but you have to take in consideration that "ape" translates out to monkey in most languages and in different parts of the world they are called monkeys but not classified as such obviously and yes apes make terrible "PETS" all apes including humans humans eat other primates so are they cannibles and what mammal doesn't get more aggressive during puberty and what happens with humans going through puberty um aggression and be more demanding masterbate in public cause property damage so if you think about getting an ape just think of it as a person what would a teenager do if it was locked in a cage they get very aggressive figure out ways to escape and try to attack there captors right I have studied primates and have found that the social bond can be overwhelming and they need interaction with other apes wether human or chimp they need to be treated as a friend not a pet you don't treat a child as a pet you love it care for it and try to keep it out of trouble chimps have LESS then a one percent difference in humans treat them as so but I agree any one who hasn't met a fully grown male chimp should not purchase one its all cool when they are a baby from birth to about 4 years they are just like a child with ADHD and can't communicate but they SHOULD be left in the wild but these are obviously captive bred and if someone wants a chimp they are willing to pay so much for it they must be willing to meet the needs of them and every one with disrespectful comments should keep them to themselves it's non of your business if you don't think they are good pets don't get one

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