cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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ashu 3 yr ago x
please mail me.i'm intrested to buy chimpanzee
Pyper  2 yr ago x
Do you still have any baby chimpanzees left for sale?
Jim 2 yr ago x
Do you have any baby chimps to sell
Jimmy 2 yr ago x
Do you have any chimps left to sale
Christina okolo 2 yr ago x
I want buy chimp for xmas
Danielle  2 yr ago x
Can I get more pics of the once for sale
Lea 2 yr ago x
I would love to have a baby chimp and how do I go about getting one?

The Boss Lady 2 yr ago x
I would like one of your monkey both male and female and I see you have not responded to no one email, a response would be appreciated.
Jacey 2 yr ago x
Are your baby chimps for sale?
Kristopher Shea 2 yr ago x
Can you send me some pictures of the ones you have available
Tice 2 yr ago x
I’m interested in buying one how do I get one
fernanda  2 yr ago x
please contact me when you can, thank you.
Rocco 2 yr ago x
Can you send me pictures of available ones and the price
Kristopher Ryan Shea 2 yr ago x
I would be interested in a male and female and know how much and see if you can send me some pictures of them please
RichardR 1 yr ago x
All of those ads where people claim that they posses healthy, trained chimp for just 200$ or 1000$ are obvious scams. Yes, you can propably buy yourself a barely alive chimp for that much if you personally go to Africa and meet poachers who have captured it... Do not delude yourself - getting that kind of animal is expensive. If you have been dreaming about one of those little, hairy guys for years now, and If you are REALLY interested and determined to buy yourself a cute little chimp, send me an e-mail and I might be able to help you.

molly 1 yr ago x
how much is 1 monkey? I want to have a nice time with baby. Lost my son and he always wanted me to have a baby monkey. can you please e-mail me? Thank you so much
Ingrid 1 yr ago x
I am 8 years old I like baby chimpanzees I all ways wished that I would get a pet baby chimpanzee.
cally 5 wk ago x
how can i buy and pay for a cimpanzee
i am interested in a baby female
how big are the kennals
cally 5 wk ago x
cally 5 wk ago x
can you deliver cimpanzees to me

where are you located
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