cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Kearnzy 6 yr ago x
how much would it cost to buy a baby chipanzee in the United Kingdom
Liz 6 yr ago x
I worked with Chimps when I was in the Air Force. Cute little chimps in the nursery . They are sweet and playful but when they turn about 2 years old they change a lot and are not cute and cuddly. They belong in the wild in their own environment. It is like taking you out of your environment and putting you in a cage for life. Adopt a Chimp at Save The Chimps and visit when they have Open House. They are cleaning up the mess humans made keeping them in captivity. I worked with them and would not have one because they are not PETS . They are unpredictable and need to be left alone in their own familiar environment.
Rosieg 6 yr ago x
Do you still have chimps for sale ? Been eager to find that special one in need of a loving , caring family values, with complete attention 24/7 , please forward any info pertaining this , thank you
jen 6 yr ago x
i am interested in the purchase of the monkey
varinder 6 yr ago x
Please send me some pictures. I want to purchase a male , female pair of chimpanzee
Vicente 6 yr ago x
I would like to buy one please feel free to contact me
soteloc 6 yr ago x
Where can I buy a Chimpanzee? Please email me with some information.
may 5 yr ago x
you are an ignorant twit for selling these magnificent animals, they should be free not stuck in some ones home! I hope you die and suffer! leave these beautiful creatures alone. please don't buy them anyone! you are encouraging a type of tortour. I am eleven years old, twelve on the 21st of july, burn in hell you heartless devils.
may 5 yr ago x
don't but anything from this stupid place!
may 5 yr ago x
I am 11 and I am conserving primates when I am older
may 5 yr ago x
look deep into your heart and see if you really want to wipe chimpanzees out the picture
may 5 yr ago x
when these where babies there mothers were shot and they were brutally torn away from the dead body.
>stuffed into cages
>shoved onto a ship
>many die on the journey
>they are hungry and thirsty and crying for their mothers
>then, some piece of shit buys them from the suppliers and sells them onto a life of misery.
>end of monkey
may 5 yr ago x
Faisal 5 yr ago x
We want to buy baby chimp.
sammie joe 5 yr ago x
i am looking for a newborn baby chimp. will pay whatever it takes to have a baby chimp. i am very much in love with them and will do whatever it may be to own one of my own.if any sellers have what i am looking for please let me know. thank you
rajiv 5 yr ago x
i want a male baby chimpanzee how can i contact for u..... plz send the details.....
serialmom  5 yr ago x
goodness. has anybody learned anything? humans are stupid.
louisebby 5 yr ago x
how do i receive the bby chimp? and how do u pay for it??
rocioflorez 5 yr ago x
hi. where are you located i will like to take one home
Amy 5 yr ago x
Do you currently have baby chimps for sale ?? And where are you located ?
Amandaq 5 yr ago x
Im Very interested on a baby monkey!!! If is possible,can you send more information and pictures?
Amandaq 5 yr ago x
I want I chimpanzee!!! Please...
Amandaq 5 yr ago x
I have contact with that's is fake, and I loose all my money... please be careful with this people... her phone number is +1 (657) 200-1702. I'll contact to a police...
Ayman 5 yr ago x
I want to buy 3 if u can mail me as soon as u can
Loretta 5 yr ago x
How do I get a monkey
Loretta Norman 5 yr ago x
How do I purchase a monkey
Saif 5 yr ago x
I want to buy 3 chimpanzees and i am from india
Dar 5 yr ago x
Hi, are you still able to get me a baby chimp. I'm aware this is an old advert but thought I'd try
benji 5 yr ago x
Do u still sale baby Chimps? I'm interested in buying a baby female no more than 14 weeks old
Brittany 5 yr ago x
I'm interested in buying a girl chimpanzee. May I have some more information and pics of the girls you have?
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